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Mayen Sunday-John left his two daughters at a center, as the church and community children accused of being witches. One morning in February last year it was too much for Mayen Sunday-John. She decided to put an end to the situation with her two daughters, the 30-year-old woman left the seven-year-Utit Ofon and Utibe of 10 months at a CRARN Centre (Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, which is supported by UNICEF). Very recently, Mayen Sunday-John lost her husband, and shortly after his death, the building where he worked, ravaged by a mysterious brand.Mayen Sunday-John's two daughters was allegedly hekseDet same thing happened to Mayen Sunday-John's small grocery store in Uquo in Southern Nigeria. For the local church, it was clear who was behind: Mayen Sunday-John's two daughters, who were alleged to be witches. And it happens frequently in southern Nigeria, the local community believe that it is the witch forces with the family's own children behind when a family affected by tragic events. The local church stood with the solution - but Mayen Sunday-John could not afford to pay $ 100, which was the price for the church rescued two children from their witch powers.

Outside the church cleansing the children were ostracized by both family and community. Was she insensitive to her youngest daughter? The first child, Mayen Sunday-John brought to CRARN center, was the little Utibe. "I started with the smallest of them, because I lay sleepless at night, and because the church had power over me with accusations against my children. I was insensitive to my daughter," she says. "At the same time the community also excluded my daughters, but God would never be happy if I had let them die," sobs Mayen Sunday-John. After almost half a year at the Centre , CRARN succeeded to reunite the daughters with their mother. She regrets now that she left the kids and swore that she would never see them again. "After barely a half year at the Centre CRARN succeeded to reunite daughters with their mother" "I was misled by the church and the community, and I jumped on it because I felt bad and nowhere to go. I regret it and hope my children will forgive me," says Mayen Sunday-John. The small family has not been hit by an accident since reunification in august last year. And this despite the fact that among the local rumors that CRARN center has the ability to heal the children. The Centre's director, Sam Ikpe-Itauma, have a little more natural explanation.

"We have no spiritual strength to do an exorcism on children who are not witches in reality. We take care of the children who recover from their trauma after a time," says Sam Ikpe-Itauma. Looks into the allegations Today, Mayen Sunday-John looks behind the accusations of witchcraft. "You start to believe in witches and wizards men when you do not have any money. That is why the church has exploited people's accidents," says Mayen Sunday-John.

Written By Sam Ikpe Itauma

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