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The traditional ruler of Agbaja Nkporo Autonomous Community in Abia State, Eze Agwu Nwankwo Kalu, who was recently dethroned by the Abia State Government for allegedly causing unrest in his kingdom, has said he has handed over the case to God.

Eze Kalu, the Aloke of Agbaja Nkporo, who spoke to Daily Sun on the phone, said there was little he could do other than resting the case with God. He said he would not want to be seen as being confrontational with the government.

'Government is free to do whatever they want to do to me,' he informed. 'They are the government. As for me, there is nothing I can say or do, concerning their decision.'

The Abia State Government recently jolted members of the community when it announced, through the state radio, the withdrawal of Eze Kalu's recognition as a royal father. The government also stripped him of his titles, rights and privileges as a traditional ruler in Abia State.

Eze Kalu has also been directed to return his staff of office and certificate of recognition as a traditional ruler to the state Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs within 14 days from the day he received the letter, which was dated February 16, 2012.

The letter was signed by the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Emma Nwabuko. It was copied to the Chairman, Ohafia Local Government Council, the local government council of the traditional ruler. The council chairman was directed to ensure that the monarch fully complied with the directives.

The chairman was also mandated to assist the autonomous community to start the process of selecting another traditional ruler for his replacement.

Reacting to the news of his sack, Eze Agwu Nwankwo Kalu said he was not the cause of the problem going on in the community.

'If you go to the State Investigation Department (CID), Umuahia, they will tell you that there have been problems in that community for some time now. I don't want to say anything on the matter, either contesting it or otherwise because I don't want to be seen as confronting the government. This is a government decision. They can do whatever they like. All I'm saying is that I am not the cause of the problem in my community.'

However, Eze Kalu's travails cannot be unconnected with his political stance as was revealed by Ndukwe Orji Agu , President General of Agbaja Nkporo Development Union.

He told Daily Sun in an interview that Eze Kalu started causing problem in the community when the party he supported in 2011 elections, the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), lost during the 2011 elections.

'He was a very strong supporter of PPA and after they lost, he collected eight motor cycles and one white horse bicycle, which belonged to some youths that did not support his party and set them ablaze at the community square. We were very close before but we share different political ideologies. I once lived in his house for 10 years and even named my first son after him. However, we don't share the same political belief and that was where we parted ways.

'I commend the government for the bold step they took in dethroning him because he has become a terror in our community.  Everybody in the community has been waiting for this decisive action from the government. Some people had started believing that the dethroned Eze belonged to the group that would dare the government of the day and get away with it.

'In 2007, he forcefully came out and challenged the status quo. On the 17th of June, he attacked some innocent citizens of the community and it was then that he burnt their eight motorcycles and other property.  He has served for 12 years and his reign has been a violent one. We have written so many letters to that effect and nothing came out of it. The last straw that broke the camel's back was when he unleashed terror on his subjects and some innocent people were thoroughly beaten. His emergence was not popular,' the President General said.

When confronted with the above allegations, Eze Kalu lamented that such stories were being made up about him. He insisted that he did not commit all the atrocities leveled against him.

'That young man, Ndukwe Orji Agu, was my godson. He lived in my house for about 10 years, ate my food, drank my water and enjoyed my favour, and today, he is speaking against me for whatever reason. He even named his first son after me. So, you can see how low the world can descend in biting the fingers that fed them. But in all, I leave everything to God,' he said.

The dethroned ruler said Orji Agu was not the President General of his community. According to him, the authentic president-general is one Emeka Okoro.