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Reverend Daniel Moses Samuel (DMS) is the General Overseer of Upper Light Mission, Okokomaiko, Lagos.

In 2006, he said God spoke to him expressly that he was going to succeed former president Olusegun Obasanjo and he prepared and set his mind towards that and it didn't come to pass and he threatened to quit the pulpit.

In an interview with Daily Sun, DMS, while pointing out the mind of God for Nigeria, stated that God couldn't have lied to him and that he was still waiting for his time to come. He also noted that the nation's leaders had given their subjects the cause to doubt them.

You have been silent for sometime now; it is unlike you, what happened?

God did not give me the grace to speak but has permitted me to speak to the country again on the state of the nation and events that would soon unfold. The Bible says, where there is no vision the people perish. The removal of fuel subsidy is not the problem but the way and manner it was removed and communicated to the people of Nigeria. It was a gross mistake on the part of the government. It was just like telling us that we don't have rights and we are nothing before them, which was wrong. It is an insult to Nigerians after giving them our votes and they turned against us.

The government at all levels have failed Nigerians, adding more pains on us is unacceptable. Deregulation is not the problem; they should have sensitised the people and put palliative measures in place to cushion the pains before the implementation.

The withdrawal of the subsidy, which was a New Year gift by President Goodluck Jonathan, is a mistake of the highest order as it means, welcome to pains and sorrows.

As a matter of fact, Nigerians are yet to agree that there is anything like petrol subsidy; most Nigerians believe that the subsidy the government is talking about lies in corruption. If the president had risen to bring the fuel cabal to book, we would have known the actual subsidy involved, the daily domestic consumption of petrol in the country and the operating capacity of our four refineries. Why is it that the fuel refined locally in Kaduna, Eleme, Warri and Port Harcourt is sold at the same price with the imported one? There is still a puzzle yet to be unraveled in this subsidy issue.

In the 2011 budget that is to terminate by the end of March, N250 billion was earmarked for subsidy and we are hearing of N1.4 trillion, how did the figure come up, that is why most informed Nigerians believe that the issue is more of subsidizing corruption.

We know you are close to people in power since Obasanjo's regime, you could have advised them before now.

My closeness to them has nothing to do with my utterances. I am only expressing my displeasure over the removal of fuel subside, it affects the poor and the rich. Jonathan has no political prowess to fight the cabal and the octopus with their tentacles across our economy. If it is established that there is actually subsidy and the amount properly arrived at and the government does the right thing, nobody will protest.

When the government decided on total deregulation, it is their sincerest admission that they can't cage or bring the cabal to book even if they truly wanted to. All these reports of Economic Crime and Financial Commission (EFCC) going after the cabal are just smokescreen within a short time nobody would hear the outcome of the EFCC's investigations.

How do you access this government?
Very low, Jonathan really wants to perform, but the hawks around him are pulling him down. Sometimes he cries for Nigerians, that is why he stood on his feet that no going back on fuel subsidy removal, to him, that is the only way he believes to deliver this country from those who think Nigeria is their kingdom.

Prophetically, his government is likened to a 'caterpillar on the garbage leave' it will soon fade away. It is a decree from heaven that no man or woman will occupy that seat more than three years after former President Olusegun Obasanjo, because those who came after OBJ are Ish-bosheth in the Bible days (II Sam 4&5).

After the swearing in of late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua, in an interview with Saturday Sun of December 22, 2007, on back page, I said ' his government is likened to that of Ish-boshet in 11Samuel chapter 4 and 5. Although the time he is going to spend is very short. He will not complete the first term because what is there is that between now and 2011, we are going to have two phases of the government. There is another government coming before 2011.

'Yar'Adua's government is just like the government of King Ish-boshet. He is occupying somebody's position. Like the bible chapters quoted above, God had already ordained David and everybody in Israel knew that David was ordained to succeed Saul when Saul died, the cabal or the power that-be took Saul's son to succeed him and David was left in Hebron.

King Ish-boseth ruled over the children of God for seven and half years while David was in Hebron.

Late Umar Musa Yar' Adua's government will terminate before May 2010. It was reference also on Saturday Sun, May 7, 2010 page 11'

You see, Yar' Adua's case was different because I said he will die in office but Jonathan will be out of office before May 29, 2013. You could also recalled that I warned the country not to allowed Jonathan to run for presidency in Sun Newspaper of May 29, 2010 page 56. I said and quote 'If Jonathan wants to run for presidency, he will win the 2011 election but before December 2012, his good luck will turn into bad luck for this country. The choice is his. I have told Obasanjo last week and more than the ordinary man can hear and understand. Get ready for revolution that will make the rich including Jonathan to swap position with the poor… I don't prophecy without it coming to pass'

You know that time there was no Boko Haram, let me tell you that more sects will emerge in the North that will make Boko Haram look like a child's play.

There is still one of your prophecies hanging; I mean your becoming the president of Nigeria.

It is a vision not ambition, it will soon manifest, I am 46 years old now, well educated, trained by God for the job for 23 years. God trained me as police officer, from police to military, from military to God's work (Pastor). I am more qualified than all these people. I am more qualified because of my calling. I am a priest and a covenant of kinship. It takes a man with two offices to take Nigeria to the Promised Land. All past and present presidents are kings; they don't have the office of priesthood like Moses, Joshua, David, and Samuel in the Bible days.

What does the future hold for Nigeria considering 2015 is at hand that CIA predicted Nigeria's disintegration?

I don't predict. I am a prophet with integrity and honour; I prophesy. CIA is just imagining things after observing the weather. Nigeria will not disintegrate. Nigeria has a prophetic destiny to be fulfilled in the comity of nations. God has three countries at heart; namely the Jews, who are God's own people, America, who is God's own country and Nigeria, God's own land. Let me take you deeper into the future.

It shall come to pass before year 2060 AD that when a Nigerian appears in any international airport, he or she shall be worshipped. It shall also come to pass that Nigeria will control the world just like America today. Not only that, we shall openly tell countries, who should be their presidents. It shall also come to pass that Muslims and Christians in this country shall come under one umbrella. It shall come to pass again that democracy will disappear from this country. There is a government coming in the nearest future that the whole world will practise and that government will start from Nigeria. It is combination of socialism and communism. The economy of Nigeria will be higher than America by 55 per cent. I will stop here because of the faith and belief of some Nigerians. Politicians speak from both sides of their mouths. God is about to do a great thing in Nigeria, watch out.

What is the way forward for insecurity in Nigeria?
Nigeria's problem is spiritual not physical or political. Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamental sect is a physical organisation, it is not spiritual, if you can disorganise them spiritually, they will go down forever.

Pastors around the president are outdated men of God who live in their past glory. These men of God could not tell him about Boko Haram. There is a great revolution that is coming and two deadly sects are on the way. I'm not looking for popularity, as I'm popular already. The president should ask about me from his predecessors.

The president should stop dancing to the tune of international communities, as they don't mean well for us. Instead, he should be listening to Nigerians. If we manage our economy well, we don't need aids from foreign nations. The president should beg Nigerians for all that they went through during the strike.

Your parents are devoted Muslims, how come you are a pastor?

My parents are devoted Muslims. I gave my life to Christ in 1991 at Deeper Life Christian Church, Calabar. My parents trained me to be an Islamic scholar. When I was in the police, I gained admission to read Sharia Law in 1986, but police authority refused my transfer to Sokoto State, where I would have access to the university before God told me to leave police force in 1987.

I was a born prophet; I started receiving from God at the age 10. There is nothing I say that does not come to pass, being a pastor or Christian has nothing to do with it. Study the book of Zephaniah; you will see my picture there, where the two rivers joined, which is Kogi State. I'm 21 years as Christian; I was also 25 years as a Muslim scholar. I had distinction in Quaranic study in my A'level.

What advice will you give to the President Jonathan?

It is not easy with President Jonathan. I tell him the truth because of the love I have for him. I preferred him to other candidates and that was the reason I voted for him, which was my second time of casting vote. The first time I voted was for Abiola. Some pastors deceived the president and they have sold their integrity and offices because of money and political positions for their members. I'm not a proud member of Christian Association of Nigera (CAN) or Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). Obasanjo appreciates me because of my frankness with him. Past leaders that tried to lure me with money didn't succeed.

Every Sunday in my church we take time to pray for President Jonathan and the country.