Long Distance Relationships: Can They Work?

By Janmay
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Imagine this if you will—sitting at home one night, feeling kind of sad and lonely
and the phone starts ringing. On the end of the phone is a guy from Ghana who says his name is Roman and wonders if you would like to chat with him for a while!

Well, that might seem a bit far fetched but believe me I know it can happen–it did to me! Having made up my mind that I wanted to chat with some single guys from Ghana, I phoned a singles hotline and was matched with Roman, a 28 year old adonis, with beautiful eyes and a wicked smile! He was tall, with a physique to die for and there I was almost drooling over him!

Surely, I could not be this lucky—to have a young guy actually want to talk to me–I am a lot older than him too–but for some reason that does not seem to matter!
It would seem that the art of a long distance relationship does have it's good points after all!!

This is my story- having talked to Roman for over 2 hours on the phone, it was evident that there was a little bit of excitement building up. Wow, he not only had the sexiest, sweetest voice on the planet, but he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say! Bonus, says I, that this long distance thing is going to be just fine!

After a week or two, we seemed really comfortable with each other and started to explore a little more into the intimate side of things. Wow, I have to say that even though he was thousands of miles away- it felt really good to know that I had someone in Ghana that cared about me! Cyber sex has a lot to answer for believe me!! I felt a rush of heat every time I heard his voice on the phone! I was falling in love with his words, his image and finally the man himself!

It was as if I was a woman in a Harlequin Romance novel! Roman was definitely
everything I had hoped for in a man, never mind that I had not met him!

Today, it has been over3 months of constant phone calls, and emails, to each other and we both feel really good about each other! We are planning to meet in the near future too.
I count my lucky stars that I met Roman, just by chance and now I am contemplating my life with him!

Just know that it is possible to have a really great long distance relationship as long as you remember that distance is only a state of mind----get over that and you will find that you too can get very close to someone from another country!! Who knows that someone may become your future husband or wife!
Harlequin Romances do exist in real life too!