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Security Heightens In Kaduna…FG Says BH Attacks Make North Economically Backward

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Normal.dotm 0 0 1 552 3150 huhuonline 26 6 3868 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false can report that following Tuesday's multiple bomb explosions in Kaduna military bases, major security headquarters of the military, police, state security services (SSS) have intensified vigilance but closed shops for fear of fresh attacks by

 the Boko Haram sect. findings revealed that in Kaduna, the gates of One Division Nigerian Army, Dalet Barracks, Ribadu Cantonment, Airforce training command were securely locked against visitors while the offices of state police command and the SSS seemed to have been deserted.

However, a team of undercover security operatives have been drafted from Abuja to boost the present security situation in Kaduna just as top security officials in the state have met to review recent security challenges in parts of the North.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government on Wednesday raised an alarm that the increasing wave in the terrorism activities of Boko Haram sect affects the economy and development in the Northern part of the country.

Information Minister, Mr. Labaran Maku said that the Boko Haram insurgence, particularly in the North, has become a source of worry to the Federal Government since the region is clearly lagging behind in infrastructure and other developmental. He therefore called on Northern leaders, elders and other stakeholders to rally round the government and bring the terrorism act in the country to an end.

'Terrorism in places like Kano is destroying the North as it hits at the heart of the development of the region". Violence as we have seen is killing the Northern Nigeria, particularly. This violence is really the greatest challenge that the whole, people, all Nigerians in Northern Nigeria are facing today.'

According to him, the attack by Boko Haram on Kano is so significant  because the ancient city of Kano has become the prominent commercial nerve centre of not only the North but also provide business for neighbouring countries like Chad and Niger Republic whose traders also patronise the city.

While reacting to the threat by the Boko Haram group to launch attack on Sokoto, Maku said 'it makes no sense to attack innocent people and destroy the North. Sokoto is the spiritual headquarters of Islam in Nigeria and the terrorist group claims they want to attack the city.'

"In what way does that help Islam, or progress and development of the region if that is what they are fighting for?" Maku asked.

He also discredited the video tape aired on the National Television Authority Network News on Tuesday in which two masked men who claimed that they are members of the dreaded Boko Haram group indicated interest in having dialogue with the government through some prominent northern citizens

"It could be true, it could be false. It takes more than having names published or broadcast by a group to establish the veracity of the claims, our doors are open to dialogue but there are proper formal channels for the evolution of a process that would lead to dialogue.'

He stressed that the position of government was clear, 'we are ready to dialogue, and the President has said that he is giving the olive branch so it is left for those involved to develop a coherent platform for such a discussion.'

The Minister explained that the Federal Government has resolved to wrestle the extremist terrorist group with support from other countries that are against terrorism, saying that government would continue to deploy resources and develop capacity to contain insecurity and terrorism.

"A lot of arrests are being made, about 14 so far. The federal government is investing resources in intelligence and we are beginning to see results on a consistent basis. More security personnel are also being deployed to trouble spots."