This Man Is Harassing Me

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am 16, in SSS One and live with my brother in Accra. A policeman in our neighbourhood keeps disturbing me with his love proposals.

Anytime my brother goes to work he comes to our room and tries to kiss me. Although I always resist him, he continues to pester me.

Auntie, I am now afraid because I think he is capable of harming me. My brother sometimes goes on night shift and so I am left alone in the room during those times. I have not been able to tell my brother about him.

Worried Girl,

Dear Worried Girl, You have to inform your brother immediately about it before the policeman finally overpowers you and has his way.

It seems he has realised that you haven't told your brother yet and that encourages him to be persistent.

He will rape you if you don't inform your brother. In case you feel shy to tell your brother, you can write a note to him.

In the meantime, confide in a trusted female adult or friend to be with you when your brother goes on night duty.

You can also report the policeman to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVISU) of the Police Service.
Don't wait before it becomes too late. Tell your brother now.