We Are Being Pushed

By Daily Graphic
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I am 26 years and working as an administrator in a hospital. My girlfriend is 25 and also a nutritionist in another hospital.

My girlfriend has a younger brother in the UK who wants to marry by the end of the year. Her parents have refused to let the guy go ahead with the marriage simply because they claim my girlfriend who is the elder is not married.

Frankly speaking, I don't think their parents are being fair to the youngman.

I just started receiving my salary even though I started working from January last year. My girl and I decided to use the money for something else other than marriage.

Now she is blaming me for not showing any seriousness as far as marriage is concerned. She is also blaming herself for the inability of her brother to get married.

I don't want to be pushed into any hurriedly arranged marriage. She wants a church wedding and I don't have the funds for such a marriage. I however wish to marry her latest by June next year.

Now is it fair for us (I mean my girl & I) to look like we are the cause of her brother's inability to get married? I am just confused since I don't want to lose my girl.

Freedie, Asesewa.

Dear Freedie, you are very right, your future parents-in-law are not being fair to their son in the UK who is ready to get married.

What law says that the eldest of siblings should always get married first? They should allow him to go ahead and continue with his plans of settling down by the end of the year and leave you and your girlfriend to also do things in your own time.

You really need to have a serious talk with your girlfriend if you cannot afford a church wedding, let her understand your situation else you'll end up borrowing money for a big wedding only to owe at the end of the day.

Whatever the case, your girlfriend and yourself should not in any way be made to be a stumbling block to your brother-in-law's marriage.