He Wants Me Back

By Daily Graphic
I was married to a guy who resides in the United States in 2002. He came down to perform all the necessary rites and then signed the marriage register in court.

Three months after he returned to the States, he told my family members (mum and brothers) who are also in the States that he was not ready for our marriage, so he broke off our marriage.

My problem now is that, he came back to Ghana and wants me back. Meanwhile I have been dating a certain guy in my church whom I love dearly.

I am not sure if I love this guy from the States but I am still in possession of our marriage certificate and our marriage has not been annulled as yet.

He is really pushing me to accept him back into my life but I still love my boyfriend and cannot afford to lose him. Please help me I am so confused, I don't know what to do.

Nana, Tamale

Dear Nana, I honestly don't get what you are confused about. From where I stand, your so-called husband did you a great favour when he left you after three months. That way you were saved the displeasure of being stuck with the kind of person you married.

There is no disputing it, you married a loser. This man showed you no courtesy when he informed your relatives rather than you that he was not ready for the marriage. Who is to tell that he is ready now?

Girlfriend, if you love this new guy from your church and insist that you don't want to lose him, then don't allow yourself to be swayed by this guy in the States.

Get that marriage annulled once and for all and ask the “man from the States” to get lost.