Moving On From Boys To Men

By Daily Graphic
When children reach adolescence, a lot of changes take place in their bodies.

One major change which boys experience is that they sometimes release semen or 'ejaculate' while they are asleep. This is called a wet dream.

For many boys, the first wet dream is the first time semen comes out of their body. They will probably wake up and find a damp patch in the bed or on their clothes.

If you do not know about wet dreams, this can be confusing and worrisome. You might think that you have wet your bed or that you are bleeding or sick. But you will see that the fluid is milky white and not like blood or urine.

Wet dreams only happen when you are asleep. If you nap during the day, you could possibly have a wet dream, but most boys have wet dreams at night when they are asleep.

Many boys who wake up to find that they have semen on their beds recall that they were dreaming about something sexual. But you can have a wet dream even if you have not been having such a dream.

Most boys find wet dreams embarrassing. It's okay to feel embarrassed, but remember that wet dreams are very common during adolescence. Yet not every adolescent boy has wet dreams. Most of them do anyway.

A boy cannot stop himself from having a wet dream. Wet dreams are basically the way that your body makes room for new sperms from the testicles.

Having wet dreams does not mean that you should have sex. It just means your body is maturing into adulthood and that you can make a girl pregnant should you start having sex.

Some boys have 'unkind friends' who tease them about their wet dreams. But it is wrong to tease or laugh at someone because he has had wet dreams, since they are normal.

The more you inform yourself about your body, the more comfortable you will be withh all the challenges you're going through.

In addition, being well informed will enable you to help younger boys understand what is happening to them as they go through adolescence.