I Can’t Speak English

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a boy of 18 and a JSS graduate but I have a problem speaking English.

I can read and understand the language very well but I can't speak it on my own. Sometimes when someone speaks to me in English I feel like writing my response on a sheet of paper, since I find it difficult to speak the language.

As a result, I don't ask questions in class because I am afraid my mates will laugh at me if I make a mistake.
This makes me feel uneasy all the time.


Dear Mark, I think you lack confidence in speaking English because you fear you might be mocked at the least mistake. I hope you know that by practising you can improve significantly.

We all learn from our mistakes so even when you make mistakes don't let that make you stop trying.

You need to start reading and listening to those who speak good English and pay attention to their pronunciation of words. It will be useful to listen to the news on radio and listen to pronunciation of words so that you can learn to correctly pronounce words.

Why don't you start by speaking English with your siblings and friends at home? In no time, you will gain enough confidence to start doing so in public.

Do not remain silent in class. Do your best to break this habit because out there in the world you would have to mix by speaking and chatting in English with many people in public.