My Sister Dislikes Me

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 16 and in JSS Two. I live with my parents. My only sibling dislikes me, despite the fact that I adore her so much.

Recently, she told our auntie that we do not have the same father. She totally confused me with that statement but when I asked my mum, she said that we both have the same father.

In spite of mum's assurance, my sister's words continue to ring in my ears and it still worries me.

Worried Girl

Dear Worried girl, Have you checked out from your sister if you have upset her that is why she is saying something to spite you? Why don't you make her aware of your love for her as your big sister?
Tell her how you feel about the way she treats you. Siblings should be close and must be able to share their problems.
Ignore what she said and trust your mum because she won't lie to you.