My Guy Has Become Less Affectionate

By Daily Graphic
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We have been dating for the past eight months. We have been together everyday for these past months, but now his attitude has suddenly changed. He started being less affectionate.

I know he wants to spend time with his friends. But does this mean he doesn't care about me anymore? He doesn't do the sweet things he used to do in the past, though he tells me he loves me. I am not sure if he means it when he says that.

I love him very much and will not want to lose him. That will kill me. I know he needs space but I'm still concerned about why he's treating me this way.

Vyda, Accra

Dear Vyda, count yourself lucky. Why? Your honeymoon just ended. That means you have been on Coud 9 for the past eight months.

Galfriend, you are now coming down to reallity and this is when you will have to work at it to keep the magic going.

Every relationship slows down at a certain point when the initial furore begin to wane and reality sets in. It doesn't mean he does not love you. These things just happen.

I believe, spending everyday together in the past months may have set an unrealistic expectation after the initial honeymoon period together.

It sounds like things started quickly between the two of you but don't you worry. Slowing things down a bit is okay as long as it's not the beginning of the end.

It's possible your boyfriend is taking some grief from his guy friends for disappearing these past months. Sometimes giving space helps. So I think a "wait-and-see" approach might be best here.

After he gets some quality time with the guys, he may feel more comfortable heating things up again with you. If so, then you have nothing to worry about.

If no, then there's probably a commitment problem here. Then you must start worrying but for now, get the best out of the situation and enjoy it while the relationship lasts.