I Need A Hearing Aid

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am 18 and in SSS Two. I have a problem with my ears. Sometimes when someone talks to me, I hear only noises and not exactly what the person says.

My parents once took me to the hospital for treatment and the doctor informed them that they would have to buy me a hearing aid, but my parents could not afford it.

Auntie, kindly direct me to a place where I can get free medical care for my ears, since I have nobody to help me.


Dear Juliet, If you or your parents belong to a church or a social club, you can let them talk to the minister or the leaders to ask the members to assist with money to enable you to purchase the hearing aid.

However, you can ask your parents to try talking to any local NGO in your area for assistance, I'm sure they will help.

You can also contact the Editor of the Junior Graphic for further discussions. All the best.