I Am Attracted To Liars

By Daily Graphic
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I am 25 and self-employed. I am attractive and a fun-loving person. My problem is that I never seem to keep a man for long.

The reason is that they end up as liars. Is it possible that I am attracting men who lie? And if so - why?

I am really a nice person, and I do so much for the men that I'm involved with. Why do I get treated like this? I'm getting really discouraged.

Jackie, Kumasi

Dear Jackie, if you are attracted to the same type of guy over and over then the problem probably lies with you. You should take some time and really think about the attributes of these men.

There's nothing more draining than discovering that someone you care about can't be trusted.

It's just too difficult to get past because you can never trust anything that they say. And that leaves you always wondering. A big energy drainer!

Look for the similar trait among the men you have been involved with. If you examine it closely enough, you will find it.

There is something about all of them that you find attractive but I bet you that whatever that is, is the very reason that you are finding these particular men.

You may have to take a look at your criteria for dating and reassess the importance of some of the things on your list.