My Friends Say I’m Shapeless

By Daily Graphic
Dear Auntie Betty, I am a girl of 18 and in SSS Two. When I am with my friends, they always say I'm shapeless so they've been advising me to have sex.

My boyfriend thinks the same, which is making me confused. Will sex actually give me more hips?

Dear Gifty, People's height, weight, shape, etc are determined by their genes.

The argument your friends are making is not valid and your boyfriend is using that to get to have his way with you.

For all you know, someone out there has very wide hips and wishes she were like you. I believe you are developing beautifully so leave nature to take its course with your body.

At 18, you are still growing so don't worry your head over what you have no control over. As people grow older, they tend to gain some weight and have broad hips and I don't think you will be an exception.

Don't start having sex. In fact, do not do anything about the way you look now to please your friends. Sex won't change anything. Trust me, it will rather give you more problems.

Take friends who will appreciate you and not pressurise you to lose your self-confidence. All the best.