Dad Won’t Let Me Go To Church

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am 12 and in JSS Two. I am a Christian and live with my dad. He is not a Christian so he does not allow me to go to church, especially during all-night services.

I am always worried about his attitude concerning my attendance of church services.


Dear Gustav, Does your dad stop you from attending church service on Sunday mornings? If he does, then that could be worrying, but if he allows that but refuses your attendance of all-night services, you should not be worried much now.

Your daddy may have genuine reasons for not allowing you to attend church service in the night.

It is not safe for a boy of your age to be walking about late at night. For instance, when you close from an all- night service around 4:00 am and walk all by yourself to the house, you would be putting your life at risk.

Though I don't know the distance from your house to the church, your dad would surely be worried about your safety.

I doubt if he is doing so because he is not a Christian so be patient with him.

In future when you are older and can go places on your own, your dad will not worry too much about your safety.

Besides, don't disobey your father in order to give rise to a sour relationship with him, since you are still under his roof. May be your humiity and obedience could win him over to Christ.

Besides, the Bible teaches children to be obedient to their parents so that they will live long.

If, however, your dad does not allow you to attend church services during the day, then you can tell him how much you want to go to church. And when he allows you to, go straight home after the service so that he will not get angry and stop you later.