I’m My Big Brother’s ‘Betweener’

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am a boy of 12 and in Class Six.
My problem is that my elder brother always sends me to call him his girlfriend in the evening.

This usually happens when our parents are asleep and I am doing my homework.

By the time I return, I would be feeling sleepy and, therefore, unable to do my homework again. What should I do?

Cape Coast.

Dear Gilbert, The best you can do is to tell your brother the effect that the evening errand you run for him is having on your schoolwork.

If he does not stop, you would have no option but to tell your mum all about it. Even though you did not state your brother's age, once he is not able to invite the girl home while your parents are around, then he knows that what he is doing is wrong so do not condone it.

He should not be sneaking girls into the house. Besides, it is not a good example for you.

When he sends you again, tell him you've decided not to run that errand again.

If anything happens to the girl in the process, for example, she becomes pregnant, you will also take part of the blame.

So why don't you get your homework done early and go to bed when your parents are retiring to bed so that you will not be part of the mess?

You can try this if you are unable to tell your brother that you will no longer run the errand for him. Think twice..