My Man Cheats And Lies About It

By Daily Graphic
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I am 24 and he is 28. We have been together for the past three years. Throughout the period that we have been an item, he has always been cheating.

He cheats and always lies about it. I have caught him on several ocassions and when I confront him, he would lie about it.

I can't stand the pain anymore but I don't want to lose him too. What do I do?

Yayrah, Accra

Dear Yayrah, What are you still doing with him? Get rid of him of course. Well, you said you do not want to but I am afraid you will have to lose him.

From your letter, I don't think his good sides out weigh the pain he causes you always. How do you think you can stop getting hurt if you stick around him.

I am sorry but that is not love at all. He cannot care for you if he keeps doing things like that to you. One may make a mistake and be forgiven but if it his his 'past time' then it is time to take a walk.

He doesn't seem to feel any remorse for cheating on you my dear. And if keeps doing it all the time, God knows what he may bring to you in terms of STIs.

It may seem difficult but you need to be strong to get him out of your life and I am sure you will find someone who will appreciate you too.