My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Auntie Betty, I am 19 years old and in JSS.
My friends influenced me into a relationship and now I am in a mess.

Four months into the relationship, I had sex with the girl, who is now pregnant. I asked her to abort it but she refused because she said her parents already knew about it.

Her parents want me to marry her or they will cause my arrest. What should I do?

Worried Boy,

Dear Worried Boy, I hope you have learnt a big lesson for behaving like an adult when you are not yet ready to take up responsibilities.

Sometimes we have to face the results of our actions, even when we have regretted them.

The girl is right in objecting to an abortion, since doing so will put her life at risk or result in complications which can render her childless in future.

Inform your parents to approach her parents to make arrangements towards her upkeep till she delivers and how to take care of the baby as well.

Where are your friends who pressurised you to enter into the relationship, now that the girl is pregnant? You now have to face the music alone.

These are some of the reasons young people are advised to stay away from early relationships. This should make you stand firm in deciding what is good for you when your friends pressurise you negatively.