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omen Leaders in Boston Commend the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Boston Town Hall Meeting

Source: Dr Mrs. Stella G. Uzogara

The Nigerian Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof Mrs. Viola Onwuliri , was well received by Boston Women leaders during a recent Town hall Meeting held on 20th January 2012 by the Presidential delegation consisting of the Federal Minister herself and the US Ambassador to Austria, Dr Jerry Ugokwe. The Federal Minister, Prof Mrs. Viola Onwuliri, was the head of this Presidential Delegation sent to meet with Diaspora Nigerians in Europe and USA, and they visited various big cities in the USA including Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Town hall meeting was well attended by Nigerians of various professions and ethnicities resident in the Boston area. During the Boston Town hall meeting, the Minister explained Government's stand on the issues like Boko Haram dilemma, Fuel subsidy removal, and corruption issues as well as efforts made to tackle these crises. She also elucidated President Jonathan's transformation agenda for Nigeria. Prof Mrs. Onwuliri later opened the town hall for a question and answer session to get views, comments, possible solutions and diverse ideas from Diaspora Nigerians for onward transmission to the Federal government for consideration and possible implementation. She acknowledged the contribution of Diaspora Nigerians and thanked them for helping their fellow citizens, families and friends in Nigeria through monetary or materials donations as well as by their good ideas and services for the good of fellow Nigerian citizens. Many questions were asked. Questions touched on the current front burner issues such as the Boko Haram and fuel subsidy removal and how to contain these issues. Other questions also touched on corruption, waste of government resources, dysfunction of some government agencies, education standards and quality decline, Diaspora voting rights and logistics and many other matters. The Minister did her best to offer answers to the questions or give detailed explanations of government efforts and accomplishments regarding the issues of concern. The attendees felt satisfied at the Ministers response, especially the reasons why Federal government embarked on the fuel subsidy removal and a lot of positive suggestions were made to the delegation. The attendees also urged the Federal Government to show transparency on how they invest the gains from oil subsidy removal. Both the minister and the ambassador received standing ovations for their talks.

At the end of the town hall meeting, the women leaders in the Boston Town hall gathered around the Foreign minister , embraced and thanked her for the patriotic work she is doing for Nigeria , for effectively representing Nigerian women and for being a good role model for women both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. The women leaders in Boston said they are proud of the minister and her good performance in office and encouraged her to continue the good work she was doing for our country. The women stated that they were happy that President Jonathan appointed 13 capable women into his executive council. They urged the Nigerian government to increase the number of women executives in the next administration as a way of empowering the womenfolk. The women leaders, most of who are also members of the local organizing committee of this Town hall meeting, posed for photographs with the federal minister.

Shown in the photograph above is a cross section of the women leaders who attended the Town hall meeting. In the photo above are (l-r):Mrs. Helen Chukwu, Dr Mrs. Stella Uzogara, Dr Mrs. Joyce Nwosu, Prof Mrs. Viola Onwuliri (the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs), Prof Mrs. Chioma Azuonye and Mrs. Ify Izuchi. Other women leaders who attended the meeting but not shown in the photo above are Mrs. Bolade Owelewe, Mrs. Kate Okoye, Ms Sade Olutunji, Mrs. Charity Ejelonu and others. The attendees wished the presidential delegation well and asked them to visit Boston more often in future; the meeting lasted till past midnight. The town hall meeting was coordinated by Dr Mrs. Stella Uzogara of Diaspora Nigerian Network, USA.

Dr Mrs. Stella G. Uzogara
Boston Massachusetts, USA.

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