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Just as a lion brought from Afrika to USA can only be a lion and not a leopard, a tiger, an elephant or a Tree or a Dog or a Wood or a Stone etc no matter how it was brought here and no matter how long it stays away form Afrika, its home of origin, in the same way, you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in White America, as the direct descendents of noble, authentic, proud and strong Afrikans brought here in chains to the white man's world, can only be Afrikan no matter how contaminated your Afrikan blood has become.

Your Afrikan blood is your Afrikan blood. It is your sacred foundation, your sacred base, your sacred root on Earth which has kept you alive in the belly of the crocodile you hail as USA and without which you would not be alive today preferring others to your Continental AfrikaIdentity or Self or Personality or System .

Without it, you will not be calling yourselves everything except Afrikan and be bragging about your Indian, French, Anglo-Saxon, Jewish, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, British, Italian of Greek blood or names or identities which you have been conditioned for 300 years to prefer to your original Afrikan blood, names and identity .

All because, without your original Afrikan blood in you and still flowing through your Afrikan Veins in White America or Europe and which brought you here and kept you alive in your daily death world of hell, you simply would not have even a drop of any of your today's alien blood in you to boast about and be proud of.

This means, none of your today's foreign blood in you can replace your original Afrikan blood.

Just as the Whole cannot be lesser than the Sum of all its Parts, in the same way, alien blood in you are nothing more than parts of your Whole and as such cannot replace your Original Whole without which there will be no parts to talk about .

If anything, they can only make you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters more Afrikan at best and less Afrikan at worst

In the same way, your today's African American identity, Black American identity or Afro-American identity are only parts of your Afrikan Wholeness or Expression and as such cannot replace your Wholeness as Afrikan in USA.

To try to see, think of and consider your African American identity, Black American or Afro-American identity or Negro identity as an end in themselves or as substitute or replacement of who you really are as Afrikan is too fool nobody but yourself.

If anything, they can be your means to your eventual and inevitable Continental AfrikaRebirth, Awakening, Consciousness, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Prosperity , Happiness, Security , Pride and Dignity as a proud Diaspora Afrikan no matter where you find yourself.

Just as, a Jew is a Jew in and outside Israel, in the same way, Afrikans at home and abroad must be and can only be Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds no matter where they live .

That is why your Negro identity's agenda to make you a Negro rather than Afrikan in the USA can only be exercise in futility .

That is why, your Black American identity's agenda to turn you into Blacks rather than Afrikans in life can only make you prefer surviving in the abyss of permanent identity crisis instead of enjoying the pride and dignity of living by your own true AfrikaIdentity .

That means it is not true that you today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are catching hell at Home and Abroad all over the world today not because of you are “ Black” which you are not but because you have allowed the White man, the Arab and the Jew to de-Afrikanize you or Westernize you or Arabanize you or Jewicized you in the name of false progress, change or success .

That is why, your today's African American identity's agenda to transform you into both Afrikan and American (White/Western) can only guarantee you all, hell in white USA no matter how long and hard you fight and die for your right to be more and more American which is nothing but more and more Westernized and less and less Afrikan.

Hence, the time has come for you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in the USA to know once and for all the truth of who you are in life and which nobody or nothing can take away from you or replace on earth .

In the same way, calling yourself a Colored person will take you nowhere except in the belly of perpetual White lies.

All because all human groups on Earth including the “White” people are colored in one way or another.

Hence, it is ignorance if not suicidal for you to limit and imprison yourself in a “Colored person's box” while others are free from its illusion.

Also, referring to yourself as a multi-racial instead of Afrikan is nothing but another slave/colonial/neocolonial agenda meant to confuse you with and make you take the parts for the Whole.

Simply because the Point of Reference and the Foundation of your Humanity or Multiculturalism or Multiracialism is Afrikan, nothing more and nothing less.

The same applies to those of you who waste your time proclaiming loud and clear on top of the mountain of your self-ignorance and fleeting and crumbs material success that you are not “Afrikan , don't want to be Afrikan, don't need to be Afrikan to be whole or successful or happy in your white man's Dungeon, “ forget that every Man or Humanity, like a tree, can only have his/her own Point of Reference, Root, Source or Foundation in life or will die without his/her own Root .

This means, only the urgent recovery, mastery and daily use of you forgotten Continental AfrikaIdentity in all its Wholeness, Purity, Might and Glory, can you my Afrikan brothers and sisters in USA and Europe be fee, once and for all, from the hell of preferring slave identities to your own AfrikaIdentity.

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