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CONTAFRIKAFASHION UNDER SIEGE OR DRESSING CONTAFRIKAN/FASHION UNDER SIEGE or THE CRISIS OF PROGRAMMING TODAY'S CONT/DIASPORA AFRIKANS TO DRESS FOREIGN RATHER THAN CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN ; By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected]; We dress to promote who we are and our Culture and Ways of Life in Life .. The way we dress tells a lot who we are, where we come from and what is our purpose here on earth.

That is why every group of people has a special way of dressing that distinguishes them from others.

Hence, Chinese have a special way of dressing that is known and recognized by the world.

The Japanese way of dressing is different from Foreign way of dressing.

While others , the world over, are busy preserving their unique ways of dressing, "modern" Continental Afrika is fast losing their unique Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing that was once the proud origin of today's world ways of dressings and fashions.

Hundred years of colonial programming made and is still making some Continental Afrikans to prefer Foreign way of dressing to their Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing.

As far as colonial powers and their present puppets in Continental Afrika are concerned, Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing is "barbaric," "uncivilized," "anti-Western" and "anti-progress."

Foreign way of dressing, on the other hand, we are told is the best, the most superior, the most intelligent and the most fashionable way of dressing.

So to be today's and acceptable by the "white" man, "modern" Continental Afrikans have been told to get rid of their "crude" Continental Afrikan was of dressing.

With time, some Continental Afrikans began and continue still to believe in the lie that the only way to make it in today's world is to dress not Continental Afrikan but Western.

Today, about 99% of Foreign educated or trained Continental Afrikan population have totally or partially abandoned their Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing. They wear only or mostly Foreign attires and look down upon those who wear Continental Afrikan clothes even if they will deny it .

As far as they are concerned, wearing Continental Afrikan dresses to offices, schools, or business is nothing but a sign of "backwardness."

Hence they tend to do everything within their power to promote the use of only Foreign dresses by Continental Afrikans.

The more they dress Western, the more they consider themselves "white" and promoters of Foreign civilizations in Continental Afrika. This group of elite is mostly found along Continental Afrika's coasts.

They are the most assimilated of all Continental Afrikans. Most of them see colonialism as a good thing for Continental Afrika and regret its demise.

In addition, about 25 percent of Continental Afrikans continue to use both Foreign and Continental Afrikan dresses simultaneously. As far as they are concerned, both ways are good and should be used.

The remaining 70 percent of Continental Afrika who live mostly in the traditional areas of Continental Afrika wear only Continental Afrikan attires.

They either do not have the money to buy, own and use the expensive Foreign attires or simply they do not believe in exchanging their Continental Afrikan dresses for European dresses.

So the percentage of Continental Afrikans crazy for Foreign dresses was and is still small.

And yet, Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing is under serious threat of being totally replaced or displaced by Foreign way of dressing making "modern" Continental Afrikans a people without their own way of dressing.

For example, the growing fuss over wearing Foreign style suits by "Continental Afrikan" elite is sickening if not tragic.

Nowadays, no today's Continental Afrikan is considered dressed unless he/she is in Paris-made, London-made, Italian-made suits.

Millions and millions of Continental Afrika's money go each year in importing expensive Foreign suits only to satisfy the selfish taste of a few Continental Afrikans who have become addicted to Foreign fashion.

Young "modern" Continental Afrikans from certain parts of the continent known

for their enslavement to everything "white" compete among themselves for the latest in Foreign dresses.

Whoever wears the most expensive, the most fashionable and the most rare Foreign suits, ties, trousers, shirts, etc. is proclaimed "King" and worshipped as such.

The more money one has the more crazy and sick one becomes for imported/foreign clothes.

And since one cannot wear both Continental Afrikan and Foreign clothes on top of each other, the choice of Foreign attires is often done at the expense of our Continental Afrikan clothes.

As far as these "Continental Afrikan" slaves and prisoners of Foreign fashion are concerned, Foreign way of dressing is the symbol of success, modernity, change and POWER in today's Continental Afrika. It means one has "made" it.

Wearing Foreign dresses also signifies a promotion from the "inferiority" of our Continental Afrikan attires to the superior class Foreign attires given them.

As far as they are concerned, wearing Foreign attires makes them "modern" while wearing of Continental Afrikan dresses make them look "backward."

So everything is done to distance themselves from traditional Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing.

That is why many are "Continental Afrikan" leaders and scholars who only appear in Foreign attires.

That is, their only way or form of dressing is Western.

They never wear Continental Afrikan attires. They are never seen in traditional Continental Afrikan dresses.

To them to be "properly" dressed to work, business and state functions is to appear in Foreign clothes.

They see nothing basically wrong with their preference of foreign dresses over their Continental Afrikan dresses.

In their total blind submission and devotion to anything "white," they forget the loss of their Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing is the loss of themselves as Continental Afrikans.

Worst of all, certain parts of Continental Afrika have completely lost their Continental Afrikan ways of dressing.

Their only way of dressing is Western. Men, women and children were taught not to wear Continental Afrikan dresses. And with time, an entire people have forgotten how to dress Continental Afrikan.

The more they dress foreign, the more proud and "civilized" they feel.

And yet, we as well as they know that Foreign clothes, especially suits, are not good for Continental Afrikans.

Shirts, ties, trousers, etc. were designed by and for the "white" to keep them warm because they live most of the time in cold/temperate areas of the world.

That is why most of their attires from pants, to trousers, shorts, shirts, ties and coats are sewn TIGHT.

So Foreign attires exist first and foremost to keep their people warm. That is why they are tight.

Hence, Foreign way of dressing is out of necessity. Fashion comes second.

Without this unique and special way of dressing, most "white" people would have been killed by the excessive cold in their unpredictable weather .

Continental Afrikan clothes, on the other hand, are big, spacious, elegant, flowing and graceful because we live in a hot climate.

In this way, a lot of air can come in to counteract the effect of the heat on our bodies.

Continental AfrikaWay of dressing is therefore unique to Continental Afrikans. It has existed over 50,000 years.

It has worked for us from ancient time until we met foreigners. It keeps us warm when need be.

It also keeps us cool when need be. Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing is therefore a powerful health provider and protector.

Hence Continental Afrikans do not need Foreign clothes to become human, healthy, elegant and modern.

In fact, wearing of Foreign attires in tropical Continental Afrika is nothing but a sellout.

It simply means we are still suffering from colonial disease called inferiority complex.

It means our total allegiance to anything "white." It means our eagerness to become "white," appear "white," and be acceptable as "white."

Wearing of Foreign suits in a hot climate like Continental Afrika is the easiest way of transforming ourselves into the standing joke of vulture in human attire.

The image of "modern" Continental Afrikan sweating profusely in his/her Foreign suits is a sickening image of ignorance, pity and loss.

By tying our necks with Foreign rope we call tie, we proclaim our daily allegiance of total submission and servitude to the colonialism of foreign attires.

Even goats in Continental Afrika today do not go about with a rope around their necks.

A Continental Afrikan in Foreign suit has become less than a goat for roaming about with his neck tied to the tree of foreign culture.

On the other hand, while Continental Afrikans are so busy becoming slaves and prisoners of Foreign attires or fashions, most Foreigners who visit or live in Continental Afrika do not wear their suits or wear them sparingly or very, very little because of our hot tropical Afrikan Climate .

Most of them wear casual dresses because they have the common sense to know that their suits are not meant for such a hot climate.

While they go about in Continental Afrika freely in pants or shorts with no shirts on, "modern" Continental Afrikan elite bury themselves in tight foreign attires no matter what .

When a foreigner in Continental Afrika goes about almost naked, it is hailed as "fashion."

When a Continental Afrikan goes about topless or only in minimum clothes because of the heat, it is called "nakedness" or evidence of lack of civilization.

Consequently, today's Continental Afrikans are afraid to dress simple like the "white" Man in Continental Afrika.

We are afraid to be called uncivilized. We are afraid to be rejected by the "white" man. So the only way to gain his acceptance, recognition, promotion and rewards is to do what the master says: Dress Foreign to suffocate ourselves to shame, sickness and death.

Whereas in Continental Afrika, the process of depriving Continental Afrikans of their freedom and rights to their Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing is still a process, in Diaspora Afrika, the process is complete.

That is, most if not all Diaspora Afrikans in USA, Europe and South America have had their Continental AFRIKAWAY of dressing completely and totally taken away

from them by their slave/colonial masters.
They have learned so well the masters' lessons and teachings on the dangers of Continental Afrikan dresses and the benefits of Foreign way of dressing that most of them are even afraid to touch Continental Afrikan dresses let alone have or wear them.

Their programming has been so thorough that most of them cannot even see Continental Afrikan dresses as their dresses.

The more they distance themselves away from Continental Afrikan dresses the less they feel threatened or appalled by them.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *,

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