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How come that today's Continental Afrikans who invented the word and concept of education are now the only people on earth without their own educational system?

How come that Continental Afrikans who are the world's first educated human beings on earth are now called ignorant, illiterate or uneducated unless they receive Foreign education which is nothing but a corrupt version of the original Continental Afrikan education?

How come that Continental Afrikans who have taught the Jews, the Arabs and the Greek philosophers and scholars for 3,000 years as the world first educators, teachers and professors of Humanity are now slaves, puppets and willing victims and preys of Foreign education?

Thanks to slavery and colonialism, Foreign powers and their puppets have succeeded in imposing their Foreign education on Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders and at the expense of their Continental Afrikan education they have been uprooted from and kept ignorant of .

As far as European powers and their puppets are concerned, Continental Afrikans have no education worth preserving or talking about or rather, as far as they are concerned, Continental AFRIKAWAY of education or educational system is underdeveloped, savage, barbaric, uncivilized, archaic and obsolete that Continental Afrikans must throw away.

For about 150 years, "modern" Continental Afrikans have been brainwashed, conditioned or forced to accept the Foreign slave and colonial lie that Foreign way of education is better than Continental AFRIKAWAY of education.

In fact, as far as they are concerned, Western, Arab or Christian styles of education for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is superior, more modem, more civilized, more developed, and more profitable than Continental Afrikan education.

That is why everything was and still being done by Foreign powers and their puppets in today's Continental Afrika to make Continental Afrikans believe their lie that Western in the forms of White American, French, British, Portuguese , Arab and Christian forms of education for all today's Africans , is not "Western" or Foreign or alien to the African but universal, neutral, and good for everybody irrespective of their color, creed or sex.

Consequently, 99% of today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans in our Western styles cities and capitals believe in the colonial lie of their Foreign creators that when we talk of education for all today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans, it can only mean French or English or Arabic or Portuguese based and oriented forms of education which exist to keep them totally uprooted from and ignorant of their Power and Benefits of their own created and controlled Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation

To these Foreign educated and created Continental/Diaspora Africans spelt with a “c” , Foreign styles education for all Africans is a good thing, it means development, progress, modernization, international exposure, recognition , rewards and success in life . Without it, they think Afrika will go back to the Dark or Stone Ages .

Our conditioning has been so thorough that there are presently only very few "modern" Continental/Diaspora Afrikans who do not think that the only way for Continental Afrikans to be saved, developed and become modernized is for them to receive Foreign education.

Hence, a lot of "modern" Continental Afrikans cannot conceive in their colonized and uprooted minds a total rejection of or freedom from the insult and curse of educating Africans Foreign ways instead of in Continental AfrikaWAY.

As far as these Products of Foreign Education all over the Continental/Diaspora Afrika are concerned, without Foreign education for Africans, they will be lost, illiterate, barbaric, savage, underdeveloped and ignorant, running in the jungles naked and fighting or eating each other.

To them, the White man, the Arab, the Jew and the Portuguese, etc came and are still flooding Continental Afrika to "educate" and "civilize" us and without them, Continental Afrikans will be lost educationally.

That is why even after the "white" Man was officially removed from Continental Afrika during the de-colonization days, most if not all present Foreign educated and trained leaders, scholars and educators in power still continue to see in Foreign education for Continental Afrika a savior and a means of Continental Afrika's development rather than an obstacle and a curse to Continental Afrikans.

And they and we all know that today's Foreign-centric or Euro-centric or Arab-centric or Christian-centric Education and training the Foreignized leaders and elite in power have been promoting and will die to preserve at all cost are totally ANTI-AFRICACENTRIC EDUCATION AND TRAIDING FOR ALL CONTINENTAL/DIASPORA AFRIKANS which has been imposed on them to keep us ignorant about ourselves as Continental Afrikans with the Richest Continent on earth for us to reclaim, unify, empower, liberate, develop, protect, defend and promote for our interest .

The purpose of Foreign education in Continental Afrika is therefore not to develop or save Continental Afrikans but to rob them of their Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaEducation and Training which begins with Self-knowledge, to mis-educate rather than educate Continental Afrikans, keep fragmented for easy domination , control and exploitation instead of keep them continentally unified, together as one AfrikaPeople, to keep them permanently divided rather than united and unified continentally, to misinform Continental Afrikans rather than inform them, instruct and train Continental Afrikans wrongly rather than correctly, teach Continental Afrikans lies rather than the truths about them, teach them everything about the "white" Man, the Arab etc but little or nothing or only the negative about them as One Continental Afrikan People, to heap on them irrelevant knowledge, information or skills they cannot use or apply for their benefit and to produce anomalies like ignorant PhDs, ignorant MSCs, ignorant BAs, ignorant Professors, ignorant Heads of Department, ignorant Presidents, ignorant Heads of States or and Govts, ignorant Ministers, ignorant Law Makers or ignorant pastors who know everything about others but know little or nothing about their Glorious Continental Afrikan Past, Means, Riches, etc

We also end up having Foreign trained engineers who cannot build a bridge or find solutions to basic and practical and specific problems facing their people to make life better for them or Foreign educated and trained Africans and experts who cannot function in their own African communities but only in Foreign style environments

Evidence in support of the above thesis can be found in the historical fact that Europeans introduced Foreign education to Continental Afrika to serve , promote , defend and protect their slave/colonial interests in Afrika rather than educating/training or empowering them to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining and self-supporting and free from all forms of Foreign domination, control and exploitation which Foreign Powers will never do which will be like asking them to commit suicide .

As far as they are concerned, their French, English, White USA, Arab or Christian style or based or oriented education and training for their selected few yes-master Africans was and is still to turn them into perfect photocopies of their Foreign Creators and which will make them think, speak and act like them as a way of promoting "white" superiority and Afrikan inferiority for their mis-educated African elite and to make easy and invisible their Foreign domination, control and exploitation without any fear of any challenge or revolt from their Foreign-educated and trained Africans in power all over the Continent and Islands for them .

In other words, Foreign education was introduced to Continental Afrika to make out of Continental Afrikans willing and better "white" subjects, allies, and assistants with the sole purpose of helping their "white" teachers and masters to keep Continental Afrika divided, dependent, powerless, hopeless, helpless, suffering and needy in the midst of so much abundance.

Hence, Continental Afrikans are being educated the Foreign way so as to become partners and friends of those who "educate" them for their "white" man's interests in Continental Afrika.

The few Western-"educated" Continental Afrikans who deviated from this goal were and are still isolated, disgraced, punished or eliminated as the "white" man's enemies, "communists," "terrorists" or "traitors."

In this way, Foreign education can only be a curse rather than a blessing to

Continental Afrikans.

In addition, Foreign education was and is never meant to educate Continental Afrikans but to Westernize them.

The proof of this lies in the fact that most if not all the past and present Foreign "educated" Africans end up being consciously or unconsciously Foreign or French or British or American or Portuguese in the way they talk, think, dress, eat, act and do things as Products of Foreign styles education systems instead of being the Products of their Afrikan Education and Training .

This is so because it teaches Foreign-created African leaders and students, everything positive about the "white" Man and everything negative about them.

With the tragic results that most if not all Foreign "educated" Africans end up in accepting and believing everything "white" is positive and everything Afrikan including Afrikan education is negative.

This explains why during the entire colonial periods that mainly lasted between 1884 and 1960, most if not all the books from which Afrikans were taught were all Eurocentric in goals, objectives, content and perspective.

The school curriculum was Euro-centric in content and perspective as well as teachers and professors who teach it.

These are the "white" man's educational messengers of miseducation, misinformation, distorted knowledge and irrelevant information and truths meant to confuse, uproot or control the Afrikan .

The schools, colleges and universities they impose on Continental Afrika were and are still nothing but Foreign "educational" factories or photocopies of Sorbonne, Harvard, Oxford, etc in Africa in which virgin and innocent Afrikan minds were and are still deliberately manufactured into slaves, puppets, beneficiaries and promoters of Foreign education at the expense of their Afrikan Education they know nothing about and dead to .

This explains why nearly fifty years after "independence" in Continental Afrika and in spite of all the noises about educational reforms as attempts to “Afrikanize “ or “ Indigenize” all the various Foreign education styles they have left for us to copy, imitate, accept, perpetuate and promote it as our own, Education all over the Continent of Afrika and Islands is still Foreign, French, British , White American , Arab or Foreign-centric or Eurocentric or Arab-centric in origin, content, perspective and approach.

99% of Foreign educated leaders/elite who took over gratefully and with great pomp from their colonial masters, teachers and trainers simply continue the Foreign educational system they were proud to inherit and personally profit from.

That is why all across today's Continental Afrika, Foreign ways still reign supreme over the carcasses of Continental Afrikan Education which they have successfully killed and buried in all our towns, cities and capitals of their new African plantations they have set up for their benefit .

Besides, Foreign education in Continental Afrika exists to promote and defend not Continental Afrikan but Western or Foreign ways of life and doing things because it creates and perpetuates the division of Continental Afrikans into literate and illiterate, educated and non-educated , developed and underdeveloped Continental Afrikans.

Since its introduction into Continental Afrika, Foreign "educated" Africans have been programmed and brainwashed into thinking, speaking and acting as if they are better off, superior to and more today's than their Traditional Continental Afrikans who did not or do not go to the "white" man's school to be brainwashed.

All because, they erroneously believe the "white" man's lie that Foreign education is the passport to the good life their Foreign life styles will reward them with .

And without it, they believe, Continental Afrikans will have no future.

So blindly and naively we continue to adore, embrace and perpetuate the very Foreign education that exists to deprive us of our Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan education and training which alone will provide all Continental Afrikans with all the Afrikacentric Education, Training, Tools, Knowledge and Know-how we need to continentally Empower, liberate, develop, enrich, know, accept, love, trust, believe and have faith in ourselves as Reborn and Awakened Continental Afrikans, Nationals, Citizens, Owners and Beneficiaries of the Richest Continent on Earth and how to reclaim , unify, empower, enrich, protect, defend and promote for the benefit of all and as the Creators and Masters of the world first educational system that lasted for over 3 million years and which once made us the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of all world's civilizations .

This is so because most if not all Foreign "educated" Africans believe in the colonial lie that all the various forms of education and training found today over the Continent are not Foreign or colonial but rather “ African or Ghanaian or Nigerian or South African or Kenyan etc “ or some of them will simply say education is a neutral , universal and has nothing to do with the "white" man or the Arab or Foreign or colonial education .

So, in this way, they learn, accept, digest and reproduce as parrots all they learn from the "white" Man schools with pride and a lot of faith in the "white" man's system of education.

They trust and believe in the Foreign education so much so that they will do everything within their power to protect and perpetuate it rather than reject, destroy or replace it with their own Continental Afrikan education which they dismiss as inferior and outmoded or does not exist.

But we as well as they all know that no matter what they do, say or think, Western or Arab or Foreign education in Continental Afrika is not neutral but highly politicized.

It is not by accident that most if not all the past and present text-books do not contain anything about us or Continental Afrika as the cradle of Humanity, or as the Mother of Greek/Roman/Western and world civilizations.

From the "white" man's style kindergarten schools to the universities in Continental Afrika, we were and are still being taught everything about the "white" man's glory, power, supremacy and as the creators of the world first civilization, history, education etc. and that colonialism was good for us and without which Afrikans will still be running naked and wild and eating each other and sleeping in trees and all other racist lies we accept as our truths to live by .

While at the same time, Afrikans are constantly presented as savages, barbaric, without history, with no civilizations, no contribution to the world's scientific and technological inventions.

And yet we all know that the "white" man's schools, colleges and universities we have become dependent on , enslaved by and addicted to cannot save us or

develop us.
They are too colonial in goal and too neo-colonial in objective to serve Continental Afrika's interests, needs and causes in life let alone set them free from Foreign domination, control and exploitation they call “ development, progress or change” .

They can only alienate us from our Continental Afrikan education without which there is no education for the Continental Afrikans at Home and Abroad.

Besides, Foreign education in Continental Afrika is an obstacle rather than a means to our Continental Afrikan education because its curriculum was originally designed by the "white" Man to serve not Continental Afrikan but Foreign interests in Continental Afrika.

This explains why for the past one hundred years in Continental Afrika the politics of deciding what must be taught, by who and how was entirely the monopoly of the "white" Man and his puppets.

The content of colonial and neo-colonial curriculum taught in Continental Afrikan schools, colleges and universities was and is still basically Foreign to the core.

It presents the West in a positive way while Continental Afrikans learn nothing positive about themselves.

In this way, what Continental Afrikans are taught in the "white" man's schools is not what Continental Afrikans want or need in life.

They are taught irrelevant, useless things or simply lies in the garment of truth. To expect the "white" man's curriculum to provide answers and solutions to Continental Afrika's problems is like expecting water from a stone.

All because nobody except Continental AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikans can design a curriculum for the benefits and pride of Continental Afrikans.

If anything, alien-designed and imposed curriculums on Continental Afrikans are Continental Afrika's problem and cannot be our solutions.

Thirty-five years after Continental Afrika's nominal independence, Foreign "educated" Continental Afrikan leaders and scholars still think all they have to do was to accept, continue, perpetuate, polish, re-write, re-name, or Continental Afrikanize the colonial curriculum every other thing they inherited with pride and gratitude from their "white" teachers, professors and masters.

To some, the "white" man's curriculum cannot be replaced or rejected for a Continental Afrikan curriculum.

All because they have accepted the colonial lie that everything "white" is superior and better than anything Continental Afrikan.

But without the total liberation of Continental Afrikans from the havocs of "white" man's schools, colleges, universities and curriculums, Continental Afrikans will continue to be slaves and puppets in the hands of alien-designed and alien-imposed curriculums no matter how hard we try to reform or Continental Afrikanize them.

In the same way, Foreign education did not, could not and cannot solve Continental Afrika's educational needs and wants because most if not all the teachers and professors are more Westernized than Continental Afrikanized. As colonial and neo-colonial products, Foreign "educated" Continental Afrikans teachers and professors are taught and trained to be more "white" than the "white" themselves.

This explains why by the time they graduate from any of their Foreign degrees, they are expected to think "white" and see the world with "white" eyes.

They speak "white", act "white", dress "white", and teach "white" instead of Continental Afrikan.

Their assimilation and integration into the "white" educational system and ways of being have blinded them to the fact that 99 percent of what they call their education, knowledge, expertise and skills acquired through the Foreign education are nothing but a tribute to the "white" man's ability to turn Continental Afrikans into photocopies, parrots and puppets of Foreign education and ways of thinking, doing and being.

In this way, most if not all Foreign educated Continental Afrikan teachers and professors end up in becoming Continental Afrikan in skin but "white" in the mind.

To expect "white" educated, "white" trained and "white" centered and "white" oriented "Continental Afrikan" teachers and professors to teach Continental Afrikan students and the public Continental Afrikan education they do not have is like searching for the moon at noon.

And not until our Foreign educated and trained Continental Afrikans set themselves free from the havoc of Foreign education, they have no power, will or interest in promoting and defending Continental Afrikan education that alone can produce and train the Continental Afrikan centric students, teachers, professors, scholars and leaders. Continental Afrika needs to be free from the colonialism of alien educational systems.

In addition, Foreign education cannot replace Continental Afrikan education because Foreign definition of education is totally different from Continental Afrikan concept of education.

To the "white" man, education means acquisition of knowledge, skills and trainings that are relevant and necessary to the "white" man's liberation, development and progress.

But when it comes to Continental Afrika, they made and still make sure the kind of education they are imposing on Continental Afrikans was and is nothing but the acquisition of wrong knowledge, irrelevant information and skills/trainings that can only be used to promote and develop "white" world and values.

In other words, Foreign education is not neutral and universal and cannot serve the interests of everybody irrespective of color, creed or sex.

It is a Western-conceived, Western-centered and Western-controlled tool to miseducate and train Eurocentric students, teachers, professors, scholars and leaders to serve "white" interests wherever they find themselves.

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