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But fortunately for Mother Continental Afrika, not all men in Continental Afrika today have lost their Continental Afrikan Manhood.

About 80 percent of our traditional Continental Afrikan men in traditional Continental Afrika are still Afrikan men in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

Even though cut away from the cities and capitals of our "modern" Continental Afrika, they are proud to resist the conquest, domination and control by the "white" power structure and order left behind to consume Continental Afrikans in the fire of assimilation/integration.

As far as these traditional Continental Afrikan men are concerned, there is nothing better and worthy in life than be Continental Afrikan men from head to toe .

In spite of 150 years of colonial indoctrination to change Continental Afrikan men into women and children in "modern" Continental Afrika so as to ensure their easy domination, control and exploitation , 80 percent of traditional Continental Afrikan men have successfully refused to trade/exchange their Continental Afrikan Manhood with "white" manhood or Arab/Islam Manhood or Christian Manhood .

They do this by their refusal to be Arabanized or Westernized or Christianized or Foreignized African spelt with a ā€œ cā€ rather than Continental Afrikan.

This explains why the majority of traditional Continental Afrikan Men in traditional Continental Afrika today see no need to change their names from Continental Afrikan to "white" Man names.

They still prefer their Continental AFRIKAWAY of marriage to Foreign ways of marriage.

They still prefer their traditional Afrikan Religion to alien religions: Christianity/Islam.

They still prefer to wear traditional Afrikan attires to wearing the Foreign dresses.

They speak Afrikan languages rather than alien languages.

They stick to traditional Afrikan values, and customs instead of becoming slaves of Foreign values and ways of life.

In short, traditional Afrikan Men are still brave, courageous, determined, honest, sincere, proud, noble Afrikan men who will not exchange themselves for anything else in the world.

They are proud to be Afrikan men and will do anything including to suffer and to die to be nothing but Afrikan men.

Unlike most of their city/capital/Westernized, Arabanized and Christianized African" men, they do not run away from having and supporting as many wives and children they are capable of having and making happy.

Unlike the "modern" men, they do not see marriage and children as a burden/obstacle but a blessing/gift from the Creator AFRIKAMAWU .

The more children they have, the more blessed and fulfilled they become.

Unlike the "modern" men, they do not invest in things because the worth of a Man is not measured in "white" man's terms of material acquisitions and possessions.

But rather, the importance of a Man is measured in Afrikan term of how much of service one is to one's community and people.

Hence, traditional Afrikan Man does not waste his life, time and energy hoarding for himself alone material things.

He spends his time investing in the happiness and welfare of others around him.

Because he knows he is part and parcel of all lives around him.

To be good to them is to be good to oneself.
To hurt or destroy others is to hurt and destroy himself.

And since he will not like to hurt/destroy himself, he will not hurl/destroy others.

These traditional Afrikan men are so brave that they need no gun, no police, no army, no prisons the "white" Man way to defend and protect their Continental Afrikan Manhood and Families and people all the virtues that go along with it.

But the "modern" Man imprisoned in his Foreign/alien and artificial jungles we call cities and capitals, like their "white" men , have lost their manhood so much that they cannot survive one day in power in "modern" Afrika without their "white" Man guns.

This explains the big difference between those who are still men and those who are not.

Hence to be "white" man-men, "modern" Afrikan men in power need ammunitions, armies, police, air-force, navy, prisons etc. to protect them against the real traditional Afrikan men's courage, bravery and power.

With their external aids to hide their fear and cowardice as uprooted and lost men, "modern" men in power in today's Afrika have succeeded in containing the Power and bravery of the traditional Afrikan men to be nothing but Afrikan men in wholeness and in all honesty and sincerity.

Most of traditional Afrikan Men are daily punished by the city and capital power puppets for standing so tall and so proud for their Afrikan Manhood.

They seem to be told that unless you become like us, Foreignized Africans, we the city/capital power puppets will deprive you of all of today's today's amenities.

But the more our traditional Afrikan men are deprived of good roads, good drinking water, clinics, hospitals, school, colleges, universities, jobs, television, cars etc. the more determined they become in affirming their Continental Afrikan Manhood.

This explains why even in our cities and capitals, not all the men there

have totally traded their Afrikan Manhood for Foreign identities and ways of life and being .

There are still some of them who will do anything to remain Afrikan men in the world of yes-master men.

Some have lost their education, job, promotion and privileges for refusing to be Foreignized , bought, sold, dominated, controlled, exploited and used by the "white" Man or the Arab or Christian Forces and their puppets in Continental Afrika to promote not Afrikan but Foreign interests in Afrika

And as long as these brave/courageous Afrikan men remain men in the face of all difficulties, Mother Continental Afrika will continue to have men who are men to defend and protect her interests.

As long as these men are men, those men who are no more men will have no choice but recover, have and benefit fully from their lost or forgotten Continental Afrikan Manhood.

And as long as more and more Afrikans in our Traditional Afrika and cities and capitals , against all odds refuse to turn themselves into the photocopies of the White man or the Arab or the Jew and continue to live as Afrikan from head to toes, our today's Foreignized Africans , sooner or latter, will also realize the painful truth or fact that, just as the Elephant can never become a lion or a tree or a bird or fish but Elephant , no matter how hard he tries and vice-versa, they are Afrikans , whether they like it or not and no matter how hard they try to turn themselves into the Photocopies of the White Man or the Arab or the Jew, they can never become the White man or the Arab or the Jew but Foreignized Africans in the same way the White man or the Arab or the Jew will never turn themselves into Afrikan instead of who and what they are and even though they all CAME out of Afrika .

And sooner or later, our today's Foreignized Africans will come back to themselves as Afrikans from head to toe and learn to think, act , talk and live , prosper and be happy, whole and fulfilled again as AfrikaCentric Continental Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds and practise and benefit once more from the Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWay of life that says or teaches us that Men are strong to defend and protect lives.

Men are not men to dominate, control, exploit, cheat, steal, destroy, or kill women or kids who are part and parcel of them.

Likewise, women and children are strong and powerful to complement, support and balance the strength and power of their men whom they see as their natural extensions.

As men are men and women women in Continental Afrika there will be no need for a perpetual state of war, tension, accusations and counter- accusations between the New Afrikan Men and the New Afrikan Women and their New Afrikan Children and Families who live in tune to each other and for the support of each other as Members of one Continental Afrikan Family to honor and celebrate daily for the Good of all .

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