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Our Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaPerspective for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to Reclaim and Use for their Benefits is the way we look at the world or things around us as conscious Afrikans.

Every free human being, group, nation etc. on earth has their own unique way of seeing things around them in their own Unique Ways which differentiates them from others.

Without one's own perspective in life, one is like a ship without direction.

Continental AfrikaPerspective for all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans is as necessary and imperative as French Perspective for the French, or the British Perspective for the British or Russian , Chinese, German, Japanese, etc all have their own Perspectives in life that are unique to them and differentiate them from the rest of Humanity .

Hence, Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaPerspective is therefore the Afrikacentric Way we look at the world and experience the World and Life with our own Continental AfrikaEyes knowledge, direction, victory and happiness based on our Continental Afrikan Culture, Values, Traditions and Customs.

This explains why throughout all ages, every group of the Human Family has its own perspective of the world and life of which they are proud. Hence the Foreign perspective of the world is totally different from the Oriental perspective of life.

That means the way Japanese see and understand the world is totally different from the way the French or British see and react to life.

Because every group of people on earth is different and has its own unique way of responding and reacting to things in life.

This explains why, in the past, for a long time, Afrika led the world in the

development of a unique AfrikaPerspective that has survived over 3 million years.

Without this AfrikaPerspective which is the mother of today's different perspectives in life, there will be nothing like Foreign or Oriental perspectives for others to boast about today.

Thanks to this AfrikaPerspective, Afrikans in Ancient Afrika had one Afrikan

perspective of the world and life that united, strengthened and enriched their lives as one people.

It shows they are free, independent and intelligent enough as a people to create, develop and protect one Continental AfrikaPerspective based on their own Afrikan culture, traditions customs and unique.

For example, our one Continental AfrikaPerspective enables all Continental Afrikans to discover, know, interpret, understand and enjoy the world as one entity - a Family of different sacred and important beings linked together as human beings to support and complement each other as member of a chain.

Continental AfrikaPerspective also includes the knowledge and belief that all lives are both sacred and secular, spiritual and material.

It also consists of an authentic traditional Continental Afrikan view of the world that sees all children of Mother Continental Afrika as one-whole and irreplaceable.

It sees the Continental AfrikaWorld too as one, indivisible and whole entity based on the historical fact that all Continental Afrikans originated from one place called Continental Afrika.

That all Continental Afrikans once lived together as one Family in Continental Afrika.

That all Continental Afrikans once spoke one Continental Afrikan language, practiced one Continental Afrikan religion, lived and worked together for the good of all first as a family, a clan, village, city, nation, kingdom and Empire which became duplicated all over Continental Afrika and outside Continental Afrika.

This one Continental AfrikaPerspective or world view also taught Continental Afrikans that for 3 million years, Continental Afrika was the only super-power of the world.

For a long time, Continental Afrika reigned as the sole Mother of Humanity, teaching the world how to create and use language, how to invent and use fire, how to discover and use agriculture to satisfy our hunger, how to develop and use tools, to solve Human Beings' problems on earth.

This one Continental AfrikaPerspective of the world also makes Continental Afrika the center or cradle of today's world.

Hence, what we call today religion, science, technology, arts, crafts, education, language, nationhood, Government, democracy, family, rule of law, marriage, clothes, houses, medicine etc. all originated from Continental Afrika.

All are Mother Continental Afrika's immortal gifts to Humanity.

Without the wisdom, intelligence, brain power, mind power, and values of Mother Continental Afrika, today's world will still be a child in the womb of time.

Thanks to this one Continental Afrikan view of the world and life, Continental Afrikans were more united in working together in peace and harmony in solving common issues affecting them.

They could understand themselves quicker and better because each knew where others were coming from.

They cooperated easier and faster with one another as members of one Continental Afrikan Family with one Continental AfrikaPerspective and interests to defend and promote.

Life was problem free since their unity and direction in life provided them with the collective power, will, and a common Continental Afrikan base to solve all their problems as they arose.

Without Continental AfrikaPperspective as the world First and Oldest Perspective on Earth, there will not be today, Western, French, British, German, Arab , Chinese, Japanese or Jewish perspectives of the world and life to enable them to look at the world and life from their own Perspectives or with their own Eyes or Points of View instead of with or through the eyes of others or someone else .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *,

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