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In Continental Afrika, for example, the loss of Continental AfrikaPersonality, togetherness, oneness and unity as a people with one common origin is ensured and guaranteed by the colonial divisions of the continent into various foreign spheres of influence falsely called "African" states.

And the more we allow our oneness as Continental Afrikans fragmented, the more weak and dependent we become on those who divide to conquer us.

And the more divided, powerless and dependent we become, the more dominated, exploited, controlled and used we become as one Continental Afrikan people.

Our Continental AfrikaPersonality is suffering today because our land and people have lost their wholeness, totality and unity to support and promote our interests in unity.

In the same way, our togetherness as Continental Afrikan people is also under siege in Continental Afrika because Continental Afrikans are no more Continental Afrikans.

Colonialism has deprived them of their ancient sense of unity and oneness as Continental Afrikans.

Even if it is time that ignorance, force and fear have kept Continental Afrikans divided, it is also time that we have been divided as a people to keep us from knowing and living as Continental Afrikans.

States in Continental Afrika today have been created and protected to prevent Continental Afrikans from working together.

All because they are the expression of colonialism based on the divide to conquer principle meant to serve and guarantee "white" power and supremacy.

That is why the more "African" leaders and elite spend all their expertise, resources, time and energy not on the development of their people but on preserving the colonial integrity of our foreign created, foreign-controlled states in Continental Afrika.

The task of keeping together or united the deliberately divided and antagonistic elements in each colonized/neo-colonized states in Continental Afrika is so huge, so complex, and time/energy consuming that there is no more time, energy or resources left for the real issues facing the people of Continental Afrika.

Hence, the more "Nigeria" tries to keep Nigeria united, the more the various pre-colonial Afrikan nations of Yoruba, Ibos and Hausa affirm their right to self-determination.

The same is true with all other states in Continental Afrika brought together by force or ruse to promote not Continental Afrikan but Foreign development and prosperity in Continental Afrika.

This explains why Foreign created , dominated , controlled and exploited states in Continental Afrika are anti-Continental Afrikan, anti-Continental Afrikan oneness and anti-Continental Afrikan development and prosperity.

Because they exist to keep Continental Afrikans busy as Nigerians, Togolese, Zambians, etc. so as to make them forget they all originate from one place called Continental Afrika.

They exist to promote colonial identities rather than Continental Afrikan identity and oneness of all Continental Afrikans.

Since their creation, Continental Afrikans have been forced or programmed into thinking and believing that they are "Nigerians," Congolese, Camerounais, etc. rather than Continental Afrikans.

That is why when Continental Afrikans from Gabon meet Continental Afrikans from Algeria or Kenya they treat each other as strangers or aliens rather than as Afrikan bros and sisters .

Nigeria, in the same way could expel Togolese or Beninois from Nigeria because they are considered "aliens."

Hence, most leaders in Continental Afrika exist today because of their total commitment to the protection and preservation of the colonial boundaries and order in Continental Afrika that have kept Continental Afrikans permanently fragmented, dependent , dominated, controlled and exploited by outside forces and their well-rewarded and protect gatekeepers in power for them all over the Continent .

The few of them who tried to change the status quo have been removed from power to warn others they will suffer the same fate if they do the same thing.

The people who should have been the guarantors of our Continental Afrikan oneness and unity have been successfully excluded from the day-to-day affairs of the "new" governments that only cater for English/French/Portuguese/Arab speakers in Continental Afrika.

That is why, even though both leaders/elite and the people of Continental Afrika know the present political, economic and social colonial/neocolonial fragmentation of the continent is doing them more harm than good, none of them has the Continental Afrikan unity, courage, will, vision, commitment, perseverance, faith, and hope to save our oneness as Continental Afrikans from further extinction.

That is why the "unity" the organization of Continental Afrikan Unity now turned into African Union is allowed to preserve, can only be colonial, pro-status quo and never Continental Afrikan.

In the same way, their imposed colonial/Foreign languages exist in Continental Afrika today to deprive us of our linguistic unity as Continental Afrikans.

Because the more we speak English/French/Portuguese/Arab, the more we substitute them for our various pre-colonial Continental Afrikan languages that have kept us together as Continental Afrikans for ages.

The more we make them " African" the more we forget to create, develop and have our own Continental Afrikan language to unify, empower, protect and guarantee our Oneness as Continental Afrikans.

The more we develop, master, polish , use and rely heavily on these colonial foreign languages , the less resources we have in developing our own Continental Afrikan language.

The more we learn and try to excel in them, the quicker we lose our own native Afrikan languages.

The more we use them the more slaves and dependents we become of these foreign languages that exist to remind us we are nothing without them.

And the more we insult ourselves by speaking to each other in Foreign/colonial languages, the more Westernized, Arabanized and Jewicized Africans spelt with a “ c” we become and them more we turn ourselves into their photocopies .

And since no matter how hard we try, we can never speak better these colonial languages than their natives, the continuous use of these foreign languages can only lock us in an inferiority box vis-a-vis our " colonial language owners and masters."

And because we speak their languages , it becomes easier for these colonial language masters/powers to make allies of us to promote their colonial/neocolonial interests against the interests of our people in Continental Afrika.

For example, the French-speaking Afrika takes pride in the lie or illusion that they are more pro-Western and more assimilated than Anglophone counterparts .

They see this as a sign of civilization and prosperity in Continental Afrika.

In this regard, they turn to look down upon the rest of Continental Afrika as not too westernized enough which to them means, too "backward," "uncivilized" and "underdeveloped."

While the non-French-speaking world of Continental Afrika considers them too Yes master to France and everything France wants in Afrika.

The English speaking Continental Afrika thinks she is better than the Portuguese-speaking and vice-versa.

The Arab-speaking Continental Afrika thinks they are more "civilized" or more "developed" than the rest of Continental Afrika while the rest of Continental Afrika dismisses them as nothing but Photocopies of the Arab or ARABANIZED AFRIKANS who out of self-ignorance are calling themselves Arabs which they are not .

In other words, contrary to expectations, foreign languages do not exist in Continental Afrika to promote our oneness and development.

They exist to lock us in invisible colonial linguistic prisons or iron walls from which it is difficult if not impossible to escape.

Today's Continental Afrika's wealth, government and privileges belong only to those who can master these foreign languages.

The 70 percent of our Continental Afrikan population which does not speak these colonial languages are totally excluded and disinherited from the National Dialogue and Cake as a way of destroying any unity between the Foreignized leadership and their masses in Continental Afrika.

Hence, those who speak these colonial languages, tend to look down upon the masses who cannot speak them.

They are called “ illiterate “ which to them means, "ignorant," "unintelligent," "incapable" and "underdeveloped."

All because they refuse to become slaves to foreign languages and ways of life that are totally Anti-AfrikaWay of Life and Being .

Even among speakers of these foreign languages, there is a serious disunity or linguistic discrimination.

Those who speak English think of the rest of non-English-speaking Continental Afrika as "inferior" simply because they cannot speak English.

The French-speaking Continental Afrikans think of the rest of non-French speaking Continental AfrikaWorld as "inferior" simply because they cannot speak French.

The same thing is with the Arab and Portuguese-speaking Continental Afrikans.

All because those who speak French think French is better than any other languages including their own Afrikan languages.

Those who speak English think English should become the lingua Franca for the entire continent because they think English is the best language in the world.

In this way, those who speak French see themselves as French trained and rewarded by France to promote the French language and French ways of doing things in Continental Afrika.

That is why in the French speaking world, all Afrikan languages have been sacrificed for the glory and strength of the French language.

That is why before any major conference or decision in Continental Afrika, 99% of our pro-France and Anti-Continental Afrikan leaders vote according to what Paris, London/Washington, Madrid, or Arab countries want them to do.

The linguistic brainwashing has been so thorough that for years, Native Traditional Afrikans in pro-USA Liberia and pro-UK Sierra Leone were excluded from power and the national wealth in Liberia and Sierra Leone simply because they cannot speak "good/correct" English.

Elsewhere, even among the elite, those who speak "British" English or "Parisian" French etc. get better jobs, better salaries and better privileges than their counterparts who speak "Nigerian" English or "Ivorian" French for example.

In conclusion, foreign languages in Continental Afrika today have not been imposed on Continental Afrikans to ensure their unity and oneness.

They exist to keep us divided linguistically and to prevent us from working together as One Continental AfrikaPeople with One Continental AfrikaLanguage/Lingua Franca to Unify, bring us together, Empower, Liberate, Develop, Enrich , Protect , Defend and Promote our Continental AFRIKARight, Interest, Desire , Cause and Needs in the world .

In the same way, Continental Afrikans are the most fragmented people on earth in terms of religious disunity and discrimination.

In the name of colonial and alien religions, Continental Afrikans have been kept divided religiously as a way of destroying their religious oneness as Continental Afrikans.

For example, Continental Afrikans who call themselves Christians consider non-Christian Afrikans as "lost," "Pagan," "barbaric," "uncivilized" and "backward" who badly need to be saved by their Foreign Jewish Savior they call Jesus .

Non-Christian Continental Afrikan world, especially the Traditional one, considers the Christians in Continental Afrika as a "sell-out," "traitors" and "stooges” of Foreign religions that exist at the expense of our Continental AfrikaReligion of AFRIKANITY .

As far as they are concerned, Christians in Continental Afrika have traded their Continental AfrikaReligion and their Afrikaconept of the Creator, Religion, Spiritology , etc Alien/colonial/neocolonial Judeo/Western/Arab concepts and practices of Religion, the Creator, Heaven, etc .

To those Arabanized Africans who call themselves Moslems, the non-Moslem Continental AfrikaWorld is lost and must be saved by their Arab-created and Arab-controlled Creator they call and experience as Allah and not in their Afrikan Languages considered unholy or unclean but only in the Arabic language of the Arabs considered the holy language of Allah .

The same lie the Catholic told for over five hundred years that only their Christian God can only speak to Afrikan Christians not in their Afrikan Languages considered UNPURE languages but only in the White man's Language called Latin considered holy language of their Christina God WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE NOT TRUE TODAY BUT SIMPLY A BIG LIE IN THE NAME OF THEIR CHRISTIAN GOD

And yet in spite of all the Money and Television and Radio at the disposal of the Christian and Moslem Africans to turn the Continent into Christian/Western and Moslem/Islam/Arab religious Colonies for easy domination , control and exploitation of their Yes-Master Christianized and Islamized Afrikan s , it is a Miracle to hear and know that still HALF of today's Total Continental Afrikan have SUCCESSFULLY RESISTED ALL ATTEMPTS TO CHRISTIANIZE/WESTERNIZE AND ISLAMIZE/ARABANIZE them .


This is so because, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Religion of AFRIKANITY is the world's First and Oldest Religion on earth and from which Judaism came , then, from Judaism we have Christianity and from Christianity, we have Islam .


That means, anytime any of our Christian or Moslem Afrikan , out of mere ignorance , says their Foreign religion is better than their own Afrikan Religion they know little or nothing of, they are repeating nothing but a Foreign and Arab Religious LIES meant to sell their Foreign Religions to Afrikans at the expense of their one and only Continental AfrikaReligion as the one and Only MOTHER of all today's Religions we have become dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to .

This is so because just as it is impossible for a child to claim superiority over his/her parents, so also both Christianity and Islam cannot teach Continental Afrika, their Mother, what the true religion or the Creator is.

Hence, it stands to reason that Continental/Diaspora Afrikans/Islanders did not and still do not need either Christianity or Islam to "save" them from the Very Mother Religion that gave birth to them in the first place and which they dismiss as "paganism," "fetishism" or "religious loss."

If anything, Continental AfrikaReligion we now call AFRIKANITY should be WAKING THEM UP FROM THEIR DEEP RELIGIOUS SLUMBER THEIR FOREIGN RELIGIONS HAVE PUT THEM AND SAVING THEM THE HELL AND CURSE OF FOLLOWING, ACCEPTING, BELIEVING AND PRACTISING FOREIGN RELIGIONS which are at best nothing but a DEFORMATION OR A COUNTERFEIT of the True, Original, Spirit-based and Divine-Oriented Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaReligion of AFRIKANITY they know little or nothing of .

Evidence in support of the above thesis lies in the fact that in spite of all the aggressive campaigns to Christianize or Islamize Continental Afrikans, Afrikanity is still practiced by half of the total Continental Afrikan population.

The remaining half is split by both Christianity and Islam.

Even those Africans who call themselves Moslems and Christians always go back secretly to Afrikanity for relief and solution to problems and illnesses which none of their alien religions or science can solve for them .

This proves that no matter our excuses or rationalizations, the true Continental Afrikan worth the name cannot be a Moslem or Christian simply because today's Christianity exists to Westernize us while Islam exists to Arabanize or turn us into their Photocopies in the name of fake alien religions we are programmed to die for as our own .

Afrikanity on the other hand , exists to Afrikanize us and to strengthen us as Continental Afrikans.

No matter the present religious disunity and discrimination among Continental Afrikans , our religious unity and prosperity via Afrikanity is a must and inevitable.

Furthermore, political disunity and discrimination among Continental Afrikans makes us the most politically divided people on earth.

For example, most if not all the English-speaking Continental Afrikan countries think British/Western form of government and democracy is the best in the world.

Hence their zeal and commitment to the preservation of British/ Foreign created and controlled political, economic and social boundaries, systems, institutions, policies and values inherited from their colonial masters at the time of "independence."

The French speaking Continental Afrika also have kept their French/Western imposed boundaries, systems, institutions, policies and values that exist to keep Continental Afrikans divided, dependent and powerless.

Those who see themselves as "Arabs" in Continental Afrika are busy promoting governments, systems, institutions, policies and values based on Islam.

In the same way, the English-speaking part of Continental Afrika patterns its social and economic systems, institutions, policies and values on the British social and economic models.

Those who call themselves French or Arab in Continental Afrika also pattern their social and economic systems and institutions on French and Islam models.

The same thing applies to those who call themselves Portuguese-speaking Africans.

In other words, while the present leadership and elite in Continental Afrika are busy protecting, consolidating and enriching alien political, economic and social boundaries, systems, institutions etc., they have no time, energy or resources left to create, develop and promote our own pre-colonial Continental Afrikan states, nation-states, systems, institutions, etc. that have kept us together for over three Million years as a people.

That means our present acceptance and protection of the very social, economic and political boundaries, states, systems, institutions and models that exist to keep us SEPARATED FROM ONE ANOTHER , IGNORANT OF EACH OTHER AND KEEP US FIGTHING AMONG OURSELVES SO THAT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO LOOK OUR CONTINENTAL AFRIKARESOURCES, WEALTH AND RICHES , can only be a criminal act against the salvation of our people.

Besides, ideologically too, Continental Afrikans are also the most divided in the world.

In the name of communism, a non-Communist Afrikan will not work with or talk to another Continental Afrikan because he/she is a capitalist.

In the name of capitalism, another Socialist Afrikan will have nothing to do with other Continental Afrikans because he/she is a Capitalist .

This explains why brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, Angola, Mozambique etc. are busy killing each other because they differ ideologically.

While the very colonial powers who indoctrinated them into these foreign ideologies know how to bury their differences in defense of their common interests as a people, most Continental Afrikan ideologues will do everything to promote their divisive alien ideologies in Continental Afrika than promote their Continental Afrikan Ideology of AFRIKAFIDODO for their Benefit as ONE CONTINENTAL AFRIKAPEOPLE WITH ONE CONTINENTAL AFRIKADESTINY TO RECLAIM, DEVELOP AND PROMOTE FOR THE GREATER GOOD .

They have been so ideologically addicted, so enslaved, so dependent and so brainwashed by these foreign ideologies that they forget the basic fact and truth that Continental Afrika as the Mother of today's ideologies does not need no foreign ideologies to "save" and "develop" her.

That Continental Afrikan Ideology which we call Continental Afrikanism or AFRIKAFIDODO is the only one all Continental Afrikans need and must use to save ourselves from the havoc of foreign ideologies that exist to destroy our ideological unity and development as Continental Afrikans.

But fortunately for Continental Afrikans, all is not totally lost.

The entire traditional Continental Afrika is still peopled by three-quarters of the total Continental Afrikan population that are totally united by their adherence and practice of traditional Continental Afrikan Culture, Customs, and Values.

Unlike their "lost" or "Westernized" or Arabanized or Islamized or Christianized Africans spelt with a “ c” , 99% of our today's Traditional Continental Afrikans still KNOW THEY ARE ALL ONE AS ONE AFRIKAPEOPLE expressed as Afrika n Zulu, Akan, Ashanti, Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Ewe, Berber, Mandingo, Bantu, Kongo, etc.

In the name of their ONENESS as Continental Afrikans, they have refused also to sell themselves, their Continental Afrikan institutions and systems to the "white" powers.

They do not consider themselves better, superior and more intelligent than those in the cities and capitals just because they have become uprooted or are losing contact with their Continental AfrikaOnenes, Root, Origin, History, Heritage, Identity, Oneness and Power.

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