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Continental AfrikaHeritage crisis like the Root crisis is another serious concern facing the Continental AfrikaWorld today.

All groups of the Human Family except our today's Foreignized Continental /Diaspora Afrikans, treasure so much their Ancestral heritages and will do everything within their power to preserve and pass them on to their future generations.

Our today's pre-slavery and pre-colonial Continental AfrikaHeritage which includes our Authentic and Positive AfrikaHeritage from Ancient to Traditional is under siege.

Slavery and colonialism both at Home and Abroad have succeeded in depriving Continental Afrikans of their glorious and precious Continental Afrikan Heritage.

As far as our slave and colonial masters and their stooges are concerned, there is nothing like Continental AfrikaHeritage, since before them, Continental Afrikans were no human beings, they falsely conclude, they could not have anything worth preserving called Heritage.

Even when they were forced by history to accept Continental Afrikans as human beings, they still relegate or reject all their past glories as "barbaric" and "uncivilized."

In this way, they were able to program Continental Afrikans into rejecting or ignoring or looking down on their Continental AfrikaHeritage.

In its place, they impose on Continental Afrikans foreign/alien heritages that exist to prevent Continental Afrikans from recognizing or assuming their own Continental AfrikaHeritage.

In today's Continental Afrika, the systematic replacement of Continental AfrikaHeritage with alien/foreign/slave/colonial/neocolonial heritages is considered an act of "civilization" and "modernity."

For example, many are the "scholars" in Continental Afrika who still talk of slave , colonial/neocolonial heritages in terms of Foreign-style schools, hospitals, streets, cities, nations, English, French, Portuguese, vehicles, airplanes,

telephones, radios, television, writing, reading, etc.

As far as they are concerned, without slavery/colonialism, Continental Afrika could not have been "civilized" and made "modern" by her having any of the above today's amenities of life. Which is false.

All because, to talk of the Genocide of slavery/colonialism/neocolonialism as a “ heritage to be proud of , preserve is to justify the unjustifiable which are basically , Arab/Western/Jewish Rapes of Mother Continental Afrika.

With or without slavery/colonialism , Continental Afrikans are capable of improving upon their lives with all or any of the above amenities got through slavery/colonialism/neocolonialism .

Just as we Continental Afrika were able to achieve the world's First Status of Cradle of Humanity and Mother of World's Civilizations at the time there were no White, no Arab and no Jew to “ help” do so, in the same way, we Continental Afrikans could have found the AfrikaWay to build a better Continental AfrikaParadise World for the benefit of all our People without the help or assistance or guidance from Arab, Foreign and Jewish Invaders and Looters of our Continental AfrikaRiches and the Destroyers of our Continental AfrikaSelf-knowledge, Pride, Dignity and Ability to know, believe, accept , trust and rely on ourselves as Continental Afrikans with the Mighty Continental AfrikaMeans, Resources, Ability, Capability to Solve our Problems continentally and for the benefit of all Continental Afrikans.

Hence, to talk also of the invisible Genocide of Arab/Western/Jewish Slavery/colonialism/neocolonialism in terms of “ heritage” is like thanking them for coming to "civilize" and "develop" or "help" "barbaric" Continental Afrika.

There is only Arab/Western/Jewish slave/Colonial/Neocolonial curse, chaos, confusion and sufferings left behind be slave and colonial masters throughout Continental Afrika.

All because colonial powers did not come to Continental Afrika to build but destroy everything that made us strong, united and proud Continental Afrikans.

They did not come to Continental Afrika to give us anything we value as Continental Afrikans but to take away everything that belongs to Continental Afrika. They did not come to Continental Afrika to "civilize" but "uncivilize" Continental Afrika.

They did not come to Continental Afrika to educate Continental Afrikans but to miseducate them.

They did not come to Continental Afrika to develop but to underdevelop her.

They came to make Continental Afrika divided rather than united, dependent rather than independent, weak rather than strong, poor rather than rich, miseducated rather than educated, sick rather than healthy, powerless rather than powerful, miserable rather than happy, etc.

In short, the "white" Man is not in Continental Afrika out of love for Continental Afrika. He is in Continental Afrika out of necessity. He is in Continental Afrika for his interests and interests alone.

Whatever he did and still does in Continental Afrika is to guarantee and ensure the protection of his interests in Continental Afrika.

Hence, any time a white "gives" Continental Afrika one cent, it is because he knows he will get hundred cents out of it.

Whatever the slave and colonial masters brought to Continental Afrika yesterday or today are there to promote not the interests of Continental Afrikans but their own interests.

And to continue calling these Continental Afrika's Western/colonial heritage is to say the least play the "white" Man game in Continental Afrika.

In the same way, there is nothing like Moslem/Islam Heritage in Continental Afrika.

Arabs like Europeans were and are still in Continental Afrika to promote their Arab interests.

Whatever we get from them in the process is not done out of love for Continental Afrika.

Arabs, like Foreign powers, are not in Continental Afrika to "develop" or "save" Continental Afrika.

They are in Continental Afrika to create allies that will protect their Arab interests in Continental Afrika.

Whatever they leave behind can only be Arab to preserve Arab influence and interests in Continental Afrika. And we cannot call this Arab Heritage.

For example, Foreign powers left behind Christianity to ensure and guarantee the Westernization of Continental Afrikans in the name of "a universal impartial religion" called Christianity.

They also left behind colonial/Western states, systems, institutions, boundaries, policies and values to promote and guarantee their interests in Continental Afrika.

Likewise their "modern" amenities, "foreign aids," trade, investments, etc. in Continental Afrika are there to promote first and foremost Western/colonial interests.

They are not done out of love for Continental Afrika. They are not in Continental Afrika to "save" or develop her to profit them at all cost.

A "heritage" that does not profit Continental Afrika is not Continental Afrikan and therefore cannot be called Continental Afrikan Heritage.

In the same manner, Arabs left Islam in Continental Afrika to Arabanize Continental Afrikans.

That is to turn Continental Afrikans into Arabs. This explains why Arab countries give "aids" only to countries in Continental Afrika with "Moslem " population or who are willing to have one.

This explains why it is easier to get million and million of dollars in "Arab foreign aids" to build Mosque in any part of Continental Afrika today than get "aids" for food, shelter, medicine, etc. for the people of Continental Afrika.

Hence, there is nothing like Continental Afrika's Arab/Moslem/Islam Heritage as some confused leading "Continental Afrikan" scholars and leaders will like us believe.

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