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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

And yet, when it comes to today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikan world, a tree, a goat, or fish is more intelligent than us when it comes to knowing who we are.

In Continental Afrika for example, colonialism has succeeded in depriving most Continental Afrikans of their Continental AfrikaIdentity.

As far as colonial powers and their puppets in today's Continental Afrika are concerned, being Continental Afrikan is "barbaric," "savage," "uncivilized," backward," "underdeveloped," "crude," "unpolished," "anti-manners," "anti-progress," and "anti-modernization."

For one hundred years, Continental Afrikans have been brainwashed, conditioned and programmed into rejecting themselves as Continental Afrikans.

Majority of Continental Afrikans, to be called "modern" or "civilized" ended believing the "White" man's lies about them. The more they reject themselves as Continental Afrikans, the more applauds and promotions they get from their "White" masters.

That is why today in Continental Afrika it is a taboo if not a treason for anyone to dare talk or think of replacing our present colonial identities with our Continental Afrikan identity.

For example, "Nigerian Identity" is nothing more than a colonial/Western identity imposed on us in Nigeria.

By naming part of Continental Afrika "Nigeria" they prevent Continental Afrikans there called the Yorubas, the Ibos, the Hausas etc. from living and referring to themselves as Afrikans -Ibos, Yorubas or Hausas. As far as colonial powers and their puppets are concerned, it is more "civilized" and more "modern" to replace our Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa etc. identities which are Continental Afrikan identity with "White"-made identity "Nigeria."

This explains why throughout Continental Afrika today, lost if not all our AfrikaIdentities such as Zulu, Ashanti, Ewe, etc. have been replaced by Western/White/Arab/Jewish created and "White"-imposed and "White"-protected identities such as "Togolese," "Zambians," "Nigerians," "Kenyans," "Tanzanians," etc.

Most if not all of our today's "leaders" and "scholars" have accepted as a fait accompli the LIE of the “ superiority" of today's existing colonial identities over the "inferiority" or "inadequacy" of our pre-colonial Continental Afrikaidentity.

Hence, as far as we know, few if not anybody dares question the illegality and unconstitutionality of replacing our Continental AfrikaIdentity with foreign-made identities.

It will be considered "unthinkable," "a folly" or "anti-scholastic" for any Continental Afrikan scholar or leader to suggest the replacement of our present colonial identities with an Continental Afrikaidentity.

All because, to our present leaders in Continental Afrika, everything done by the "White" is perfect. It is an honour to bear the "White" Man identity or label.

It is a sign of "civilization," "acceptance," "interest," "promotion" and "recognition" of Continental Afrikans by their White masters for bearing so proudly their colonial identities.

As far as our present leaders are concerned, to be called "Tanzanians," "Sudanese," "Cameroonais," "Gabonese," "South Africans," etc. is to become "civilized," "modern" or "progressive."

Our Desire, Zeal and determination to cling on to these colonial identities just because they-are "White"-made is so serious that most if not all the leaders of "modern" countries today will do anything to keep intact their colonial identities.

Even though we as well as they know very well that colonial identities are nothing but colonial.

They have been imposed on us to prevent Continental Afrikan from knowing, recognizing, accepting and honouring their Continental AfrikaIdentity as others do.

They also exist as classical evidence of the "White" man's lies that Continental Afrikans prefer and love "White" identities to their own.

And as long as we Naively and foolishly ling on to meaningless, obsolete and imported identities as God-ordained, we guarantee the transformation of ourselves as Continental Afrikans into "White" stooges, puppets, dependents, inferior and good-for-nothing "White" counterfeits, and photocopies.

Our zeal, eagerness and love to continuously defend and protect imposed colonial identities that exist purposely to destroy our Continental Afrikan identities are signs of blind submission to and admiration of the false supremacy and superiority over us.

Our belief and love for the "White" Man is so real that none of us, past and present, saw or see nothing fundamentally wrong with naming Liberia's capital "Monrovia" after President Monroe of USA.

That means, as far as the founding fathers of Liberia and their present generations were concerned, there was/is no Continental Afrikan on earth who was/is more important, more useful, more generous to them to deserve being named after their capital than a white President.

But we know and they know that "White" support for the creation of Liberia was done solely to protect and advance not Continental Afrikan interests in Liberia but "White" interests in Liberia and Continental Afrika.

In other words, whenever "White" Man "helps" us in Continental Afrika, it is to protect and promote first and foremost "White" interests.

Our interests as Continental Afrikans as far as the "White" Man is concerned are secondary at best or unimportant at worst.

And yet for our selfish and personal interests, we callously and tragically continue to cling on and adore "White aids" even if we know they are nothing but sugar-coated poisons , meant to reward their Yes-master and Foreign-created, dominated, controlled and used Elite in power for them all over the Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld to serve NOT THE INTERESTS OF THEIR PEOPLE BUT TO SERVE , GUARANTEE, PROMOTE, PERPETUATE AND JUSTIFY THE NEOCLONIAL INTERESTS, CAUSES AND NEEDS OF THEIR FOREIGN CREATORS AND PROTECTORS .

So, we hold on to our "White”, Arab and Jewish identities even though we know as a people they exist to prevent us from having and enjoying our own created Continental Afrikan Identity.

We continue to praise these relics of "White" Man domination and exploitation on the soil of our Motherland.

Simply because deep down in our hearts, we do not want to displease our "White " or 'Arab” or “ Jewish allies, friends, donors or partners” by not replacing their " crumbs gifts" to us with our own Continental AfrikaLoaf WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WE HAVE LET ALONE CAN MAKE FOR OUR FREEDOM FROM THEIR POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CRUMBS, LEFTOVERS AND SURPLUSES TO WHICH WE HAVE BECOME ADDICTED , ENSLAVED BY AND DEPENDENT ON AND WHICH WE HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO HAIL AS AND DIE FOR AS OUR “ DEVELOPMENT, PROGRESS OR CHANGE”

We do not feel capable or intelligent enough to undo what the "superior" White have done to us, even if they are causing us more harm than good.

We do not believe we can come out with a better identity to support us positively as Continental Afrikans because we believe we are "inferior," "less intelligent," "less smart," "less creative" and "less daring" than our "White masters."

A classical example of this lies in the fact that it took less than few army zealots say, "ten," from Britain, France, Germany and later Portuguese to lock an entire Continental Afrikan population of 200 million inhabitants in 1884 into wicked and destructive "White boundaries and identities" for, 100 years and still counting.

That is why today's pro-status quo Leaders in power prefer to work to protect and preserve the colonial/neo-colonial status quo and world orders instead of working together to free their people from their evil domination, control and exploitation .

That is why up till now the majority of leaders in today's Continental Afrika still believe they are not "smart enough or intelligent enough" to redraw the colonial map of Continental Afrika.

Hence, to save their own skins, all of them have to pledge to their "White" masters absolute respect and protection of the integrity of the colonial territories and boundaries inherited from their "White" masters at the time of their "independence."

In other words, the majority of leaders in our today's Continental Afrika do not simply believe they have the Power and intelligence to offer a better "gift" to Continental Afrika or do "a better job" than what their "White" masters in their infinite wisdom and intelligence have already done and generously bequeathed them in gratitude to their devotion and commitment to the protection of the "White" order in "modern” Continental Afrika.

To them as the MAIN BENEFICIARIES OF THE EXISTING COLONIAL/NEOCOLIAL ORDER IN CONTINENTAL AFRIKA, it does not matter whether the present colonial status quo they are "paid" to supervise are "White" or not.

It does not matter to them whether the present "White" boundaries are violating the rights of their pre-colonial Continental Afrikan nations and people to self-determination.

It does not matter to them whether the existing colonial boundaries are violating the rights of Continental Afrikans to free movement of people, ideas , goods and services, to promote Continental Afrika's unity, cooperation, development and prosperity.

As far as our present leaders are concerned, it is safer, better and less risky for them as individuals and profiteers of the present colonial/neocolonial order to leave things as they are. And this alone shows how much reverence, love, respect and fear even our leaders have vis-a-vis the "White" Man and his "gifts" to a Continental Afrika.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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