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Like their brothers and sisters in Continental Afrika, Diaspora Afrikans through slavery have also been forced to live in foreign/alien created world, state, systems etc. meant to deprive them of their Continental AfrikaWorld Order, Culture, Value System, Perspective, Mentality and Ways of Life, Being and Success in Life as AFRIKANS in USA, Europe and the Islands .

For 500 years, Diaspora Afrikans in USA , Europe and in the Islands all over the world , have been deprived of the Pride, Dignity, Security and POWER of their Continental Afrikan Identity, Culture , Heritage, Root and History in their Foreignized environments they have been programmed to hail and die for as their homes, countries, nations and govts .

While others like Chinese for example were allowed to create and live in "Little China" or "Chinatown" in USA as a way of promoting and ensuring their cultural togetherness and survival, Diaspora Afrikans in USA were scattered and isolated from one another in a very hostile Western-created and Foreign directed world.

All because their slave masters believe, preach and have taught so well , the LIES of the inferiority and backwardness of their Continental AfrikaWorld and the Lie that Afrikans cannot do anything Big or Fantastic for their own benefit without outside help .

As far as they are concerned, the place they came from was too "barbaric" and too "uncivilized" to be preserved in USA and elsewhere. And since they believed and taught the superiority of the "White"/Western World, everything was done to force Diaspora Afrikans to reject their Continental AfrikaWorld and accept instead the "White" man's world as a better and more civilized world to live in .

This job was so well done that by the time the Afrikan slaves were officially "set free" in USA, most of them have totally lost their Continental AfrikaWorld in USA.

Consequently, Diaspora Afrikans in USA have become the only people on earth without their own created Continental AfrikaWorld and Environment to grow in.

While the Japanese, the Chinese, the Russians, the British, the French, the Germans, the Italians, etc and the "White" populations in USA are allowed to live in their own created natural environment based on their own cultures and values, Diaspora Afrikans in USA live outside and not inside their Continental AfrikaWorld and environment.

This explains why few streets, cities, towns or states in USA are named after Afrikan streets, cities, towns and states.

At the same time, so many USA streets, cities, towns, or states are named after German, French, Irish, Anglo, Dutch, Swiss , Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc names, streets, cities, towns or states. This is not accident. Anything from the Continental AfrikaWorld is considered "barbaric" and should not have a place in a "civilized" USA.

Anything from the "white" world is readily accepted if not tolerated by the Foreign authorities.

By condemning Diaspora Afrikans to accept, prefer and live in Alien/Western/Anglo world instead of in their own Afrikan world and environment , their Foreign Creators in USA and elsewhere have ensured and guaranteed their invisible White Domination, control and exploitation as de-Afrikanized Afrikans who die daily and gladly to be who and what they are not while they fight , ignore , ridicule and reject any efforts to reconnect them to their Continental AfrikaWorld which alone can make them whole and true Afrikans in White USA .

Evidence to substantiate our thesis is not difficult to find. For example, Diaspora Afrikans of USA are the only people on earth who love so much the very land that they hate so much.

All Diaspora Afrikans in USA know USA is a basically White world created by the White to promote White interests in USA. All because, the Founding Fathers of this country were all White.

No Diaspora Afrikans in USA at the time were invited to the meetings. In fact, as far as the Founding Fathers of this country were concerned, Diaspora Afrikans of USA were mere properties and not human beings.

When they said, "We the people," they only meant White people. Diaspora Afrikans, Indians and even "White" women were excluded.

For a long time, USA constitution considered "freedom charter for Humanity" was only for White supremacy and interests.

And yet, when the War of Independence broke out, we were told the first human being to die for the freedom of the White world in USA was a Diaspora Afrikan!

When the Civil War broke out, we were told without the bravery and deaths of our Diaspora Afrikans of USA, the North could not have been able to win the war over the South.

The love of Diaspora Afrikans for their White world (that has for so long rejected and denied them their basic human rights) is so great that the majority of Diaspora Afrikans in USA will do anything including dying gladly and with pride for White America. And the more the White world rejects and despises them, the more determined our Diaspora Afrikans in USA become in claiming the White world as theirs. This explains why Dr. Martin Luther King has to die for "Blacks" to be "accepted" by the White world - as human beings. In spite of four hundred years of "Black" sweat, labor, sufferings and deaths that built White America, "Blacks" in USA are still the most deprived, the most impoverished, the most hated, the most despised, the most rejected, the most disinherited, the most homeless, the most hungry, the most sick etc people of all peoples in USA today.

Four hundred of years of begging and knocking at the door of White America by "Black" America were not enough to have a "Black" Presidential candidate elected into the White House in spite of his qualifications for the job. Four hundred years of fighting and dying for their rights as "Black Americans" cannot erase the painful fact that USA today in spite of all the reforms and changes is basically a White world. All its past and present Presidents are White. All its decision-makers are White.

Those who control power in USA today are mostly White. The country's ministers are mostly White. In spite of our "First this," "First that," and in spite of our consolation that "we have come a long way," the painful truth is that "Blacks" in White America are still at the bottom of the American dream in a White world they love so much. Even the chosen privileged few "Blacks" who have made it do so only "by White world standard."

And yet, in our today's Foreignized , dominated and Controlled Continental AfrikaWorld and Islands, Woe betide any leader or scholar or people in any part of the Continent and its Islands who dares call for the total rejection and replacement of our today's Foreign world orders, status quo , boundaries , systems and institutions with our own created and controlled Continental Afrikan World Order Environment. They will either be condemned as taking Afrika back to Stone Age or as Terrorists , Trouble Makers, anti-African Progress people, Confusion Makers, Criminals , isolated, punished or removed from power or killed

The Few AfrikaCentric Continental AfrikaGovt oriented and outside the box Thinkers and Visionaries like President Kwame Nkrumah, Garvey, Sekou Toure, Modibo Keita, Fanon, Rodney, Continental AfrikaCentric leaders such as Marcus Garvey and Macolm X and many others were isolated, persecuted and killed for speaking the truth to "Blacks" on the need to replace their present imposed White world with their forgotten Continental Afrikan world. Continental AfrikaCentric scholars who try to re-write "Black" American history from "Afro-centric" point of view were and are still ignored and isolated, as a way of frustrating them. "Black" freedom movements and leaders who try to save "Blacks" from the exploitation of the "White" world were infiltrated, disbanded, killed, imprisoned for life as a way of keeping "Blacks" down in their present "White" world.

The few "Black" leaders who have survived the persecution or death like Minister Louis Farrakhan have to do so in guise of Islam. As long as it is not "Continental Afrikan cause" to disturb "law and order" and feasting of the White world, all is ok.

However, assuming that all is well with "Blacks" in White America. Even if "Blacks" get all their needs and wants fully met by White America, they will only be promoting the "White" supremacy and superiority and "Black" inferiority that says children of Mother Continental Afrika are too "backward" to create and live in their own created and directed Continental AfrikaWorld and environment.

Happy, free, and well-satisfied "Blacks" in White America will be a classical evidence for the "White" to say look at them. Without US and our White world and civilization, "Blacks" in the "White" world would still have been roaming in the jungle of Continental Afrika eating human flesh. A well civilized and well-developed "Blacks" in USA also means our belief in the slave and colonial lies that children of Continental Afrika cannot "prosper" or be called "developed," "successful" or "civilized" outside but only inside the White world. This explains why "Blacks" in USA and their brothers and sisters in Continental Afrika fear so much to lose the "White" world inherited from both slavery and Colonialism and will do anything to live in it.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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