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If this upwardly-mobile young man hadn't embraced the medics from the onset, chances are that he would have become one of the wave makers in the nation's thriving social circuit. Yes, Pharmacist Nnaemeka Onwadike is one of the silent but visible players in the arena who is contributing positively towards its growth.

As a health expert, however, one thing that puts him off is seeing young men and women look abnormal in their sizes. 'I feel bad and concerned when I see some people in their early ages looking disfigured. One must look structurally and physically fit to command respect. But pot bellies and obesity now plague the many as if it's fashionable.'

And to checkmate the ugly development, the Russian-trained health expert who 'paid his dues' at different places before setting up his own outfit, Navo Pharmacy in the heart of Ikeja, recently gathered the low and mighty for a bash tagged 'enlightenment and solution' party.

Although the traditional features of an African party - foods, drinks and music – were available, they only came in after a magic beverage called Richters, a herbal tea that, according to the host, makes one 'to feel and look good', had been served and savoured by all and sundry.

'When I returned to the country and noticed the worrisome trend, I felt there was an urgent need to curtail it. So, I contacted the makers in Germany. Richters is very efficacious, it stimulates the bowels movement and allows a healthy regularity, just as it enhances activity of the intestines and relieves discomfort. Many people have heaved a sigh of relief since its arrival and it's very affordable.'

With the kind of 'figure eight' he flaunts, many of the invitees could not resist having a 'take-away' of it and have relied on it ever since!