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Cross section of worshippers at the ongoing Festival of Power, an annual prayer crusade organized by the Wordbase Assembly in Okota, Lagos

General Overseer of Wordbase Assembly, Okota, Lagos, Bishop Humphrey Erumaka, has urged Nigerians to trust in God at this time that the nation is going through issues of fuel subsidy removal and the security problems occasioned by Boko Haram.

Erumaka gave the advice during a press conference on the ongoing church's Festival of Power Prayer Crusade with the theme: Oh! God Arise, which would run till January 15.

His words: 'Whenever iniquity abounds, there is more grace. So, in this state where the heart of men are failing them, God would show up on our behalf. Evidently, we are in the end-time. Part of the prophecy of the end-time is the limitation of human government. And that would make us to desire the heavenly government.

'I spoke on a message, which was distributed around this country so many years ago, that we live in a world, a city without foundation. All these atrocities and events make us desire for that city, which has foundation and whose maker and builder is God. If the earth and the earthly government become as perfect as we desire, we would not desire heaven.

'The Bible says if only in this world we have hope, we are among the men most miserable. It calls for all Christians to be aware that this world is not our home and that we have a better place in heaven. Even if on this earth, our earthly tabernacle is destroyed, we have a better place.'

On the crusade, which is the fourth edition, Erumaka explained that it is a time within the early days in January when the church opens its doors to everyone in the community and beyond to come and pray.

'We have a prayer ground that we open up for anybody, not minding the denominational inclination to come with his or her requests and pray. It is not a time for too much preaching, but to guide people to pray correctly.

'A lot of the things said today are not prayers at all. There are too many gatherings and vigils of hate where people instead of focusing on what God would do for them, they are interested in how God would kill their enemies. Holy Ghost is not an assassin and God is not a hired killer for anybody. God is more interested in what we are doing to advance than what the enemy is doing to stop us. These are the right teachings and so far the knowledge is sinking in and results are showing,' he stated.

Apart from Erumaka and his wife, Rev Huldah Erumaka, other ministers at the crusade are Rev (Dr) Uma Ukpai, Apostle Ibe Okenwa, Apostle Lawrence Achudume and Pastor Mike Nwimoh.

Also ministering are musicians like the Praise Channel, Stella Yamah and the church's choir, Voice of Resurrection.