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Senior Pastor, Celica Church of Christ, New Ife Road, Ibadan, Prophet Emmanuel Adetunji Adeonigbagbe, has said that God is ready to fight for Nigeria.

According to the cleric, Nigeria's ship is afloat.
His words: 'Nigeria's ship is afloat. Who will steer it to safety?'

The prophet predicted that in year 2012, 'Men of God, who got their power from the occult will be exposed. The 1000 years cycle of occult has been broken and it has caused a spiritual pollution in the atmosphere. This is the cause of the natural disaster, crisis and unexplainable illnesses globally.'

He explained that, 'Proverbially, water will dry up for the fish to swim as there will be bloodshed globally and unexplainable diseases caused by the broken power of evil forces.'

These occurrences would start from Jan 10, 2012, Adeonigbagbe stressed.

He further predicted that, 'Kogi State should be very careful to avert crisis; Advanced countries will have serious crisis; A notable king will pass away; There will be recession in Cocoa economy; Many churches will spring up for their own destruction; Many churches will die off when secrets are exposed; Fake men of God will deceive people with fake prophecies but they will be disgraced; There will be natural disaster, famine, drought, hunger, sickness and diseases globally; The Lord will walk through Nigeria n the Arab world to defend d citizens; For the Godly there will be blessings, joy and good fortune. They will start giving testimonies from March.'