Era of shock absorbers


With Eddie Ugbomah

The Federal and state governments have all developed thick skin and the only way to treat them is to continue shouting loud and clear about their failures. If they do anything good we will also praise them. For the past three years, the stakeholders in the movie industry have been complaining about the failures of the Nigerian Film Co-operation.

Who does not know that the Film Corporation is irrelevant without Productions in many ways. As for the Censors Board, all the four politically appointed advisers have all been converted into Directors. This is very illegal and it breaks the federal character policy. These men were dumped on the Censors Board and they have totally given the place a bad name.

They are made Directors because they transferred their services to the Censors Board and made Directors. Some of the seasoned civil servants they met made to mark time or retired. The Nollywood they meet, they have confused and destroyed everything and made matters worse for the movie industry. From project to projects, from idea to ideas, from plan to plans and they have failed.

To make matters worse, Prof. Akunyili is not making matters any better, her own Pa, Sa, Advisers have made sure she sees or read what they want her to see or read. After two visits, four letters, Prof. Akunyili gave her word through her Technical Adviser that she would come. They sent one Director from APON, Mr. Abimbola Ipoye who was not briefed, no written speech and to make matters worse, the officer could not commit the Minister during the unveiling and launching of the Gallery that was cost over three million naira and four years to assemble.

Nigerians don't just sit down while selected people provoke us to violence. We must keep on talking, complaining, correcting and advising them. The bad thing is that these Director Generals don't care to listen to any advice or criticism, they are so bold to tell you that you can shout or cry, you will be labeled as trouble maker and anti-federal government. I was made a promise by Senator Ayogu Eze and Hon Dino Molaye that they will call Emeka Mba and Afolabi Adesanya to order.

These men inherited staff accommodation cash, and up till now none of the staff members have been given accommodation before the new monetization. Go to their offices all over their branches, they are like graveyards. The expensive offices Afolabi Adesanya met in Lagos are all licking, they have transferred all the equipment to Jos while Lagos is the centre for movie makers.
One can go on talking about the non-challant attitude of these government departments till kingdom come. How can people be standing trial for cash laundering, fraud and embezzlement and yet, have the effrontery to buy form to contest as Governor. How can Governors awaiting trial have the guts to nurse the hope of being appointed IGP, EFCC chairman.

For the past two years I have been watchful about where I go, how I travel because the movie marketers who misunderstood my relationship with the Censors Board think I am the cause of their downfall. These people have no feeling for the country as long as they make their cash. How can the marketers collect 160 licenses to distribute what films? The Censors Board has got their millions and watch them suffer and have bad investments. There are so many mistakes they have made but because they are Nigerians that will never accept their mistakes they point at me. I have said it loud and clear that I have resigned from the Censors Board and I have not been paid my outstanding fee. That is good because by the time my lawyers finish with them I will become rich. The governments are there so serve us if they fail tell them, don't allow them to get away with murder. The only way forward is to assist, advice, critics properly and contribute to the growth. Those of us who have decided to keep on their toes should also not be biased but be sincere in all we talk, say or do.

What make things hard for all of us is that people in position of authority in Nigeria don't have shame, pride or principle. They will always tell you sorry. Why do what can be avoided, if not that they have regard for their followers. Adams Oshiomole kept us waiting at the Niteshift Colisum. I don't know why Nigerians change whenever they are in power. This is a man we thought would do better, get closer to us his comrades. No, he was to be our special guest at the Hall of Fame, his adviser asked us for details which we sent by courier and I took one to him by hand. Our friend we used to be proud of just ignored us, no reply, no regrets and when I met him he wanted me to embrace and greet him.

With these type of tudes I don't know what is their fate come 2011. As I said from the beginning of this v::ssay, we must be honest to expose these temporary power people. Just imagine the big money bags in detention and on bail, it just shows that nobody is special in this world. You will either be sacked, retire or die so what is permanent - Nothing only change.

Before I forget, I will like to thank Alhaji Jida, the General Manager and entire staff of National Theatre for their support. We also wish to ask when the main Hall of the theatre complex will be put to use again since 1994 when the hall was locked up. The Inductees must not forget the hall and those who missed the Induction on October 17 will be Inducted on December 19 at the Edifosa Movie Academy where the Gallery is temporary mounted by the Oba of IIogbo Ezeni and Prince Tony Momoh.

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