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Wenger - I Only Bring Back Special Players


Arsenal's Coach, Arsène Wenger has confirmed that Thierry Henry is likely to re-join the Club on a two-month loan influence from New York Red Bull, back to the Emirates Stadium after four years of absence.

Wenger said it takes an exceptional breed of player to return to Arsenal, describing how Campbell Sol, like Henry, made his Arsenal return in January 2010 after four years away. 'I believes the duo share rare qualities that convince me they can still offer something', Wenger said.

He revealed that Henry is set to follow in the footsteps of Sol Campbell and Jens Lehmann, who re-joined on short-term deals in recent seasons and believes experience at this stage of the campaign, is invaluable.

According to him, "Sol was fantastic when he came back. Sol is like Thierry. Once they are committed you know you can rely on them.

"I remember when we went to Tottenham, Sol was absolutely amazing for a guy who, three weeks before, you wondered if he could still play in the Premier League.

"He had such a capacity to fight and it's important to bring that out. They have that pride. When players play they will want to be good.'

"I never did it before. You must have noticed that I only do it on short term.

'I've done it with players who have a special attitude, special weight in the dressing room and I've done it at periods where experience can play a big part in the dressing room, from January to March.

"Before I did it with a very young side and you can feel that when it comes to March they get a bit nervous. Players who have won before can help them keep calm.

'Now I do it for footballing reasons because I need a striker for two months.'

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