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Jacqui wishes all lovely fans, clients and admirers of BW a very prosperous 2012.

All over Africa, the intensity of the sun keeps increasing year after year. I was listening to a radio programme sometime ago where a presenter asked a caller from Kano in the northern part of Nigeria, how the weather there was. The man simply did not mince words when he told the presenter that the sun in Kano was so hot that if you put water outside for 30 minutes, you can use it to prepare eba. He was so serious about it. This is to show you how intense the sun has reached in Africa. So, you can imagine what the fragile human skin tissues will be going through if exposed so much to sun. Years back, we used to hear about Vitamin D sun which people come out and enjoy in the morning for strong bones, calcium, healthy body and skin. Today, how dare you stand for five minutes in the morning sun doing nothing, saying you are enjoying Vitamin D? Vitamin D sun? In Africa? No way folks…it is all gone!!!!

The sun heats up as early as 9am.The sun over the years has done wreaked much havoc on people's entire body(male/female). In Nigeria and most parts of Africa, there are naturally fair skin individuals. For these people, who leave their skin unprotected to the harmful UV rays, the sun darkens their complexion, burns their skin, erupts spots, pimples on their faces and make their complexion look very dull. The next thing such people do is to look for skincare that can bring or restore their colour. Unfortunately, most go for harsh and wrong bleaching skincare which now damages their skin more. You can not use a bleaching cream to remove sunburn or else you make it worse. You will have to go through a good skin treatment and if there is need for you to use lightening cream, it must be skincare that has healthy lightening agents and not corrosive agents that eat up the skin. There are so many chemicals in the African markets in the name of skinlightening creams, lotion, soaps, serum, gel and they have done havoc to the skins of women especially, who are crazy for fair skin.

Now how about those who naturally are dark in colour but bleached their skin? C'est Catastrophe!!!!!! Wahala!!! If the U.V rays destroys a skin that was not bleached, you can imagine how it will devour a skin that has been scrapped with chemicals. You can imagine this folks!! It is understandable for a naturally fair skin person trying to maintain his/her colour by using a good lightening skincare but for a naturally dark skin person using lightening cream, it does not always work out here in Africa. To be honest, you might like what you see when you start it initially but by the time you continue it, you will be shocked on how your skin will look like. By then, it will be too late for you to reverse it. People ravaged their skin with bleaching creams and soaps and they call me and order me to give them 'their skin back'..haaaaa, thats what jacqui see and hear folks….how can you get your old skin back after destroying the natural part of it? C'mon folks let's face this….it is just not possible. It can be fixed to some extent but for you to get that radiant-young-unpolluted young skin you had years back after several years of skin scrapping, baahhhhh!!! So, if the sun happens to catch up with such skins, its free food and drinks for the U.V rays!!!! The U.V rays will help you destroy the remaining parts more and if you are not lucky, skin cancer sets in and you are doomed. Just to look like-'Oyibo..Obroni..'!!

There is something I must say here on people who rely so much on skincare with SPF factors. Please, if you live in the tropics, no matter the content of SPF in your skincare, do stay away from the sun. Do not say -'my cream, lotion, make-up has high SPF content, am protected..the sun rays cannot harm my skin any longer.' You will be roasted like boli (roasted plantain). Watch the sun and protect your skin. Having problems with your digestive system? Try our LEMON THERAPY. For the best skincare solution call 08184825606,08165049669.