Before Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe embarked on the project of moving for the impeachment of Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria, he went on aggressive sensitization exercise.

The warning signals that emanated from him then took the form of, subtle articles on the items on his impeachment list. He granted interviews to Newspapers still on the impeachable offences committed by Obasanjo.

At any given opportunity, Nzeribe did not fail to inform anybody that cared to listen that he will soon take the Nation by storm via his body language. But nobody had inkling of the form or shape his move will take following his strategic articles, interviews and all that on Obasanjo and his regime.

When on Monday 17 April 2000, Nzeribe finally lunched a move to get Obasanjo impeached via a notice he circulated to the pigeonholes of distinguished Senators on sundry impeachable offences he committed; it became obvious to discerning minds in Nigeria that the warning signals he [Arthur] gave before the move proper was for real after all.

It is on record that ahead the impeachment move, Arthur had six [6] sensitization articles, ten [10] interviews and eight [8] advertorials, all saying the same thing – impending impeachment move against the then President, Olusegun Obasanjo. And it came to past. The rest is now history.

Since Arthur Nzeribe returned to Nigeria early July 2011, after his sojourn to London on medical treatment, he has commenced sensitization on the evil called corruption. The pattern of Arthur's awareness campaign bears resemblance to that of year 2000 when he felt Obasanjo should be impeached based on the offences he committed, which included corruption allegation.

He got started with press interaction in his Apo residence. Here, he informed journalists that he is alive, contrary to the rumor being pedaled that he was dead. Thereafter Nzeribe has remained as constant as northern star in speaking against corruption, and at the same time; proffering solution on way[s] the hydra headed monster could be fought and won. So far, he has granted six [6] interviews on corruption, he has done four [4] press briefings on the same issue, corruption.

Arthur has also articulated his position against corruption and solution via articles on the Internet, in the period under review. Information has it that he is right now serializing the book he wrote about twenty one [21] years on corruption and how it must be tackled to achieve result; entitled: NIGERIA Seven years after Shehu Shagari, WHO NEXT, WHAT NEXT?, in Sun Newspaper.

The serialization started on Monday, December 5, 2011.

Now that Nigerians have come to agreement that the primary problem confronting the nation is CORRUPTION, and government appears helpless in fighting the menace headlong, will surrender to corruption be the only option? Before the immediate past Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], Mrs Farida Waziri, was shown the door, she categorically stated that government is not serious about the fight against corruption that only Nigerians can fight it by taking their destiny in their hands.

When she was eventually faired, a national newspaper, National Accord had this to say on her sack: ---“There was, however, a strong indication yesterday that the former EFCC boss lost her job for allegedly leaking to the media, the story of the alleged purchase of a big mansion villa in Vienna, Austria, by the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Madueke.

According to our source, Mrs. Waziri had late last month confronted President Jonathan with documents linking his oil minister with the ownership of the mansion in the European city and the implication of this on the anti-Corruption war of the present administration”---. Government effort in fighting insecurity in Nigeria will be an exercise in futility if corruption is not sincerely tackled; since insecurity is fallout of corruption.

The correlation between insecurity and corruption was classically illustrated by Robert Green in his book, THE 33 STRATEGIES OF WAR. On the advice Major General Edward Lansdale gave to President Ramon Magsaysay of the Philippines over the activities of Huk Guerilla that could be likened to Nigeria's BOKO HARAM; Robert Green wrote: -----“Throughout the 1950s and '60s Major General Edward Lansdale was considered America's principal expert in counterinsurgency.

Working with President Ramon Magsaysay of the Philippines, he had crafted a plan that had defeated the country's Huk guerilla movement in the early 1950s. Counterinsurgency requires a deft hand, more political than military, and for Lansdale the key to success was to stamp out government corruption and bring the people close to the government through various progammes.

That would deny the insurgents their cause, and they would die of isolation. Lansdale thought it folly to imagine that leftist rebels could be defeated by force, in-fact, force just played into their hands, giving them a cause they could use to rally support. For insurgents, isolation from the people is death. ---.

The stiff opposition to the planed removal of petroleum subsidy is an indication that insecurity may grow. Also, the planned introduction of toll gates in our roads is another way of impoverishing the poor. Other policies by government considered to be anti- people in nature will further keep the masses away from government thereby defeating the applicable advice of Lansdale.

One fact Nigerians know about Nzeribe is that his is not a man given to frivolities. His also not known to be an attention seeker. When it comes to gut and courage, he has them in abundance.

Based on these attributes, it must be understood clearly that his consistent media sensitization on corruption is aiming somewhere, which is only in the womb of time. Now, with the goodwill of President Jonathan's administration plummeting in a geometric progression due largely to its perception by the down trodden of Nigeria as anti masses, coupled with the fact that corruption induced insecurity is threatening to eclipse the nation, won't there be crisis of confidence should the masquerade goes to market? Again, time will tell.

For Arthur Nzeribe, he is surely back to his pre impeachment antics; the ingredients in his latest corruption sensitization move bear striking resemblance to that of year 2000 in the Senate.

The questions now are [1] will he storm the polity through impeachment? [2] If this holds true, how, considering the fact that he is not a serving Senator? [3] Will he approach the court with the five hundred [500] names in his possession? [4] Who are these 500 rouges, are some of them in the current government, if so, what are their positions? The solution to these questions and many more will certainly come when hurricane Arthur eventually takes the nation by storm in an effort to put an end to the current hypocrisy in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.

Unless miracle happens, Arthur will surely take the polity by storm, the signs are there, and even the blind can see it.

The stage appears set for earth shaking outing on CORRUPTION by Oguta oracle.

Emeka Oraetoka
Information Management Consultant & Researcher
Wrote in from Abuja