'Shame On Those Shepherds Who Lead My Sheep To The Slaughter.'

Source: huhuonline.com

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Shame on those men who daily lead God's children to the slaughter; and shame on those who call themselves 'the shepherds of God's flock' in Nigeria but lead them to the gallows. Your shame is gaping at you even from your self-made cocoons.

Yours alone is the collecting of offerings and tithes, the levying of the struggling and overburdened 'criers before God' with many levies, and the false promises that your words are God's mind for the people and the country. You heap loads of responsibilities on the poor but your wickedness will not allow you to help them- you will rather compel them to obedience with threats and beatings than comfort them. I say to your very shame: you cannot escape God's wrath- you and your heaven which you have built on earth with the blood of God's people. In order to keep your business, rejected of God, you have preached peace and prosperity when the Spirit of God cries justice and vengeance. You lead God's people to the slaughter because you would not care for their safety.

You are hired, but not by God; you are hired by the dirty spirit which rules Nigeria, and compelled on the already-vulnerable and hopeless generation- groping in all dark places, seeking a ray of God's illumination in a land of superabundance. You who represent the body of Christians in Nigeria but have chosen to play the politics of the earth instead of keeping what are entrusted in your hands until His coming: do you think that you will be free at last? You tell the sheep: peace, safety and blessings are here yet you are not safe yourself. Then you turn around to pacify the wolves with praises, receive your wages from their filthy hands, and then leave the sheep gate open. You would rather pray 'long live the king' to Nigeria's leaders and 'long live Nigeria' to an accursed country than accept that the Spirit of God has stood against this false structure- opposing vehemently everything about her.

You claim to be the shepherds of God's flock but you tell the sheep that everything is food and that every ditch is safe. You make sure that you build large mansions and structures in the name of 'God's temple' while the true temples of God are in ruins. You demand from the people 'the king's share' but you cannot give them 'Elijah's assurances.' Woe to you! You inflate church attendance figures because your seniors are more real and to be feared than God Himself whom you treacherously claim to represent. You have turned the house of God into a 'show business' and have made those hungry for Him your 'lab rats' - beating, slapping, and defrauding them when you should be the extension of God's strength in their times of human frailty. In your bid to make God's temple 'world-friendly' and the prophesied 'den of thieves,' you have united the Levites with the Mockers. You claim to be casting out spirits but you beat the flesh. You would cover the abomination of fornication and adultery amongst the presbyters but you call 'son of the devil' that man who cannot correlate God's words with your teachings and attitudes. Shame on you! You pray for the success of murderers and collect their tithes and seeds- promising them of God's blessings. You deceive those whom Christ died for and tell them that the grace of God is a license to debauchery and celebration of the golden calf. You tell those who have come to seek God that, no matter how they get their money, God will always be faithful with the blessing that follows tithe as long as they pay their tithes from that money. Shame on you! You claim that love is shared abroad in your hearts but it's a mere regard shown to those who fill your leaking purses.

You claim to champion humility of the spirit but you lack truth and honesty before God. You say that all you know is a life of giving but, in reality, all you do is taking- you have never given to anyone: those who knocked, you turned away, those who sought, you did not show, and to those who asked, you simply ignored- yet you stand in the way of man and his God. Shame on you! You are bloated with pride and being mystic yet you are far from the love of God which brings illuminations. You play politics in the church- bringing down those sent by God, and putting up those who reap for the devil. But can you successfully muffle God's voice and keep down His messengers? Impossible! You demand worship but you dishonor God. You seek for humility yet you are a stranger to the Spirit of God. Shame on you!

Do you not know, O shepherd; have you not heard? That Man who accepts God has become His temple, and God will never live in a man-made house when those whom He died for have not let him in, not just to visit, but to live? Do you not know that unity begins with man uniting with His creator in true worship? When the foundation is destroyed, what has the Spirit said about those who long for God, you shepherds? You gather for seminars, crusades and vigils but you do not see that man who leads the army of God's host. You only gather for yet another offering, tithes and seeds. Then you, in your pride and frustrations, turn on the flocks and start eating them up and skinning them to keep your cold and frightened soul warm. You ask for the spirit of Elijah but you would not entertain his truths. You make pastors out of those (because of your financial benefits) whose foundation and truth is questionable, but you send the messengers away empty-handed.

You call upon the Spirit but He seems silent because you were calling Him with strange lips. You would slander a man highly used of God and call him ' Beelzebub' while you, who claim to have 'the fullness of God,' have no answer to anyone in need. You say that 'anointing without money is annoyance,' thereby making the Spirit of God worthless without Mammon. The Word says:  'freely you have received, freely give;' but you say: 'the gospel is free but not cheap.' You preach giving and more giving but you would rather lose a soul and forfeit a lamb than part with a meal.

Shame on you, false preachers! You have no answer for the enquirer, not direction for the confused and no comfort for those who mourn in Zion. Your allegiance lies with the spirit of Mammon rather than the power of God. And you wonder why you have succeeded in making many believe that extraordinary powers for good only come from the devil- that the Spirit of God ends only with the tongues. You speak the tongue of angels but you lack love. Zion is one but you have given all the top posts to men of your tribes and families- frustrating others with your gospel of false humility. You love a brother and accept the power of salvation, but money has divided the bond of love which the Spirit gives the church. Even your most loyal, faithful and trusted cannot be trusted with the treasury unless you are in charge. You inaugurated CAN and PFN yet you do not know the power of the blood of Abel: how will you know when you have denied the power in the blood of Christ and determined that His blood was not enough to atone for Nigeria. You supported and still support the killing of Igbos and Christians all over the false foundation called Nigeria, yet you would want any to believe that you are from 'the Spirit of Truth.' No! You are not; you never were because if you have the Spirit of truth, you would know that the very foundation and agreement upon which Nigeria was built and is being sustained defiled Christ.  If you have the truth you would have known that the injustice done the Igbos for decades were injustice against heaven and the unrepentant cannot go unpunished. If you had known that man of truth whom you claim to represent, you would have spoken- you would have spoken up against the genocide. And even after the war, you would have spoken against the N20 punishment on the Igbo and the seizing of their property all over the country in a 'no victor no vanquished: end. If you have the truth, you would have spoken as a body all these decades of injustice and perceived fears of those who have done nothing but build other places in the land. You would have spoken the mind of God concerning this falsely united and impossible one Nigeria. You would have called and insisted on a Sovereign National Conference. But, No; you would rather receive, in the form of tithes, offerings and seeds, bribes and your share of public funds from those who rule this nation of darkness. You would have prevailed on the government, but you didn't because you couldn't. So, in your very eyes, innocents were killed and a pogrom and genocide were carried out. In your very eyes, the country was registered as an Islamic state. In your very eyes the currency was inscribed with the inscription of one religion in country of many religions. In your watch Christians in the North are forced to accept Sharia law. In your very eyes people who could not recite the Quran are daily slaughtered. In your hearing the Northern group of Islamic lawyers has sworn that, while Boko Haram carries the terrorist activities around the North, they will use legal means to enforce the Sharia law in the South and all over Nigeria. This day, your silence has brought the sword to the house of God where you have turned into your casinos. You cannot speak because you have no voice, and you cannot act because the Spirit is not with you. Do you think that the devil is done with you yet? Your silence and signatories to injustice have threatened the peace in God's house.

You can no longer convince those whom you have caged for decades of the need for peace and the need to 'turn the other check' because you laid their belief in the foundation strange to the Word of God. Now that your silence and support for falsehood has led the wolves into the sheepfold, what will your answer be before God when all the sheep scatter away from His presence and into deadlier hands?

You have led God's people to the slaughter and to the gallows. You have done this intentionally- to fill your bellies and offer wine to your gods of the flesh. You prefer your relationship with the government to the truth of heaven. It's very clear that the shame is on you- on you and those you groom in falsehood even when they have known the truth. For every single child of God you mislead, a heavy stone on your neck is your reward. And if you would not repent and intercede for the called in the country and demand that the chains binding people in this country be removed through a SNC, God will not be silent forever, and He will answer and come to the aid of His people. There is still an answer: Nigeria's break-up.

Two cannot work together unless they agree, and the darkness simply gives way when the light shows up. Those who have different gods should go to the mountain of their god and worship but not compel it on others. Stand up today, and let your light shine! Speak to the leaders of Nigeria as those who have become God's mouthpiece, and stand resolute on your decision. Back it up with effectual and fervent intercession. Stop your wickedness and the robbery in God's house. Start to take care of the flock in your care. And let God take the center stage and administer the long-awaited justice. 

By Ikechukwu Enyiagu,   http://us.mc57.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=