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Did you listen to the Nigeria Deputy Senate President; Senator Ike Ekweremadu's contribution to the debate on the bill on human trafficking on the floor of the senate few weeks ago? I watched the live telecast of the senate's plenary on one of the television networks that day. After a few senators, the senate president recognised the DSP to make his own contribution. The ever-erudite and simple senator rose and spoke on the menace of human trafficking, proffering death penalty for offenders, then suddenly began to preach. Wow! He pointed out that one of the things that encourage human trafficking is the practice of using humans for rituals.

That is, sacrificing human beings for wealth, power and position. As he spoke, he turned around; looking at his colleagues, he advised that people should stop consulting the marabouts (witch doctors) for such rituals and other things. He further queried the ability of these marabouts to make one rich when themselves are wallowing in abject poverty and lack. God! Nothing can beat this. The timing, the environment and the audience were perfectly arranged. And remember also that millions of Nigerians and foreigners were watching this programme.

Human sacrifice is not the only reason why people are trafficked. People get involved in this modern day slavery mainly for economic reasons. Our young women are sold and lured into prostitution.

The young men are sold into cheap and forced labour. Most of these victims very young and innocent to fully understand what they are going into. Others, incredibly, offer themselves willingly or at the prompting of their families; for economic gains. They are lured with the promises of better life, decent jobs, etc. This is mainly the situation in Africa and other developing countries; where the leaders in collaboration with their western partners-in-crime loot and mismanage the wealth of these nations, leaving the people to be ravaged by poverty, diseases, avoidable deaths, lack of basic necessities of life, very high infant and maternal mortality rates, unemployment, famine, wars (mostly induced by the same western interests to enable them sell their weapons, steal oil and also for other economic interests), etc.

Malaria alone kills millions of people in Africa everyday. And we are aware that this disease if properly fought can be totally eradicated. Painfully, this happens in a continent where hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned off every year. We were recently told that about 10 billion dollars is stolen from Nigeria every month by these corrupt rulers and their officials. Now, when will these insincere, double-speaking world leaders begin to champion the reparation of this stolen wealth back to the unfortunate nations? When will they sincerely help to stop these rogue rulers from looting their people's common wealth and dumping same in their countries?

But let's leave all these for now and quickly return to our main interest for today - trafficking human beings for rituals. We salute Senator Ekweremadu; who is also the newly-elected speaker of the ECOWAS parliament for having the courage to make such bold statements on the floor of the senate and by implication, to the whole nation. We have been shouting it that satanic activities like secret societies and cults, satanic rituals, witchcraft, false religion, etc, are the bane of our society. But, why do people get involved in all these demonic practices? It is very simple. For lust of wealth, lust of power, lust of the flesh, lust of position, etc. They want to build large business empires.

They want to be rich and comfortable, attain top political positions, and acquire spiritual powers and positions. Yet, others want to be famous and influential. Some of these demonic sacrifices are also done to service satanic covenants, altars and cultures. For whatever reason it is done, we must say that it is against God and humanity.

Human sacrifice is a global menace. There is no part of the world where it is not practised. I hope you know that you find the most dangerous secret societies in some on the most developed countries. And these are the main organisations that use human beings to service their covenants and operations with the demonic world.

In fact, He personally, variously warned Israel that they must not sacrifice their children (or any human) to the heathen gods. He made it clear that this sin was one of the reasons He was displacing the heathen nations to give Israel the Promised Land. Now, when Israel also disobeyed this instruction, He promptly punished them by allowing their enemies to defeat them, and ultimately sent them on exile. Human sacrifices and murder will always attract the strictest divine punishment to the person, their families and their subsequent generations. And these punishments include: generational curses, mental illness, untimely deaths, wandering (vagabond) spirit, rejection, unfruitfulness, perennial failure, etc. The children and subsequent generations of the offender often go through these long after the person would have departed. And the curses are usually difficult to deal with. Please, if you are involved in this, begin now to look for a way of escape through Jesus Christ. Only by this you save yourself, your children, and future generations from the impending wrath of God. God bless you!

Agbo writes from Lagos.