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United Kingdom -based Nigerian gospel artiste and model, Blessing Okorji now has an album to her credit. The eldest of eight siblings and a mother of two boys spoke on her musical career, what she is presently doing, her mission as an artiste and how she came up with her new record label, among others.

My current engagement
I have been so busy working to sustain my Childcare agency. I have been studying and doing some of modeling. I am now signed to an American record label called Alpha Records International in May 2011.

Between Europe and Nigeria
London is a little slow and too relaxed. But when I was in Nigeria everyone was always happy and on the move. I was able to minister in songs at different venues with the gift of music that God gave me.

My record label, through my new manager Dawna Durham, is working hard to promote my current album Whole World in his hand .We hope that next year, my new album will be out by the grace of God.

Mission as a singer
All I know is that hard work pays, I want to be one of the most successful individuals who has ever touched many peoples, hearts with God's message through my unique voice. I enjoy living right and setting good examples for those who support my calling.

Memorable events
Yes, recently when one of my close friends found out that I was a gospel artiste through online search, she had the biggest shock of her life and was just jumping for joy, I gave her one of my CDs and she said I wasn't getting it back. We then renewed our friendship and she has been very supportive.

Life as a musician
I am fulfilled spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, As a singer. I couldn't have asked for more.

Coping with male fans
I see everyone as being equal and so long as they see me and respect me for who I am, I have no problem with my male fans. After all I am God's creation. I love both my male and female fans.

What has kept me going
What keeps me going is the support and prayers I get from my family, I am human and I do face challenges. But I have to keep holding my head high and praying to God to make me survive whatever hardship I go through. I see myself getting wiser and stronger each year that comes.

I have just been offered a modeling contract by a popular industry. Also, I've been busy developing my Child Care agency. But seriously, I cannot stop mentioning the record label I have been signed to produce for Alpha Records international. They are amazing and are joining forces with me, I know God will promote me and amplify my career.