Crack In Ekiti Cabinet…As Dep. Gov, Commissioner Fight Over Bond Media Millions


Normal.dotm 0 0 1 381 2177 huhuonline 18 4 2673 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false can report authoritatively that a visible crack has torn political power players within the ranks of the Ekiti State Government apart as the state deputy governor is presently at war with one of the commissioners and member of the state

executive over an alleged N20 billion bond secured by the state government. findings have revealed the Deputy Governor of the state, Olufunmilayo Olufunmilayo and the commissioner for information and civic orientation, Funminiyi Afuye may have resorted take the matter beyond secrecy and to go public domain.  

The trouble, according to an insider source, started with mere disagreements over who would take the larger chunk as derivative of a recently acquired 20 billion naira bond. The development is said to have also created enmity among friends and loyalists of the two heady officials in the Ekiti state cabinet.

The Deputy Governor, who is said to be an ally of the governor's wife, runs a Media Communications outfit, based in Lagos state had won the right to package the N20 billion bond issues for the media operating in the state. Her company was allegedly engaged in conveying Stock Exchange correspondents in Lagos to witness the bond signing and the other ceremonies associated with the floating of the bond by the Ekiti state government.

Governor Fayemi had said that the N20 billion naira bond secured by the Ekiti state government will be used for the rapid infrastructural developments in the state.

A Government House source informed that instead of making good the contract already secured by the Deputy Governor, via her Media Communications company, the state Commissioner for information and civic orientation, Funminiyi Afuye whose ministry oversees media functions for the state reneged in releasing payment for the purpose it was meant for.

A dependable source further disclosed that 'Afuye was not happy that the Deputy Governor was given the media contract which was supposed to be handled by his office. She was particularly not happy with the manner of the deputy Governor who had planned to take all the profits arising from the plum public relations job.'

The state governor is however said to have waded into the ugly developments of selfish profiteering in the state, as source said, 'The state governor is already aware of how the two members of the executive had washed their dirty linens in public. The former 2nd Vice President of the Association of Corporate Affairs Managers of Nigerian Banks personally reported this matter to the Governor.'