By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P. (Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected],

THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS or FEATURES of Continental AfrikaSkin and skin color can be summarized as follows:

Of all the various skins in our world today, research has revealed that, Continental AfrikaSkin is the only skin on earth endowed with an internal or inner protective layer coat or shield called MELANIN that protects the skin against sun damages.

That is why, unlike all other human skins, continental AfrikaSkin does not Need the use of special cream to prevent it from being damaged by too much heat or too much cold.

This makes Continental AfrikaSkin to be all weather and all-season skin that never fades Color in rain or sunshine or in snow or winter. It does not also need a special cream to keep it perpetually fresh, natural, healthy, beautiful, never-withered, never-galling apart like other skins which cannot do without kinds of creams and plastic surgery to stay alive.

Besides, as we mention above earlier, all human beings were once born Afrikan with continental AfrikaSkin color that they all loved, cherished and honoured as the color of God, divine, sacred, and perfect.

But their color changed from continental Afrikan to pale color or pink or red skin colors as a result of living outside Continental Afrika with little or no sunshine and in heavier and heavier cold winter weather for over 500,000 years.

Since they migrated from the continent to settle at the various temperate worlds they now call their homes.

That is why most foreign skins get damaged anytime they over-stay in the sun. They can even get a skin cancer or fall sick or even die from excessive exposure of their skins to the scorching sun of Mother Afrika. This means Continental AfrikaSkin is naturally stronger, healthier, problem-free and more resistant to sickness than other skins in the world. For those reasons, non-Afrikans envy Continental Afrikans for their all weather-skin and consider them blessed for such a unique divine gift from God.

This explains why everything is being done to keep Continental Afrikans from knowing how valuable and priceless their Continental AfrikaSkin and color is to them.

BENEFITS of acceptance and living in tune in peace with our Continental AfrikaSkin and color include self-knowledge, self-pride, positive self-image, high self-pride, positive self-image, high self esteem, healthy skin and color that makes us appear more and more beautiful, happy, satisfied with ourselves and others, gratitude to the creator for endowing us with the best, the most durable, the unchanging , always fresh, natural, and beautiful skin and color to enhance our Continental AfrikaIdentity, Personality, Culture, and values.

HAVOC of bleaching skin and faces include:
1. The danger to our health when we try to burn our faces and skin to death in the name of turning ourselves into "white", "red" or non-Afrikan. 2. The daily frustration, the shame and the regret of wasting so much money on hurting or destroying our natural Continental AfrikaSkin, color and beauty only to realize that no matter how hard we try, continental AfrikaSkin is Continental Afrikan and can never be changed into "white"

3. The shame of going about with burnt faces with scars one cannot hide 4. The feeling of inferiority complex, self-hatred, self-rejection, identity crises, low-self esteem, and low self-image that unconsciously make us to try to become something we are not and cannot be

5. Slaves to all kinds of bleaching creams and plastic surgery that impoverish us but make others billionaires for profiting from our ignorance.

6. Ignorance of the value and importance of our Continental AfrikaSkin and need to protect it for our own good rather than destroying it with all kinds of harmful and poisonous chemicals we call cream.

This means, only Continental AfrikaSkin for Continental Afrikan can save us from the present skin crisis of bleaching faces and skin.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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