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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected] ;

Is it possible for any Continental/Diaspora Afrikan in our today's Western controlled Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld, to invent a Continental Afrikan computer right now?

Is it feasible for today's Continental AfrikaMind Power to design and manufacture Made-in-Continental Afrika engines for cars, buses, airplanes, ships and so on without the help of the outside world ?

How can today's Continental Afrikan too fill today's world market with Made in Continental Afrika radios, televisions, tapes, airplanes, VCRS, cameras, computers, ships, telephones, electrical appliances, medicine and the likes that work and benefit all Continental/Diaspora Afrikans which can rival and surpass those of the West ?

Is there a hidden agenda or a master secret plan to uproot, destroy, prevent, discourage, bribe, buy or kill today's Continental Afrikan Geniuses as a way of making sure there are no viable Made in Continental Afrika manufactured goods and services to excel or outshine the wonders of today's Western led and controlled science and technology?

To our today's Euro-centric/Foreign-centric PRODUCTS of Western, Arab and Jewish education of miseducation , misinformation and lies , answers to the above questions can only be No, No, and No!!!

And because they are not the PRODUCTS of their own r Continental Afrikan Culture, Values, Education and Training etc which they know nothing of, they religiously and sincerely believe in the slave/colonial/neo-colonial LIES that the Continental/Diaspora World is suffering today because it lacks competent scientists and technocrats who can think and reason scientifically and invent, discover, produce, manufacture Made-in Afrika Goods and Services that will empower, enrich and make happy the lives of our People.

As far as they are concerned, only the West including Russia, Japan , China etc is endowed with the Scientific and Technological brain power and the means to design and manufacture cars, TVs, VCRs, computers and the likes for the pride and enjoyment of today's world.

Besides, most if not all of us also believe the lie that today's Afrikan is scientifically and technologically backward, unintelligent and totally incapable of flooding his/her Continent let alone the world with first-class Made in Continental Afrika Goods and Services as other Geniuses elsewhere naturally and easily do with pride for the benefits of the majority of their people.

The fact that there are tragically no Made in Continental Afrika cars, planes, ships, computers, telephones, radios, televisions and the likes lends credence to the false belief or view that only other geniuses and not Continental/Diaspora Afrikan Geniuses are endowed and blessed with the gifts and power to flood the world with today's endless top quality scientific and technological miracles as we know them today.

But to the Afrikacentric or mentally liberated Continental/Diaspora Afrikan who is constantly in tune to the Limitless Power of our Continental Afrikan Mind, it is historically false, scientifically incorrect and technologically misleading to bold the view or belief that today's AfrikaMind is totally incapable of thinking, designing, inventing, discovering, and creating and manufacturing any of today's Western led and controlled scientific and technological wonders of today's life.

The fact that we do not yet have Made in Continental Afrika cars, planes, ships, computers and the likes as others boast of elsewhere, does not mean the Continental AfrikaMind is scientifically and technologically inferior, infertile, unproductive or barren for life.

Other Geniuses elsewhere produced and continue to produce Made in Japan, France, Britain, Germany, China, and so on Goods and Services not because they are more intelligent, more gifted, more talented or more capable than the Continental/Diaspora Afrikan Geniuses.

But because elsewhere, there is a Plan, an Agenda and a Strategy with the means and incentives to scout out, identify, encourage, educate, train, help and support in a systematic and consistent way, all the thinkers, visionaries, inventors, discoverers, creators in all fields that enable others to produce, produce and produce wonders for the benefits of all.

And yet, in our neo-colonial Continental Afrika today, everything is being done in and outside the Continent to systematically prevent, destroy, ignore, neglect, or discredit any original, authentic, unique or Afrikacentric talents and initiatives of Continental Afrikan Thinking, Creativity, Invention, Discoveries, Miracles or Wonders that are capable of challenging or dethroning the wonders of today's Western controlled Science and Technology.

Hence, there are no Made in Continental Afrika manufactured goods and services to brag about not because our Continental AfrikaWorld lacks great self-made original Afrikan Geniuses and Super Thinkers, or First world class Inventors, Designers, Manufacturers and the likes.

There are not Made in Continental Afrika scientific and technological miracles and wonders because there is yet to be an Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaScience and Technology to identify, honor and support Made in Continental Afrika Manufactured Goods and Services .

Just as the French Science and Technology and not British or Japanese or Chinese or Anglo USA etc Science and Technology exists to support not British, Japanese, Chinese or Anglo-USA Science and Technology Geniuses but French Science and Technology and vice-versa, in the same way , Continental Afrika also needs not Foreign-controlled and dominated but Continental AfrikaScience and Technology System, Agenda, Strategy to promote Made-In-Continental Afrika Goods and Services which will benefit all its today's One billion Continental/Diaspora Afrikans and thereby set them free from their today's hell of Western Science and Technology Crumbs, Leftovers and Surpluses that are deliberately dumped on the Continent to prevent, destroy and discourage any attempt by any Afrikan to endow the Continent with its own Ancient Continental AfrikaScience and Technology which will set Afrikans free from their today's Hell of lack of Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaScience and Technology , Know-how, Miracles And Break-through benefiting the Race.

This is so because, today's Western controlled Science and Technology in the Continental/Diaspora AfrikaWorld Today is totally Anti-Afrikan in origin, Anti-Afrikan in Goals and Anti-Afrikan in objectives .

It was brought to Continental Afrika by Foreign Powers and continued by Foreign-trained “ Afrikan” Science and Technology experts not to develop but destroy or replace or displace our Authentic Ancient Continental AfrikaScience and Technology and all its world first Wonders.

And as such, it can only offer us not Continental AfrikaScience and Technology LOAVES OR SUBSTANCE but only Foreign Science and Technology crumbs, leftovers and surpluses which are meant to make us scientifically and technologically ignorant , uprooted, bankrupt, dependent , powerless and needy vis-à-vis the outside Scientific and Technological worlds.

Hence, Western –controlled Science and Technology we are programmed to see, accept, hail, beg for and call and die for as our own can only transfer to us not FOREIGN HIGH TECH SECRETS AND KNOW-HOW but only IRRELEVANT, USELESS, OUTMODED AND OUTDATED SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL DATA, THEORIES, INFO, TRUHS, FACTS AND KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS OR KNOW-HOW WHICH the western world does not need and which we cannot also use to become scientifically and technologically strong, powerful, self- reliant, self-supporting and free from the neo-colonialism of the genocide of today's Western controlled Science and Technology against the Afrikan Continent.

The more we follow and rely on today's Western controlled Science and Technology Crumb, Leftovers and surpluses to save us or make us great Scientific and Technological Miracle Performers, the more scientifically and technologically blind, cripple and out of tune we shall become and lost for others to benefit from.

Simply because, Western controlled Science and Technology and its Crumbs we have become so addicted to and enslaved by can never and will never teach us their highly top secrets of how to think, create, design, invent, discover and manufacture scientific and technological wonders that will threaten, jeopardize or replace them as today's science and technology leaders.

That is why their Top Science and Technology Secrets are not even revealed or taught to their 99.9% of the masses who know nothing about how a car, radio, television or computer is made, how it functions or is repaired.

And the Trillion Dollar Question is if the Western World cannot share the top secrets of their Science and Technology with the majority of their own people in Anglo-USA, Britain, France, Japan, China and the likes, why continue to fool ourselves in neo-colonial Afrika that there is something called Transfer of Western Science and Technology to Afrika that will make us catch up if not beat scientifically and technologically our “generous” Western world?

Even among their own few Geniuses, their top secrets are not shared or transferred. They steal them from each other.

Besides, the fact that, throughout our Continental AfrikaWorld today there are no Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan based Scientific and Technological System, Agenda, Strategy, Courses, lectures, seminars, workshops or institutions to educate and train today's Continental Afrikans on the secrets of how to scientifically and technologically think, create, invent, discover or manufacture all the top high tech secret wonders we need and want in Afrika, means there is a hidden neo-colonial agenda to make and keep things the way they are today.

This means, no Western Governments and any of their controlled institutions we are programmed to call “World Bank”, “International” Monetary Fund, or “United” Nations and “Agencies” will financially and materially support Continental AfrikaWorld to be scientifically an technologically free, independent and self-reliant, self—supporting and prosperous vis-à-vis them.

To do so, is to commit suicide which they will never do. Just as no cat can teach the mouse how to escape from his hold and control over the mouse, in the same way, Western controlled Science and Technology cannot save, develop, and strengthen our original Continental AfrikaScience and Technology it fears so much and will do anything within its power to destroy it and keep us ignorant of its existence , power and benefits .

This explains why , Western-controlled Science and Technology we zealously follow today on the Continent to our doom can only make out of us not practical, action and result-oriented Continental Afrikan Scientists and Technocrats but only mere paper scientists and technocrats or photocopies of Western Scientists and Technocrats.

That is why they know everything about Western Science and Technology and little or nothing about their own Continental AfrikaScience and Technology which they are rewarded to dismiss as irrelevant or non-existent or archaic or waste of time .

They are experts at chewing, parroting and pouring all the outmoded Western made theories and formulae in the world, but when questioned about their own great Ancient Continental AfrikaScientists and Technocrats and their theories and formulae that enabled us to build pyramids, empires and to found and manage successfully great prosperous kingdoms and powerful nation-states, they are zero.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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