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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected] ;

The major CHARACTERISTICS or FEATURES of Continental AfrikaMentality can be summarized as today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans learning to THINK IN TERMS OF LOAF or CONTINENTALLY as FREEDOM from the POISON of thinking in terms of crumbs or fragmentedly or thinking , talking and acting with slave, colonial minds or mentalities .

It also means, Continental Afrikans thinking correctly instead of incorrectly. It means, Continental Afrikans thinking Positively all the times rather than thinking negatively all the times.

It means , Continental Afrikans thinking Afrikacentrically and no more Euro-centrically or Arab-centrically or Jewish-centrically or Foreign-centrically or thinking pro-Foreign or thinking like the White man or thinking like the Arab or thinking like a Jew or thinking as photocopies of alien Ways of thinking or thinking Anti-Afrikan .

Continental AfrikaMentality also takes the form of Continental Afrikans knowing they have limitless Continental AfrikaMental Power, Wealth and Capital to rely on, claim, develop, nourish, enrich, fortify, use and control for their personal and collective benefits.

Besides, Continental AfrikaMentality or Mind Power also means living constantly in tune to the Wonders and Miracles of our great Continental AfrikaMind within us.

It also takes the form of Continental/Diaspora Afrikans as Children of Mother Continental Afrika, learning to know better and better who they are as Afrikacentric Continental Afrikans in life no matter where they live and to accept, love, enjoy, trust, believe and master daily the use of their Continental Afrikan Mental Power for Afrikacentric Solutions to their daily problems.

It also means, knowing that up to 90% of our Continental AfrikaMind Power is Invisible, Limitless, Divine, Ancestral, Spirit, Immortal, Perfect, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent ready always to come to the Aid of the conscious and mentally Free and Attuned Continental Afrikan. It also means, only up to 10% of us is visible .

That is why , to our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans , reliance only or too much on the logical Side of our Mind at the expense of the Divine/Ancestral/Spirit Part of it, is extremely misleading and dangerous for its piece-meal, partial, half-baked information, truths and facts that need to be made whole by the Invisible Part of our Mind.

Hence, the constant use by our Ancient Continental Afrikans of the totality of their Continental AfrikaMind Power gives them the world's greatest, biggest, and the most Powerful political, economic and social Awareness and Power ever held by mortal Beings on earth.

That is why, all the political, economic and social Feats and Miracles performed with their limitless Continental AfrikaMind Power, all have the immortal Power they were made out of.

This means, while today's Western Mind knows and uses only up to 5% of the total of the 10% of the limited part of the Human Mind they know and believe in but which can only give them limited and fleeting results, our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans have mastered the use and control of the totality of the Great Continental AfrikaMind 10,000 years before the birth of the Western Mind.

The same Great Continental AfrikaMind of which today's Continental AfrikaMind is part of, is still available to all Children of Mother Continental Afrika once we are willing to learn how to tune ourselves to it for greater, bigger and better Miracles for Afrika and Humanity but which our today's Foreign/Western limited Minds and Worlds lack and in dire need of from Awakened Continental Afrikans.

BENEFITS of living perpetually in tune to our Great Afrikacentric Continental AfrikaMind Power include total mental Awakening, Liberation, Development and Power to think Continental Afrikan, think Positive, think Correct, think Right such as thinking as the world's First people rather than Third world's people, thinking developed and no more as underdeveloped people, thinking not "black" but Continental Afrikan, thinking Afrikan-centrically instead of thinking Eurocentrically, Arab-centrically, Jewish-centrically or pro-Foreign and anti-Afrikan, thinking collectively rather than thinking divided or in isolation, thinking wholly rather than thinking partially, thinking permanently rather than thinking fleetingly, thinking self-reliantly and no more thinking dependently, thinking Abundance and no more thinking limited as well as thinking big and no more thinking small.

The HAVOC for today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans thinking Foreign rather thinking

Afrikacentrically can only be resolved by thinking always Continental Afrikan,

Positive, Right, Correct. , no matter where and what

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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