WHY CONTINENTAL AFRIKAHEAVEN'S IS ALSO HER HELL , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. In their desperation and eagerness to take over the untold Wealth of Mother Continental Afrika, LEADERS OF CHILDREN OF ENYEKO spend countless seasons in planning, polishing and waiting for the opportune time to strike when the Continental Afrikan Iron is at its hottest.

2. In their eternal desire, goals and objectives for total and permanent conquest and control of Continental Afrika, they see, hear, smell, touch and feel only the Limitless Abundance of Continental Afrika's Wealth and Riches that will soon be theirs no matter what, how, and when.

3. As far as children of Snow are concerned, the Human Needs, Aspirations and Rights of Continental Afrikans do not matter and must be sacrificed for the attainment of their goals and objectives of total and permanent conquest, domination, control, enslavement and exploitation of MAMAAFRIKA and her vast Resources and Wealth.

4. In their chronic but secret anger and war against Continental Afrika, they know they can only conquer Children of the Sun by luring them into the eternally opened jaws of the crocodiles of their material baits.

5. So, they get ready all their earthly weapons they have in limitless abundance to use one after the other on different occasions until Continental Afrika becomes their political, economic and social preys, plantations and factories to service their interests.

6. They know if their explorers as their first weapon works or does not work, they have their traders to use as their next weapon against Continental Afrika.

7. Then, they will move to the stage of missionaries as their educational, religious and social weapons with which to uproot Children of the Sun from their Divinity and Spirity.

8. After which comes the stage of slave traders as their next weapon to use in weakening MAMAAFRIKA for their final assaults.

9. Then, they will move to the phase of colonialism as the next weapon to use for their physical, political, economic and social conquest, domination, presence, settlement, partition, ownership, control, looting and sharing among themselves of Mother Continental Afrika, her Sacred Children, Resources and Wealth.

10. This stage over, they will move to the next and final stage they call neo-colonialism as the final blow to use in the institutionalization and perpetuation of their physical conquest, domination, ownership, rule, control and looting of Continental Afrika WHICH THEY WILL ACHIEVE BY THEIR HIGHLY ZEALOUS, FAITHFUL AND LOYAL PRO-FOREIGN, PRO-WEST, PRO-JEW AND PRO-ARAB ELITE IN POWER FOR THEM THROUGHOUT THEIR ATOMIZED CONTINENTAL AFRIKAN LAND, WORLD and people.

11. The more their materially well-fed and well-protected agents in power in their slave, colonial and neo-colonial prison states they age conditioned to call and treat as “INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN HOMES, NATIONS, STATES, COUNTRIES, CASTLES, MANSIONS, PALACES or BUNGALOWS” in neo-colonial Continental Afrika serve their interests, the more their crumbs needs are also met.

12. This means, any no-master Continental Afrikan Leader who will dare oppose their illegal and deadly presence, settlement, ownership, control and enjoyment of any part of Continental Afrika must ruthlessly be silenced, bought or destroyed.

13. As far as they are concerned, their conquest and control of Continental Afrika's Wealth is a question of life and death.

14. They say they need Continental Afrika more than Continental Afrika needs herself.

15. They say, they are tired of perpetually surviving in their man-made Hell instead of living and enjoying life in Peace and Harmony like Children of the Sun they envy so much.

16. They say, they need and want Continental Afrika's Paradise to turn their present hell into heaven too.

17. They say, it is the right of the poor to take from the rich and the hungry to take from the over-fed in life no matter the obstacles.

18. They say, they will die if they do not get Continental Afrika under their control for life.

19. Their motto is "Get Continental Afrika's Wealth and live. Lose Continental Afrika's Resources and die."

20. In this Secret and Perpetual War for the perpetual control and enjoyment of Continental Afrika's Wealth, there is no play, no joke, no wasting of time, no mercy, no forgiveness, no morality, and no human feelings to prevent them from conquering and keeping forever Continental Afrika's Wealth under their control which they consider theirs too.

21. That is why to Children of ENYEKO, any AFRIKAN, here and there, who in any way, consciously or un-consciously, supports and promotes their goals and objectives for CONTINENTAL AFRIKA, becomes automatically their friend, ally and partner of their progress and civilization who must be rewarded with all the crumbs from the Masters' tables.

22. Likewise, any AFRIKAN here and there who, in words, thoughts or deeds, tries CONSCIOUSLY or UNCONSCIOUSLY to oppose their presence or control of CONTINENTAL AFRIKA'S Wealth must be considered their automatic enemy who must mercilessly be eliminated if he/she cannot be bought or silenced by them.

23. Any of their envoys or messengers to Continental Afrika who disobeys their above Secret Order will also be considered the enemy of the Eyecup's race.

24. So, before they send any of them to Continental Afrika, they make sure they are all totally committed to their do-and-die mission in and for Continental Afrika. To accomplish it, is to guarantee themselves immortality. To betray or fail it is death without mercy.

25. In this way, the stage is secretly set for the one thousand and one attempts that leaders of children of Mother Enyeko will make before continental Afrika will fall to the hell of their greed and materialism.

26. For one thousand and one attempts, DUDUTAE and his ruling class try all the tricks they learn and know from their contacts with children of MAMAAFRIKA in their New World.

27. But each time, they fail and return home disappointed. This means, hundreds of their explorers die or perish on the seas or in Continental Afrika in their several attempts to strip naked Mother Continental Afrika.

28. Thousands of their slave and commercial traders perish or die on the seas and in Continental Afrika in their attempts to contaminate Continental Afrika with their poisoned gifts goods and services.

29. One after another, they will flock to your Continent disguised as EXPLORERS, STUDENTS, TOURISTS, missionaries, civilizers, educators, developers, modernizers, industrialists, consultants, experts, volunteers, observers, philanthropists, saviors, evangelists, pastors, priests, monks, sisters, nuns and the like, and the more they die or perish, the more determined they become to succeed in conquering and uprooting your Continental Afrika from her Spiritual Source, Being, World and wealth.

30. One colonialist after another will die or perish on seas and in Continental Afrika in their attempts to colonize, conquer, dominate, control and exploit Mother Continental Afrika, her People and Wealth.

31. One colonialist after another will die to keep MAMAAFRIKA perpetually divided, dependent, powerless and needy for their easy control with their political, economic and social baits and crumbs as rewards.

32. But the more their emissaries die, fail and succeed in their mission, the more determined DUDUTAE and his sisters and brothers become in recruiting more and more political, economic and social mercenaries for the final assault against Continental Afrika.

33. All because, from the word go, they know their conquest and control of Continental Afrika's enormous Land, People and Wealth is not going to be easy.

34. At the same time, they also know they have no choice between taking over Continental Afrika or perishing in their more and more hostile Hell Worlds.

35. If Children of the Sun are invincible spiritually, they know they are vulnerable materially.

36. They discover that even if Continental Afrikans cannot be bribed spiritually, they can be fooled and tricked materially by offering their Flesh side of their Being, gifts that are no gifts but poisons to soften them for their easy conquest and control.

37. They also know that by luring Children of the Sun into their earthly material miracles and wonders, which the Spiritual Side of their Being has never tasted and is curious for, they will eventually become spiritually uprooted, and out of tune to their Divine Power which will SOONER or LATER make them materially hooked, powerless, vulnerable, needy and greedy for their material wealth to conquer, control, dominate and suffocate them to death.

38. Just as children of ENYEKO become easily materialistic, greedy and selfish after DISCONNECTING themselves from their Divine and Spirit Source, Being and World of AFRIKAMAWU, DUDUTAE and his sisters and brothers know to conquer Continental Afrika materially is to uproot and neutralize her spiritually too.

39. Armed with this secret, DUDUTAE continues to bomb Continental Afrika with all kinds of material goods through his over-zealous political, economic and social emissaries and mercenaries.

40. But at first, they were all avoided, boycotted or rejected by all Continental Afrikans warned in advance not to welcome or accept anything from alien people they call AYEVU which means "a cunning dog" or "something that drowns you" "something dangerous" or "something to fear and avoid".

41. The more their mercenaries return without success from Continental Afrika to DUDUTAE and people, the more they send new ones back to Continental Afrika with better and better weapons and strategies that include: a) disguising themselves as Continental Afrikans and b) entering into Continental Afrika's Holy Land one by one rather than in groups and through different routes and living secretly with individual families and getting them to do what they want through heavily and constantly showering them more and more with material gifts of all kinds and sizes as a way of buying and obtaining their total loyalty, support and devotion as allies of their cause in Continental Afrika.

42. The strategy here is to constantly INTOXICATE their individual hosts with material wealth that will make them work gladly and zealously for their new foreign visitors in return for their crumbs which one family after another begins to enjoy and lust for more from their AYEVU visitors they shelter in secrecy from the rest.

43. In the same way, they make it clear to suspicious and uncooperative Children of the Sun that any Family who refuses their gifts, they will find a more willing family to go to.

44. In this way, all the mercenaries of DUDUTAE disguised as explorers, students, traders, missionaries, colonialists or neo-colonialists succeed one after another in using their poisoned gifts to buy their ways into the hearts of Children of the Sun, one at a time.

45. Through their highly rewarded and satisfied individual family hosts who will do anything including dying to protect their foreign visitors for their gifts, DUDATAE's over-zealous mercenaries succeed once again at bribing their ways into the hearts, bosoms and ears of the rulers of the Continental Afrikaland including the political, economic and social elite of Continental Afrika.

46. From them, all who count in Continental Afrika are bribed so heavily that they forget or ignore the warnings of their Divine Oracle against receiving visitors from AYEVULAND.

47. The more some try to resist their glamorous and flashy gifts, the more they are flooded with more of them to make saying No to them difficult if not impossible.

48. And yet they all know that to receive any gifts from AYEVU is to die or perish as AYEVU the cunning dog.

49. But to reject their gifts too is to get killed by their guns who knows no mercy.

50. And the more they corrupt the leadership, the easier it becomes for them to impose their will on them or replace them with their own ruling class made in their own image and likeness to serve their neo-colonial interests in Continental Afrika.

51. Here and there, foreign made and controlled boundaries, prison states, systems, institutions, policies, elite and supporters are born secretly to manufacture political, economic, financial, business, social, cultural, educational, religious, scientific and technological allies, agents, puppets, photocopies and mercenaries to service their new slave, colonial and neo-colonial world orders and status quo in vastly disjointed Continental Afrikan World and Personality.

52. In this way, overwhelmed and confused Continental Afrikans are conquered one by one and their hitherto Virgin Land, Resources and Wealth become gradually fragmentized, atomized and shared among various competing CHILDREN OF ENYEKO who begin to organize materially intoxicated children of MAMAAFRIKA to work for them.

53. The more Gold, Diamond, Uranium and the likes they dig out for children of AYEVU in return for their peanuts, the more profit they make in shipping them home for sales for their profit.

54. And the more sales they make from Continental Afrika's Mineral Resources, the more money they get to dig out more and more of Continental Afrika's Resources, and the more Gold, Diamond and Uranium they need and want out of Continental Afrika for their enjoyment.

55. Today, after three thousand seasons of illegally exploiting and looting away Continental Afrika's Mineral Resources for the profit of Children of AYEVU and their well paid agents in Continental Afrika, millions and millions of tons of Mother Continental Afrika's stolen Gold, Diamond, Uranium and others are shipped away and stocked in all of today's major foreign Central Banks as a back-up or guarantee to their various foreign currencies while their fragmentized Continental Afrikan World and People lack all the Gold, Diamond and Uranium they need to empower and enrich themselves the Continental Afrikan Way.

56. Besides, Continental Afrika's Precious Timbers and Woods of all sizes and shapes begin to be removed from Continental Afrika to Abroad in a way that guarantees profit for them and loss to your Blessed Continent.

57. In the same way, they begin to empty Continental Afrika's Rivers, Lakes and Oceans of all their Fish they ship back home to sell for their profits and loss to Mother Continental Afrika.

58. By forcing Children of the Sun to work for them for their foreign money they do not have but need to pay their taxes with, it guarantees the AYEVU children to benefit twice by forcing Children of the Sun to work for them for the money they need to pay them their taxes and by under paying them for their labour which automatically makes them to grow richer and richer while their colonized Continental Afrikans sweat more and more to grow poorer and poorer.

59. To add to their profits in their colonized Continental Afrika, they also organize Afrikans to grow for them cash crops of all kinds on their best land with the best available resources that are sent to their AYEVULAND for sales at the prices they want that guarantee them more and more profits and more and more losses for Continental Afrika.

60. The more their today's neo-colonized Afrikans grow for them all the cash crops they need and the more they work on their mines for all the gold, diamond and uranium they want, and the more they are conditioned to accept and protect the hell of their colonial and neo-colonial status quo that exists to promote not Afrikan but foreign interests, the more assured they become of controlling Continental Afrika forever.

61. As far as they are concerned, it does not matter whether the encounter between Continental Afrika and the outsiders is designed to guarantee profit for them and loss for Continental Afrika.

62. It does not matter whether the forced marriage or relation between them and you favors them more than you.

63. But as long as they are in control of Continental Afrika's Wealth and Life with well-paid and highly protected Afrikan agents in power for them throughout the continent to ensure compliance to their wishes in Continental Afrika by their Afrikan Masses, all must be well.

64. Hence, it is called progress, civilization and change, their organized destruction of Continental Afrika's Glorious Past, History, Culture, and Values as the World's first Human Family, Nationhood, Kingdom and Empire on Earth and their replacement with slave, colonial and neo-colonial boundaries, states without nations, alien systems, institutions, policies, values and leaders created and protected by them to satisfy not Continental Afrikan, but foreign needs in Continental Afrika.

65. And yet for countless millions of Seasons, Children of Mother Continental Afrikan live Holy, Perfect and Harmonious lives in the Holy Garden of MAMAAFRIKA without any outside contamination.

66. After which, three million seasons ago, your Countless million-Season-old Spirit Beings in the Heaven of Continental Afrika decide to manifest themselves into Human Flesh with the power to resist and overcome any external contamination as the world's first Human Beings created in the Holy Image of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

67. And the more they stay perpetually in tune to their Divinity and Spirity, the stronger they become to ward off any external aggression, attack or assault from outsiders they call poison or Ayevu.

68. By avoiding all contacts with the CHILDREN OF AYEVU for countless seasons, they have enjoy all the Inner Limitless Power they need and want to discover, invent and create the world's first SPIRIT and later HUMAN Civilization, Family, Nation-state, Kingdom and Empire with scientific and technological Miracles that still bear testimony to your Continental Afrika's Past Genius and Glory.

69. But soon, some of the CHILDREN OF THE SUN begin to pick gifts they find scattered everywhere by strangers they refuse to come into contact with.

70. The more some secretly pick, use and enjoy these foreign gifts, the more they go to them for more gifts that find them in the belly of greed and selfishness with no more desire or will to stay in tune to their Spirit and Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU and without whom they are nothing.

71. In this way, more and more Children of the Sun begin to learn, master and enjoy the easy material gratification of the Flesh from the strangers at the expense of their own Spirit-based and Spirit-directed Way of Life and Being.

72. By following the materialism of the strangers, they lose their Spirity, their Divinity, their Holiness and their Heaven on Earth in Continental Afrika.

73. By accepting poisonous gifts from Children of the Snow, Children of the Sun become disconnected from their Inner Limitless Protective and Connective Power and SHIELD of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU within them and as such turn themselves into easy prey for AYEVU children to gloat over.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 67 , 1-73 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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