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Last week, the senate revealed the parasites that have feasted relentlessly on the lifeblood of Nigeria. We all have always known the identities of these vultures. Whether for lack of courage, wherewithal or just plain docility, Nigerians refuse to do nothing to the cancer in their mist. We watched with indifference and awe as our common patrimony is ravished mercilessly.

We watched with needless abandon as our fathers and brothers become slaves in servitude of unforgiving hardship while our daughters and sisters are stripped of honor to serve as play toys to the whims of these vermin. We watch with helpless despair as the nations is eaten inside out by the greed and corruption of a handful prostitutes whose shallow concern reaches no further than their insatiable need to feed their ego and lavish indiscretions.

But power to turn things around for the better lie fallow before Nigerians, especially Nigerians in Diaspora. We must shine the torch that will lead Nigeria out of this doldrums of iniquitous darkness. For starters, Nigerians in Diaspora must act immediately and

- Declare all the individuals, companies and families named in the scandalous fuel subsidy scams, persona non grata anywhere in the world.

- A resolute effort must be made to intimate all foreign missions and embassies that these individuals are corrupt, politically exposed persons that should be denied visas and overseas privileges to travel outside the country to enjoy their ill-gotten loot whether in hotels, hospitals, education or business overseas.

- We must rise above self interest and refuse to honor their presence at any occasion that seek their presence as special guest, speakers, or otherwise.

- We must reject their appointments, turn down their invitations and treat them with the disdain, in clear and loud terms for any engagement, event, and occasion that seek to give such honor. (the indomitable Chinua Achebe has already shown the way).

- We must encourage civil disobedience in Nigeria and urge civil society groups, NGOs, NANS, to accord the same dishonor to these individuals, their family and cohorts. Their excommunications must be effectively pursued and backs turn on them at any ceremony where the make their presence.

- All relevant institutions in Nigeria must be urged in the strongest means to withdraw their recognitions for these individuals and associates.

- We must let the Jonathan administration know that any further association with these individual can only spell down and international criminal liabilities for his administration down the road.

- We must urge the Nigerian Government to prosecute to the full extent of the law, those individuals that participated unholy looting of the Nigerian state. Diaspora Nigerians must rise and file cases in overseas court against these individuals, their companies and associates concerning citing all known criminal transgressions and unjust enrichment.

Without a clear message, it is predictable that nothing will come out of any the current senate investigations or government masquerading of justice. Nigerians have been patiently waiting for the signal for years; a trigger that will allow them begin the arduous task of clearing out the Augean stable of corruptions, theft and deceptions that has crippled the nation. Finally the signal has arrived! Will Diaspora Nigerians fail to lead now that the leadership mantle has fallen on their shoulder? Generations of our children will tell.

Written by John Ereokoya.

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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