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Shut Up, Jubril Aminu; And Be Bound, You Spirit!

Be bound, you satan!
Be bound, you satan!
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By Ikechukwu Enyiagu, [email protected]
Righteousness, the Word says, exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. A nation bound with the cords of lies would only experience one disgrace to another; it's an everlasting standard. It doesn't matter what its leadership does to cover up one crime, more crimes would be the only result such false and sinful nation and government will reap. Only righteousness- foundation built and sustained by God's standards- will truly exult any nation. Every other way will only lead to disgrace and further disgrace. Listen, the Word says: “a nation” and “a people;” it means that every single person, intertwined with everyone else by the false cords of Nigeria's unity, is affected. When God looks at a nation, He sees you; then He sees a people- bound by whatever they choose to call themselves. Righteousness! That's what the Spirit of exultation cries out for- day and night. Who is that man who wants to stand tall and firm in the part of true progress? Pursue righteousness. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” became a worthless excuse (for that man who wants to live a fulfilled life- here and hereafter) when Jesus came on the scène; and, above all, when Christ manifested through the power of resurrection. Now, therefore, faith in God demands that man lives right since he knows that he will never be disadvantaged in doing good deeds. However, since the lesser is included in the greater, and since the government of Nigeria has forcefully held everyone bound in its sinful existence, I therefore address whatever and whoever affects negatively on Nigerians (Nigeria's leaders, to be precise) - especially affecting those who are called according to God's purposes by Christ Jesus. And for this reason, I say to the so-called senator of Nigeria and so-called professor who read nothing but “holly war,” Jubril Aminu: shup up! And to that spirit through which you represent and speak for the outlawing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN): be you forever bound in Jesus' name. Amen.

To the noble body uniting Christians in Nigeria, I have to humble say: The challenges that Christians face in today's Nigeria have become bigger than issuing mere counter-talks and words of regrets; it's, above all else, a time to demonstrate the power in the kingdom since mere talks and negotiations have never put the devil where he belongs. No one gains in negotiating with that man who has rejected God and His truths. These times call for help from “the spirit of Elijah;” it's not a time for negotiations. While “the man of the spirit” wastes his time, negotiating with men operating from the level of gross matter, he gradually leaves his higher dimension of operation to the lower level of satan's baits, tricks and intrigues. Like St Paul would let us know, the kingdom of Zion carries power to make known our great God. The CAN, of all people, should know the problems bedeviling Nigeria, and therefore, must tackle it from that angle. Why would any Christian organization think that their prayers on Nigeria would be heard when they consciously avoid the issue of the Biafran genocide and the wickedness and marginalization that followed which results are largely evident everywhere one looks at, and then expect God to reason like men do- calling great offence nothing and, at the same time, expecting a blessing from God? The Word says: “…If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land:” not any other way round, and not through any short-cuts will God walk in our midst. Why on earth has Christianity become a near taboo in Nigeria? Why do we have so many mission points yet the devil dances in our midst when we sing the songs of Zion? The answer is simple: the shepherds have left their true calling, and longed for, in the hills of men of ignorance, the baits of hell. They forget that, if the government is on Jesus' shoulder, and we are His body (which shoulder is a part of), then we cannot separate what happens in our polity from our journey in Zion. That ought to be so because, without that, the old serpent will drag many to hell who have been ordained for the kingdom. Zion is one kingdom; the house of God is one and only in oneness of true faith in Christ shall the sons of God truly manifest. The answer to men like Jubril Aminu should be a demonstration of power and not mere worded challenges and verbal exchanges. What he fights against is not man, but the Spirit of the church; what he intends to establish is not the truth, but he seeks to advance the abomination which causes desolation. He seeks to desecrate the sanctuary, and like those who stood for what God sent them in the past, the CAN's leadership should settle quickly his matter in the spirit- settle it until it becomes truly settled. I can assure you, until the devil is truly rebuked, he will not walk away, let alone flee from you. The CAN, just like The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, represents the Christian population; the Sharia council itself represents another recognized sovereignty within a sovereign Nigeria. No Nigerian should be ignorant of these any longer.

To the good Nigerians- from all corners of the nation and no matter your faith, I say: Peace is peace, and justice is justice. It doesn't matter in what language it is spoken, or in which religion peace and justice are mentioned, peace remains what it is, and justice cannot mean anything less. One thing everyone agrees to is that only the true God can bring peace and justice amongst men; yet He has to be invited. If He is locked out, then He will break in and carry out His justice against men. In many of my articles, amongst which are:

and , I have made it abundantly clear that our Muslim brothers in Nigeria do not have the interest of all Nigerians at heart. They clearly are on a mandate which is not for the good of all. It's not a sect that is making this clear, it is from their very best- form their leaders. But what I stand to say here for all to see is this: On me and my family, on my people and those who believe- no matter where they may live in Nigeria- the Dan Fodian spirit is futile, null, void, and of no effect. Like the water sprayed on well-feathered birds, the invading spirit of Dan Fodio shall have no effect on my people. Nigeria is a country with people of many faiths; if any faith or group will not tolerate the other, then only an earlier-than-envisaged breakup will be the only answer. The other day, it was the CBN governor, Mallam Sanusi, sponsoring the introduction and establishment of Islamic bank in Nigeria; yesterday, it was Boko Haram- declaring that all of Nigeria must be Islamized, and killing those who could not recite the Quran; and today, it's a one-time ambassador of falsehood and now a senator, who has come openly to demand the abolishment of The Christian Association of Nigeria. Who is that one in Nigeria who still feigns ignorance of the never-stopping plans by the Muslims North to rewrite Nigeria to the favor of their family and faith while, at the same time, finding it difficult to go their separate way and worship whom they worship, and then make the best of their ideal nation of faithfuls? If you do not speak up and act, you surely will be carried into exile when the spirit of Dan Fodio comes calling. If your selfishness has blinded you with false satisfaction, then you too cannot escape it when the repercussions oppose your purposes in life. Already, they are dripping like the rain in an-already swamped area.

This falsehood called Nigeria has long decayed in its foundation, and must crumble soon. Nigeria is the result of an uncultivated land- weeds are its only results, and it cannot be anything more as long as the present Nigeria remains. Unity does not mean a word in a society where acceptance means nothing; and progress cannot thrive in a nation where reproach follows reproach as a result of its foundation of sin and corruption. Nigeria is a seed, and until and unless it is planted, it cannot bring forth fruits. The fruits of the 1914 amalgamation should not be a continued Nigeria, but states once bound by a common name. Since the shackles of Nigeria are in the foundation, and everyone is bound by it- one way or the other (for when your neighbor is bound, do you really think you are free?)-; and since those who lead have no will and grace to lead rightly, then a mass-call for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) clearly is the way out. But until then, everyone should keep alert against the invading sprit of Dan Fodio. To the man, Jubril Aminu, I, once again, say: shut up; and to that dirty spirit which drives your falsehood, I say: be bound and thrown into hell in Jesus' name. Amen.

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