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• Clara Oshiomhole
She was the Founder of Health Foundation for Maternal and Childcare. Her legacies are spread across the globe in one year by the foundation; her footprints have been emulated indeed, by the people who were inspired by her lifestyle. I am glad to say that 'I was motivated to preach the gospel of Safe the Child' by Clara Adams Oshiomhole who was at peace with herself and God. She was committed to God's headship order. She had a meek and quiet spirit.

She had a servant's heart. She didn't call attention to her physical beauty. She considered homemaking a high and noble call. She was a joyful person. She was a woman of prayer and devotion to God. She learned and worked with the secret of Isaiah 26:3. 'Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.'

On the 7th December, 2010, when the book was opened, her devotion was commended by Him who sees and knows all. Although, our eyes were widely opened throughout the early hours of Wednesday, when we flashed back the life and times of the late Mrs. Clara Oshiomhole before we realized it was true, tears dripped down our faces as we couldn't comprehend the exit of a unique Mother.

Clara didn't write her history on the pages of her own book, but in the lives of those who came around her, whom she loved and served. She has spent her life unknown by the world in the narrow circle of her home within which she has laboured increasingly for God and others in the society through her support to her husband, but she will not lose her reward! God's eye is upon her now as she has lived out her life in the orbit of His will amid all the cares, distress and trials of the home.

Her brother, Arons Okoh describes her as 'a builder, a conciliator and a devout intercessor. Fearless and would always speak the truth, no matter who was involved; A woman who loved her relatives and was prepared to do all within her powers to uplift everyone. Ever smiling in the face of challenges, and one who would never let you believe that any problem was insurmountable'.

It's still hard to accept the fact that she's gone forever. 'Oh! Clara was a rare gem, indeed' her husband praised her. Yes, death which everybody is indebted to has taken her at her prime age; but the legacy she has left behind is being managed by her foundation and emulated by many Nigerian women today.

I congratulate the HEFMAC family for the proceed towards her free medical treatment exercise intended to commemorate her founder' one year remembrance. This is a call for all Nigerians to support the tower of strength of the Health Foundation for Maternal and Childcare, HEFMAC to continue to spread the good works Clara Oshiomhole has left behind. Don't let it die…

'Ah! she was a peaceful woman, why her? Death, you should have postponed your coming, you could see from her photograph that she was a nice woman, eh! This is a woman of God, God has used her to bless her generation, she is truly a role model, her legacies would be emulated by young women, this woman is kind,' these are testimonies of friends that flipped through the full colour glossy brochure containing the programme of events of the burial ceremony of our late first Lady.

Such is life; I pray we would be remembered for good when we leave the face of this earth.

The Martyr whose belief was that, a woman should raise up her home with the help of the holy spirit – in the presence of God, whose belief was that a woman should stay behind her husband no matter how situation turns out to become, whose belief was that women should not die of child birth, whose belief was that the child should be given appropriate and adequate health care, whose belief was that the girl child should be protected, whose belief was that the less privileged children should be loved and catered for was described as one who respects the view of everybody who had the privilege and courage to move with her.

Clara who was born in June 18, 1956 to the Akharagbon family in Idumuagho, Okaigben-Ewhomi in Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State, who became the first lady in 2008 and died Tuesday night, 7th December, 2010 in Abuja after a brief illness was also described as a very modest woman who believed she was not more important than her next neighbour. A woman who inculcated that value in her children; made them believe that in spite of their station in life, or their father's fame and goodwill, they were just as good as any other person.

Oh, she has gone to meet with the heavenly Father, the giver and the only one who can take life. We pray as we celebrate life well spent that you will continually enjoy the benefits of your earthly works to humanity. There is a time to be born and a time to die, life is a process, Clara has gone, but her memories live on which is the essence of life.

It's your choice today…. You can live out your life with the attitude that you are 'just a woman', or you can turn that perspective around and become 'a just woman'.

This is not a special category of uniquely gifted or inspired ladies. It is simply the woman whose heart is turned wholly towards God. It's the key ingredient that makes all the difference in your life and mine. May we all diligently seek to acquire and exhibit the attributes of godliness and live in His righteousness alone!

In this season, as we commemorate one year of the late first lady, let's be inspired by her legacies and move closer to God.

May her soul rest in perfect peace, Amen!
Adams writes from Benin.