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WARNING AGAINST POISONED GIFTS AS BAITS TO AVOID AT ALL COST, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Listen to me, Children of Mother Continental Afrika, very soon, all kinds of poisoned gifts from apostles of negative gifts will be flooding your Continent from all directions in search of your weak spot to land on for your doom.

2. Beware of them. Their gifts are no gifts but poisoned gifts meant to materialize and de-spiritualize you.

3. The more you accept their gifts that are no gifts, the more you will forget the Noble and Positive Gifts of your own Spirity and Divinity and the need to stay tuned forever to your Creator AFRIKAMAWU within you.

4. The drinks they will offer you are not harmless water from Heaven as they will lie to you but deadly poison that is designed to uproot, sever and fragmentize you, your children, your Dignity and Wealth in a second.

5. The guns they will be offering you are not guns for your protection and against their control, but instruments of your perpetual war and death among you meant to uproot, weaken, divide, dominate, conquer and impoverish you for their final assaults against you.

6. Don't forget that. They will only arm you with inferior and obsolete weapons that are powerful only at killing and destroying yourselves but totally powerless and defenseless at killing them and at challenging their more and more sophisticated and deadly weapons reserved only for themselves to perpetually keep your Wealth under their CONTROL AND FOR THEIR PROFIT.

7. The gift of civilization they will be bringing you to replace your Divine Civilization can only be your physical and mental colonization.

8. Their presence, no matter how they call it, can only be a mosquito in your Sleeping Net.

9. Beware of the poor who offers you money that can never be your money by your chronic DEBTS TO THOSE WHO OWE YOU MORE THAN YOU OWE THEM.

10. Beware of the hungry who offers you food that can never be your food but your poison.

11. Beware of the thirsty who offers you water that can never be your thirst but your chronic lack.

12. The only Poison-free Gift you are entitled to by right and which nobody except yourselves can offer yourselves is the gift of Self-knowledge and Awareness of the Positive Continental Afrikan Truth that will set you free from the darkness of lies and ignorance which they will zealously condition you to accept and defend as your truths for your perdition in the ocean of self-ignorance and self-hatred.

13. To accept all or any of their gifts is to crave for more and more of them.

14. And the more you accept their poisoned gifts, the more poison you become for their guaranteed profit and your guaranteed loss.

15. The more you taste their uprooting gifts, the more disjointed, disconnected, fragmentized, dependent and powerless you become vis-à-vis them.

16. Besides, your reliance on their outside gifts can only mean your lack of freedom to think and offer yourselves the Gifts that will strengthen rather than weaken your CONTINENTAL AFRIKANESS.

17. Their gift of dresses and clothes can only turn you into children to be taught how to dress their ways instead of your Glorious and Unique Continental Afrikan Way.

18. Their gift of education is no education by miseducation based on the strategy of teaching you everything positive about them and to teach you everything negative about yourselves.

19. Their gift of religion to you is no religion but money-making religious factories meant to starve you spiritually to death and suffocate you materially into total submission and dependency.

20. Children of Mother Continental Afrika, listen to the Holy Continental Afrikan Voice of Divine Oracle within you.

21. Yes, great is the growing temptation of preferring their hell to your Heaven, their materialism to your Spiritism or their greedy and selfish ways of life and being to your Harmoniously and Balanced Way of Life and Being.

22. But also remember, the choice to be yourselves and yourselves only, or their agents, peripheries or photocopies is also yours and yours only.

23. So, for your own sake, stay away from gifts from those who envy, hate, dislike or fear you and who will move Heaven and Earth to keep you forever under their control for your Wealth.

24. But as the Voice speaks to them those warnings within and outside them, all know, more and more Children of MAMAAFRIKA are now venturing out one after another to taste out of curiosity, the mirage of the gifts of their new comers no matter how negative they are to their Heaven.

25. All because, by this time, desperate children of Snow know to de-spiritualize Children of the Sun with their poisoned gifts is to have them forever in their pockets.

26. And also because, to the Few out-of-tune Children of Mother Continental Afrika, it is by far easier to beg for alms or crumbs than to make their own Loaves of Bread.

27. So, to them, it is easier to be a servant than a Master in life, and by far easier to be dependent on others for their daily crumbs in life than to be independent in self-reliance for their Continental Afrikan Paradise that requires more work, more sacrifice, more discipline and more vigilance to be AFRIKAMAWU CHILDREN for the Benefit and Pride of all Creation.

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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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