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FIFA/CAF instructor, Chief Adegboye Onigbinde, has taken a sweep at the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Technical Committee, stating that it's part of the current problem of Nigerian football. Looking back to the appointment of former Super Eagles' coach, Samson Siasia, Onigbinde faulted the process that threw him up, insisting that the result of that faulty process is what we are witnessing currently in our football.

He suggested that the NFF should make haste and create a technical department, which would help in harnessing programmes for the football house or Nigeria would continue to wallow in football dungeon.

'Though I'm part of NFF Technical Committee, the truth remains that we are not properly coordinated. Most times, I get to know about some of the decisions they took from the media, and when you see something going wrong and try to correct them, nobody listens to you,' Onigbinde complained.

'Take for instance, when they set up a panel to interview Coach Samson Siasia and others that applied for Super Eagles' coaching job, we were to score the candidates individually and thereafter, collate the result of the 10-man panel before announcing the winner. But I later discovered that they did not make use of the marks they collated, and that was why I faulted the process that threw up Siasia as Eagles' coach from the outset.

'When I queried how they arrived at the result they gave the media that 80 per cent of Nigerians supported Siasia's appointment as Eagles' coach, I did not hesitate in telling them also that the remaining 20 per cent would stone them the day Siasia would fail the country, and that was exactly what happened when the coach failed to qualify Nigeria for the 2012 Nations Cup.'

The Modakeke high chief continued: 'When you have a technical committee doing the work of the technical department, that is the kind of problems you have. So, NFF needs to create a technical department and make sure that it defines the role of the department and that of the committee.

'In a typical football setting, the role of the technical committee is to advise the board on technical matters, while the technical department makes policies and as well, remains the life wire of football administration in the set up. So, if the NFF expects to witness progress in our football, the football house must not waste time in creating a technical department and ensuring that people who understand the real technical matters in football are appointed to man the department.