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WORLD'S FIRST HELL FIVE OUTSIDE OUR AFRIKAPARADISE, c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. Wandering from one place to another, the Supreme Ruler ENYEKOSI, her favorite son DUDUKO and his brothers and sisters move, crawl, fall down and slip, as they walk and move desperately in search of another new promised land.

2. The more they advance, the more they are greeted with all kinds of dangers hitherto unknown to them.

3. For days, the sun rains on them a kind of heat that literally burns their skins like fire.

4. The intensity of the heat from the sun is so cruel on CHILDREN OF ENYEKO that they call the sun the Devil who is against them and is bent on doing everything within its power to burn them to death or prevent them from reaching their new paradise.

5. In the night, instead of the normal fresh Breeze from Nature, they only get more heat that makes them go naked as a solution to their bodily heat which their bodies are incapable of repelling.

6. They look for the Moon and Stars to comfort them with Showers of Rain and Fresh Air but find none.

7. Instead, mosquitoes and insects of all kinds descend on them for their blood with the ferocity and seriousness that make some of them fall dead to the fatal blows of their assailants.

8. Those who manage to escape from their hands are met with storms, earthquakes and volcanoes of all dimensions roaring and terrifying them to back away or face death.

9. But whether they like it or not, move forward they must or death to them.

10. Because of the hellish and merciless heat all around them, most of their millions of seasons old snow begins to melt making the roads they tread on very slippery and unpredictable.

11. Some fall into the merciless icy water and never to come back.

12. The more they suffer, the more they move forward.

13. The more they get frightened and terrorized by all the terrifying elements of their hellish world, the more determined they become to conquer their new hell and turn it into another heaven with or without the blessings and cooperation of their present hell forces that perpetually work against them instead of working with them.

14. As far as they are concerned, nothing good can come out of bowing down or becoming slaves to any Supernatural Power however positive, fatherly and motherly she/he/it might be.

15. Hence, to rely on themselves in rain or sunshine is to guarantee their own future and survival rather than entrusting it in the hands of any unknown and highly unpredictable deity whose existence they prefer to ignore and do without with.

16. So, in spite of the physical hardships such as hunger, thirst, excessive heat or cold, mosquito or insect bites, thunder-strikes, weeks of darkness without seeing the real Sun, Moon or Stars, they finally arrive at the biggest Ocean ever seen by them and ENYEKOSI and her son.

17. DUDUKO name her MIAWOKO and their new settlement becomes MIAWOKOLAND.

18. By this time, all the major land around the ocean is free from million seasons of snow colonization due to the excessive sun rays and lights on their heavily and thickly snow-covered land.

19. But soon, they discover that even though they have a new land to claim, own and exploit, nothing can grow on it.

20. One million seasons of lying dead under the Mountain of snow totally deprives the Earth of the power to remain alive let alone fertile.

21. But, were they in tune to the Holiness of their New Land and World and the Holy and Sacred Language of Mother Earth, they would have got the Message that their new Land needs some time to recuperate after millions of seasons of burial in the abyss of snow.

22. But instead of leaving their New Land alone to recuperate from the shock of snow colonization, they start planting all kinds of crops on her.

23. And when they discover that she will yield them nothing, they start covering the Earth with all kinds of fertilizer and manure that make matters worse.

24. Instead of Fertility, they get infertility and total refusal of the Earth not to yield in spite of their fertilizer and manure.

25. Furious, they turn to the Sea in desperation for Food they know will be difficult if not dangerous to get.

26. Unlike their former River MADUMAKU, which they conquer in a matter of few days, they know their Ocean or Sea will not be an easy prey to own no matter the power and miracles of their science and technology.

27. Instead of learning the Laws of the Ocean and how to apply them to the Spirit of the Ocean they do not believe or which they reject as non-existent, they set out to discover, tame, own, conquer and exploit the Ocean as their new trophy with pride and arrogance only to be told that their Supreme Leader ENYEKOSI is gone to the Land of no return.

28. Without wasting time, one of the strongest daughters of ENYEKOSI called MEGBE killed her elder brother DUDUKO and proclaims herself the sole ruler and owner of the ocean and all the fish it contains.

29. All the men and women who challenge her authority are all sent to the Land of no Return.

30. With iron fist, she reigns as the Supreme of all supreme Rulers on Earth.

31. To save herself, her brothers and sisters from imminent disaster due to lack of Food from their new-found land, she orders her people to empty the Sea of all her Fish for their sole consumption.

32. In preparation to the great assault against their new found Ocean and her Beings, MEGBE challenges all her people to come out with the best navigation and fishing science and technology that will enable them to win their war over their Ocean-based world they call MIAWOKODU or MIAWOKOLAND for life.

33. As far as they are concerned, MEGBE and her brothers and sisters believe their total survival depends on their ability to conquer and tame their New Found Ocean for life.

34. To them, to fail to control the wealth and resources of their Ocean world of MIAWOKODU is to die one by one out of starvation.

35. Soon, ships of all kinds take shapes and forms ready to do justice to MIAWOKODU.

36. In the same way, all kinds of fishing trawlers, fishing nets and boats of all sizes and weights are also ready to conquer their New Found Ocean for their sole benefits as ENYEKO children.

37. And then comes the long awaited Day set aside by MEGBE for the conquest and domestication of their Ocean World of MIAWOKODU.

38. Amidst drumming, dancing and singing by thousands of ENYEKO CHILDREN at MIAWOKOLAND, the first batch of the bravest of all the brave men and women of the land are sent in their gigantic fishing trawlers to empty the Ocean of all the Fish she contains.

39. After hours of negatively out-of-tune fishing, they sadly return home disappointed with their handful of fish that cannot even feed one person a day. Others follow suit. Some return empty handed. Some never return at all.

40. Desperate to the bone, MEGBE discovers that their physical force cannot conquer the limitless invisible Force of the Ocean.

41. Yet, they vow never to kneel down and beg the Ocean for Fish.

42. So, they continue one after another to show the Ocean where power lies.

43. But the more they try, the more they fail.
44. The number of those who perish daily in the Ocean keeps on growing higher and higher.

45. Those dying of hunger and thirst can no longer be counted.

46. Angry, desperate, and determined, MEGBE orders the rest of her brothers and sisters to leave alone the Ocean she calls "ungrateful whore".

47. The majority of her people follow her in search of a better Land and World for their colonization while the weak, the sick and the dying alongside some few rebels decide to stay on with the Ocean convinced that with time, she will teach them the secret of obtaining Food from her without endangering her future as a Sea.

48. As they move away in disappointment from the Ocean, ENYEKO Children discover to their greatest delight, all kinds of Lakes in different sizes and shapes.

49. Quickly, they jump on them one after another in search of Fish of all sizes which they easily find for their daily consumption.

50. Soon, they settle down along their Lakes and become fishermen and women relying on the Fish from their nine Lakes for survival.

51. But here too, instead of doing their Fishing in accordance with the Natural Law of Peace and Harmony within all Creation, MEGBE and her brothers and sisters soon go overboard to put their lives at risk again in their new home of MIAWOKOLAND.

52. All day long and all year round, they fish, fish and fish without any thought of leaving some for tomorrow.

53. Instead of learning the bitter lessons of their devastation of their former River World of MADUMAKU, and avoid repeating the same mistake here with their Lakes, they move ahead to empty all their nine Lakes of all the Fish they boast of.

54. But with the brutal and tragic disappearance of all the Fish from their Lakes, they cease to exist as Lakes when the Sun takes over from them and soon reduces them to mere mud without water.

55. And yet, their in-born greed makes them not to see any danger in their emptying their Lakes of their Fish, neither do they worry about the dryness of their lakes as long as they still have surplus fish to eat , store and preserve.

56. But as soon as they finish eating all the fish at their disposal, desperate children of ENYEKO start eating one another especially those who are mostly too old, too weak, to young and too sick to defend themselves or run away from being eaten by the strong.

57. Those who survive get eaten by Beasts of all kinds.

58. Fearing for their lives, MEGBE and her remaining sisters and brothers flee the hell of their MIAWOKODU in search of a better Paradise elsewhere.

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